Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I just want to drink coffee and make pretty things...

And that coffee should come from this mug.... I need it! MUG of happiness.

I've only got photos from the last week, nothing too exciting.
Kerry and I have been hiking a bit more. I'm trying to move more.  Jenny at work told me about Spion Kop, so we tried it out. It's a work out, really steep in some areas, but really nicely marked and the views are amazing!
Some idiot decided that taking her Edge 80 lens would be the best ever idea. And while I love it, I haven't used it in about a year and couldn't remember how to use it. At one point I was convinced I'd broken my camera.  So bear with the weird slightly tilt shifty photos.
We started on a Yellow trail, which is moderate, and right away we hit some steep areas that had me questioning what the Red trails were like, probably ones where you had to be tethered to the cliffs.
 Maps all along the way kept us from getting lost. We eventually switched to a Blue trail, still moderate.

 "Absolutely NO trespassing", not just a regular No Trespassing sign.
 We could see all three lakes at one point but it was impossible to photograph that.

 It doesn't show how steep the path is and normally I hate up hill walking. But I figured chubby Kelli would not walk up hill so I did it anyways.

We hiked 4 km in an hour and 20 min. Stopping to read the map all the time and to take pictures. I'd go back and maybe even try a Red trail after I get some knee pads, and one of those pick axes.
 NO blog is complete without a photo of Linus, even if it is his @$$ end.
 I totally fell in love with a card I saw online, so I tried to re-create it and now it is my favourite!
 The white ink on this bokeh technique took days to dry. I don't have time for that.
 I love these clouds! I think they will get a lot of use.
And this was my favourite card before the glitter/leaves card.

I hope Amelia is keeping up with her blogging, but if she isn't that's okay too, makes me feel way better about my neglected blog!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Here comes the hot stepper .....

I get the song "Here Comes the Hot Stepper" stuck in my head all the time, since getting my Fitbit. I don't even know where I first heard it.
I'm trying to blog on a more regular basis. For some reason it is hard to do. Maybe I'm busier, more tired? I don't know. But here I am!
We have been walking a lot. It seems to be helping my stomach, my legs feel firmer, and I'm so tired that I can't hear Kerry snoring! But it also means that I needed new shoes, new capris (it's hard to find any with pockets), and a new little purse to pack stuff like keys, phones, and money in when I walk.
We now have a house full of adults, no more 'kids' living here. And yet, I had to buy fruit gushers, Flintstones' vitamins, and kinder eggs.

I've organized a local photo walking group and we've gone out a few times. It's been great for my brain to talk about photography. Maybe I'll have more photos to post that don't include this mug!

Kerry's auntie Shirley passed away last month and after the funeral, the family had a get together and I told Kerry I was taking my camera because I think it's the first time in years all the cousins will be together. He thought a group photo would be great. I'm going to start forcing everyone for photos more often. I know people won't like it, but in the end, they will learn to. I'm also printing the photos and giving them to the people!
When his mom went out of town, we had Monte over for the night. It was pretty stressful for Linus, probably for Monte too. I've been tossing around the idea of getting another dog, but now I think I'm good for a while. Linus has become an okay only dog. Maybe with time, he'd warm up to a sibling, but I was so on edge that I think I'll leave it for now. Poor Monte didn't escape, but he did get squished, and Linus stole his squeaky Santa. I think this is his "If you talk to my mom, tell her to get her butt over here! I'm not impressed!" He spent most of his time on this chair.
I've started my new job at the local scrapbook store, Ever After, it is within walking distance, but once I get there and work, I don't really want to walk home. I'm really enjoying it! I must practice my money skills, and brush up on my product knowledge! My brain is getting such a workout lately!
If you've made it this far...thanks! Check with Amelia, she's supposed to be blogging more too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's start this over....

I have been absent for oh, so long. Lots has happened, a few changes, and yet nothing got blogged.
I have hardly even picked up my big camera, but that is going to change. There are a few changes on the wind and I'm hoping to get back to blogging.

Here's a few things that have changed...
1. We up-graded our iPhones, such a simple thing, but it makes life easier.
2. I got a Fitbit, and I love it! The tracking of everything appeals to me. I have had it exactly one month, and am averaging 17, 000 steps a day. It's work, but I can't believe how easy it is to get up and move. Before I didn't want to make trips up and down the stairs, I'd pile everything that needed to go downstairs and then make one trip, now I just go!
3. I got a snazzy new bike. It's matte black and pink and I love it! Bikes have come a long way since I got my Kuwahara about 21 years ago. They weigh less, are more comfortable, and have better paint jobs.
4. I gave up my photography site. I wasn't doing much with it, and it seemed frivolous to pay for it.
5. I quit working at Fabricland. And I don't miss it. It wasn't the same without my mom working there, which is also a change, after 29 years, she switched careers. Hopefully, I won't have to see her at her work any time soon, she's working in a senior care facility.
6. I became addicted to and signed up to sell Jamberry nail wraps. The proceeds of this venture paid for the new tires on the Subaru.
7. Short hair is where it's at.

And that's about it.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Me: The Abridged Version?

I'm taking Cathy Z's class.  Me: The Abridged Version will result in a whole scrapbook about ME with photos and journaling about ME. It's going to be hard, but I'm committed to doing it! I had originally planned on doing US: The Abridged Version. But after listening to Cathy explain the class today, I decided to challenge my self.

And while we are talking about ME, I jokingly wrote a review to my favourite person, maybe I've mentioned her here, Karen (we're on a first name basis so I'll drop the Russell) and she emailed me seconds later to ask permission to blog it. Heck ya! You can read it here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with a title.

