Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well, that explains it all.

The kids come by their un-photogenic-ness naturally.
Add to the mix a husband that is laughing to hard to hold the camera and you get a bunch of scary photos of me at Christmas. 
I have given up Cheezies and other corn based products. Every time I go to my parents' house I ask if they have any Cheezies. Mom bought a bag just for me. Sadly, Emily ate most of it. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It wouldn't be the same without them.

We have a long standing tradition of the taking of the Christmas photo. This is the photo I'd love to have done before 7 days till Christmas, maybe I'd like to be one of those people that sends out Christmas photo cards. But to get all the people in the same room while it's still light out is impossible. So here we are a week before the big day.
 Sally's pretty good about the whole picture taking thing, she knows camera+mom=treats. She helped get the settings done. But then factor in the big dog, the fact I just had to use my 50mm f/1.4 lens, and my walls are dark blue, and all hell breaks loose.
This year, the dogs opted for jester type neck wear. They said reindeer antlers hurt their heads. They thought the looking up and to the side pose was a good one, they are contemplating what goodies they will get for Christmas.
 These to on the other hand, wouldn't sit close to each other, hence the slightly out of focus boy. Neither would look at the camera at the same time, or smile, or open their eyes. So many things wrong. But...this is the tradition, Christmas photos at our house are goofy, full of laughs, and if I learned anything in the last 2 years, it's "Expectations reduce joy!"
The girl had all her hair cut off this week, about 3 inches. Super cute, when she combs it.
These two...Even Linus has to admit, as much as he would love to be a lap dog, he's just not so sure there's a lap big enough for him. I love how all his paws are up in the frame.
There are a few photos of me but they are pretty nasty.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 days!

December 15th. 10 days till Christmas. We are not ready.
I have not died.  Although after healing up from my epic stair descending fail, I caught a cough, it's been 5 weeks and one day. I've offered to give it away, and no one will take it.
 I helped Heather at the Benvoulin Craft sale, another successful year! I love that sale.

 I have become obsessed with making these wreaths and garlands, watch the tutorial, by Shelley.  I went to school with her, mom worked with her mom, her sister is my neighbour, although we've never been formally introduced. The cream one is my mom's, the rose one is my mother-in-law's. I made them each one for no good reason. I ran out of supplies before I could make mine and I haven't had time to start it because I have gone and done something mighty stupid. I got an "outside the house" job. Part-time at London Drugs. I am not adjusting well. Maybe payday will help.
I also made the garland and would like to make the other things Shelley shows tutorials for but I have to be realistic, it's probably not going to happen. I did notice her sister has a nice wreath on her front door, might be on mine if I don't get one done.
I went to an awesome scrap booking retreat with a great group of ladies! Had so much fun and even got stuff done. And the food was amazing.
I only have one regret...I told Karen I felt bad that she only got to work on her Christmas cards at the retreat while everyone around worked on layouts, mini albums, She Art, etc. Now, Karen has finished, and probably mailed Christmas cards. I have nothing. 
Discovered I can't eat lettuce, my body doesn't like it, at all. Even though I like.
Had a group of 11 teen girls make sock cupcakes. I wished I had a round cupcake holder, and contemplated buying the Cricut cartridge, but then realized I'd probably never use it again.
I've also discovered that life doesn't end if you fall asleep at 8 and don't get to watch Criminal Minds, CSI, or Law and Order:SVU. With no PVR anymore, I can't even record my favourites, and oddly enough, I'm okay with it.

Hopefully, I get back here before Christmas. If I don't, I hope my 2 readers have the best Christmas ever!