Friday, November 13, 2015

Stretching it

The challenge this time was Complimentary Colours. Since we (Kerry, me, and E) made a slightly impulsive decision to get a new puppy and forgo sleep for the unforeseen future, I figured the dogs would be a good subject. Who am I kidding? They will probably be my subjects 97% of the time. 
I'm stretching it by calling them "orange" and going with the complimentary colour of blue.

All the toys and he has a chunk of sod in his mouth. 
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By the way, this is Spike. He's the new baby, another Golden Retriever. We had been talking about adding to the family, and things just sort of worked out (snowballed) in a short amount of time. He is 8 weeks and 3 days old. He's super smart, has terrible puppy breath, and is Linus's shadow. He just loves Linus, and Linus just tolerates him. Linus has been amazing with him. 
He sleeps now, so I should either have a nap or do something productive. 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

We are trying so hard, maybe too hard, to do these challenges in the time we've given ourselves! The whole idea was to get out and use our cameras more. I hate to feel guilty about not getting the challenges done in a timely manner! I have to get over that. 
The challenge was to take a photo in low light. 

We usually have our little Halloween photo shoot earlier, for lighting reasons, and we usually have a child or two in the photo. But everyone had to work, so Linus got dressed up and tried his best to look daunting as the Headless Horseman or is it Dogman?  He wore his costume to answer the door for about an hour, then he got too hot. He just loves seeing all the kids! 

Check Amelia's blog for her take on the challenge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No promises.

I have been so neglectful in my blogging. I'd like to say I was busy making a life, or some other inspirational quote I saw on Pinterest about why I've not blogged, but truth is, I've been lazy. Sure, we have done quite a bit and it has taken me away from blogging, crafting, house cleaning, and yard work... but I've also done a lot of nothing too. 
Amelia and I decided that since we both have spent a small fortune on photography equipment and courses, it was time to put it to some use. We devised a challenge, which in the first week I have already failed miserably at. She came up with the first challenge, and it just so happened that we were going on a little road trip to Osoyoos to spend the day with some of my favourite people! I figured I could take my challenge photos while we explored! 
The challenge was to find inspiration in Ma Yuan's art work, in the Corner Ma composition. I had to google. You can see Amelia's post on the challenge on her BLOG!

I also took a bunch of other photos of this week too. 
Linus loves the fall colours, and surprise! So do I!

He's such a good little model.
These people on the other hand.... they could take some lessons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I just want to drink coffee and make pretty things...

And that coffee should come from this mug.... I need it! MUG of happiness.

I've only got photos from the last week, nothing too exciting.
Kerry and I have been hiking a bit more. I'm trying to move more.  Jenny at work told me about Spion Kop, so we tried it out. It's a work out, really steep in some areas, but really nicely marked and the views are amazing!
Some idiot decided that taking her Edge 80 lens would be the best ever idea. And while I love it, I haven't used it in about a year and couldn't remember how to use it. At one point I was convinced I'd broken my camera.  So bear with the weird slightly tilt shifty photos.
We started on a Yellow trail, which is moderate, and right away we hit some steep areas that had me questioning what the Red trails were like, probably ones where you had to be tethered to the cliffs.
 Maps all along the way kept us from getting lost. We eventually switched to a Blue trail, still moderate.

 "Absolutely NO trespassing", not just a regular No Trespassing sign.
 We could see all three lakes at one point but it was impossible to photograph that.

 It doesn't show how steep the path is and normally I hate up hill walking. But I figured chubby Kelli would not walk up hill so I did it anyways.

We hiked 4 km in an hour and 20 min. Stopping to read the map all the time and to take pictures. I'd go back and maybe even try a Red trail after I get some knee pads, and one of those pick axes.
 NO blog is complete without a photo of Linus, even if it is his @$$ end.
 I totally fell in love with a card I saw online, so I tried to re-create it and now it is my favourite!
 The white ink on this bokeh technique took days to dry. I don't have time for that.
 I love these clouds! I think they will get a lot of use.
And this was my favourite card before the glitter/leaves card.