I have been colouring up a storm this last week. Colouring has never been something I have been good at. I don't have the patience. I squeeze the pen to hard. Being a lefty usually means a lot of smudging too. But since taking the Copic Markers for Card Makers class, I have found that with a little patience and a lot of Copic markers, I can colour better than a 5 year old! 
I made the following 2 cards before the class, when I had no idea what I was doing.

Now  I have some knowledge! And we all know knowledge is power! I get it! The whole blending thing was explained and I can know when to keep going and when to stop!

We celebrate quite a few birthdays in October around here, starting with these too! I think $3 was won on the scratch tickets. Sadly no one has won big with the tickets Grandma buys.
I don't advertise my self, and I know it's something I need to work on. But when Courtney asked if I'd  do a couples shoot for her, I jumped at the chance, knowing she's very photogenic. How could I go wrong?  They were the most adorable, cooperative subjects I've had in awhile! 
I used my CTMH Artfullly Sent Cricut cartridge to cut the photo sleeve for the thank you card. I love those cartridges and have been using them for everything! 
I'm off to make the most of my last day of 5 off. Must order an ice cream cake, take my photos back to Costco, buy Omega 3 fatty oils because they are supposed to help with my memory, and some other things that I can't remember, but will remember after I get home and find I didn't do them.

Friday, September 26, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation....

I'm starting from the present and working backwards. 
1. because I'm too lazy to click and drag these photos into chronological order.
2. because I'm too lazy to look up the dates that I took these photos. 

Today, I coloured this image for a Copic Markers for Cardmakers class. It's my favourite colouring job so far. 
 Mom and I took E to Anime Revolution again, and we didn't hang out at the con. We went to the PNE with my aunt and uncle and my brother. 
 Our niece got married! Despite the somber faces pictured here, everyone had a great time! Never danced so much at a wedding!
 When we go to Vancouver, we always go to Meat and Bread. I just love that Porchetta. Justin does too, he's serious about it.

 For the first time in probably 20 years, we went to the Rock Creek Fall fair and E wanted to go too. We had to get ride tickets to go on all those scary rides! I'm smiling here, but shortly after I was just about crying, and apparently dropping F bombs like crazy. 
 There was a CTMH event while I was in Vancouver so I went. Had a good time, make a cute album, and a necklace, and met a new friend!
 We stayed late at the PNE but didn't go on any rides.
 I got this super cute card from Michelle and April for my birthday, we had lunch at Memphis Blues, and I've been using my birthday gift card to buy Copic markers at Michaels.
 We finally got this framed. Thanks Ikea and E for some original art work.

 The spaghetti squash plants have been over producing this year. That wagon is 18 years old and had probably had a kid in it 2x. But it's been useful this year for wedding shower presents, and squash. 
 A new daring hair-do!
 Someone looking for strawberries in a garden that clearly needs weeding.
 Birthday Funday Sunday! with the Meyers! 
 The PNE, at the Trooper concert. Not bad!  (photo by Justin)
 Birthday Schnitzel for Matt! I think everyone should have their birthday at the Gasthaus!
Splurged and bought our first big piece of furniture. A leather sectional. It has gotten mixed reviews but I really like it, even if it's not really comfy for naps yet. 
The lens fairy bought me this lovely new little lens for my birthday, she got a wicked deal at work. 

And that's about it. You are now up to date on this poorly maintained blog of mine. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


It's no secret that I love Karen Russell. I think she's the cat's meow. (Or the cat's pajama's or the cat's ass.) She's all that and a bag of chips! 
I'm in the middle of taking her Making the Shoot 3. It's fitting that the course runs at exactly this time,  it's the anniversary of when I met Karen and my 8 other amazing housemates at the Hometown Workshop. The course focuses on FOCUS!
Karen has a knack for pushing people outside of their comfort zones. I'm perfectly happy taking pictures of Linus. But when she said we needed to have cooperative subjects for our assignments, I knew I was in trouble. My kids are not so cooperative.
She also explained Back Button Focusing in terms I could understand and I've been shooting that way for weeks now. 
When Nancy, my hairdresser, called about my appointment she mentioned that her daughter needed some tips on using her new camera. Luckily, she has a Canon. I saw an opportunity for both of us to get what we needed. Win-win. We went to the park and shot all the photos I needed and we talked cameras, got bit by bugs, covered in cotton fluff from those nasty trees. Hopefully, I didn't overwhelm her. Seriously talking about cameras helped me too, it made me stop and think about my settings before using my trigger happy fingers!
*still can't figure out why the odd photo won't line up with the rest. 

For the second assignment, we had to have a subject that was candid and moving. I tried using Linus but that was unsuccessful.  So I asked Kerry if I could go with him on Saturday when he went mountain biking. This meant I had to get up with the sun on my day off.  I realized I was not making it easy for my self. I can't control the direction of the trails, or the trees, or the sun.
We went up to Crawford, in the end we figured I walked 5 km. I wanted to find an area that was more open, and the area that was burned out was the best. It's still sad to see all the dead trees, but the new growth is coming along just fine.
 I sat in bushes, on charred logs, in grass, to get these shots. I checked thoroughly for ticks after too.
In the end, I got some decent shots, and a few might say are pretty good. I have learned so much about what is adequate focus and when tack sharp focus matters. 
Now let's got back in time... a few weeks ago, my cousin got married. I had already committed to BBF for 90 days, what a perfect time to make or break it. 
After reviewing them, knowing now what is adequately sharp, tack sharp, and just plain old out of focus soft, I am proud to say the majority were adequately sharp and tack sharp!
And by the way, the wedding was beautiful.