I hope Amelia is keeping up with her blogging, but if she isn't that's okay too, makes me feel way better about my neglected blog!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Here comes the hot stepper .....

I get the song "Here Comes the Hot Stepper" stuck in my head all the time, since getting my Fitbit. I don't even know where I first heard it.
I'm trying to blog on a more regular basis. For some reason it is hard to do. Maybe I'm busier, more tired? I don't know. But here I am!
We have been walking a lot. It seems to be helping my stomach, my legs feel firmer, and I'm so tired that I can't hear Kerry snoring! But it also means that I needed new shoes, new capris (it's hard to find any with pockets), and a new little purse to pack stuff like keys, phones, and money in when I walk.
We now have a house full of adults, no more 'kids' living here. And yet, I had to buy fruit gushers, Flintstones' vitamins, and kinder eggs.

I've organized a local photo walking group and we've gone out a few times. It's been great for my brain to talk about photography. Maybe I'll have more photos to post that don't include this mug!

Kerry's auntie Shirley passed away last month and after the funeral, the family had a get together and I told Kerry I was taking my camera because I think it's the first time in years all the cousins will be together. He thought a group photo would be great. I'm going to start forcing everyone for photos more often. I know people won't like it, but in the end, they will learn to. I'm also printing the photos and giving them to the people!
When his mom went out of town, we had Monte over for the night. It was pretty stressful for Linus, probably for Monte too. I've been tossing around the idea of getting another dog, but now I think I'm good for a while. Linus has become an okay only dog. Maybe with time, he'd warm up to a sibling, but I was so on edge that I think I'll leave it for now. Poor Monte didn't escape, but he did get squished, and Linus stole his squeaky Santa. I think this is his "If you talk to my mom, tell her to get her butt over here! I'm not impressed!" He spent most of his time on this chair.
I've started my new job at the local scrapbook store, Ever After, it is within walking distance, but once I get there and work, I don't really want to walk home. I'm really enjoying it! I must practice my money skills, and brush up on my product knowledge! My brain is getting such a workout lately!
If you've made it this far...thanks! Check with Amelia, she's supposed to be blogging more too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's start this over....

I have been absent for oh, so long. Lots has happened, a few changes, and yet nothing got blogged.
I have hardly even picked up my big camera, but that is going to change. There are a few changes on the wind and I'm hoping to get back to blogging.

Here's a few things that have changed...
1. We up-graded our iPhones, such a simple thing, but it makes life easier.
2. I got a Fitbit, and I love it! The tracking of everything appeals to me. I have had it exactly one month, and am averaging 17, 000 steps a day. It's work, but I can't believe how easy it is to get up and move. Before I didn't want to make trips up and down the stairs, I'd pile everything that needed to go downstairs and then make one trip, now I just go!
3. I got a snazzy new bike. It's matte black and pink and I love it! Bikes have come a long way since I got my Kuwahara about 21 years ago. They weigh less, are more comfortable, and have better paint jobs.
4. I gave up my photography site. I wasn't doing much with it, and it seemed frivolous to pay for it.
5. I quit working at Fabricland. And I don't miss it. It wasn't the same without my mom working there, which is also a change, after 29 years, she switched careers. Hopefully, I won't have to see her at her work any time soon, she's working in a senior care facility.
6. I became addicted to and signed up to sell Jamberry nail wraps. The proceeds of this venture paid for the new tires on the Subaru.
7. Short hair is where it's at.

And that's about it.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Me: The Abridged Version?

I'm taking Cathy Z's class.  Me: The Abridged Version will result in a whole scrapbook about ME with photos and journaling about ME. It's going to be hard, but I'm committed to doing it! I had originally planned on doing US: The Abridged Version. But after listening to Cathy explain the class today, I decided to challenge my self.

And while we are talking about ME, I jokingly wrote a review to my favourite person, maybe I've mentioned her here, Karen (we're on a first name basis so I'll drop the Russell) and she emailed me seconds later to ask permission to blog it. Heck ya! You can read it here.