Friday, February 29, 2008

Still smitten

We met Tara and Harley at the dog park. Of course, Sally and Linus hit the mud bog first and then both of them went in the lake without any prompting. I think Sally spent the most time in the freezing cold water. She was the first to run a greet some of the dogs, she's come a long way. Linus take off to greet people, but always came back when we called him. I think he only jumped on Tara 423 times. And Harley and Sally didn't fight.
I wanted to take my camera but then was worried, I could trip, I could fall in the lake, a dog could jump on me, but Kerry said I'll never learn to use if I don't take it out. He's so wise.
This is a dead tree, we were convinced something was in the hole. I think we decided it was a lemur.

Emily looking pretty bright, she was home again sick, but we thought after 4 days of sitting on the couch, she should go for a walk.
Tara took this one, too bad the dogs didn't cooperate.
This one is my favourite.

Of course, none of the pictures have Shaun in them. We do have one that has the 3 of us and Harley, so Shaun said we could Photoshop his head on to Harley's body. I might just do that.
We have a first coat on the living room, and most of the dining room. Kerry is stippling the ceiling in there so I can't finish the painting. We are hoping to pull up carpet today. Did I mention we have 2 layers of carpet, a layer of underlay and lino in some rooms? Really looking forward to that.

Still loving my camera, today I might actually put the other lens on.

Happy Leap Day!!! I can't ever remember 'celebrating' Leap Day. But I see lots of businesses are with sales and such, weird. If you don't get a Leap Day card from me, don't feel slighted.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loving It

There are many things I love, and when I find something I love, I promote it. Like Diet Coke, Kal Tire on Hwy. 97, potatoes, and Kerry to name a few. And Karen Russell for posting all her camera and lens tips, I printed a bunch out and took them with me to the camera store, they were a huge help.

I love love love love love my new SLR camera and the 50mm f1.8 lens. I haven't even unpacked the other lens. So as boring as it might be to you, here some very exciting pictures for me. Right out of the box, no instructions read, very much like a male would do. Not photoshopped.

The first picture is in my scraproom, and the first thing I saw was my AMM tote. Pretty self explanatory.
The next two are of the dogs. Not the best, but for low light, better than I would have gotten 2 days ago.

My snack, a good, healthy one...those chips were yogurt and not sour cream.

My Ipod (this also is proof of my spoiledness, but I didn't ask for this, it was a gift).
And Shaun, who will sit still long enough for me to snap a picture, even though it doesn't matter, my new baby is super fast!!!

And more of the dogs...they are such good dogs for putting up with me and the camera. They just might be the most photographed dogs in town.

So that's it for the first day. I was afraid of all the buttons, of how fragile the lenses are, and how heavy the camera is, but I have to say, I love it. I know I have to try the other lens, but I am so loving the clear subject/blurry background photos.
We're taking the dogs out for a walk, I want to take the camera, but at the same time, I'm afraid to. I need protection, like a clear, plastic box for my upper body.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Repeat Post?

I posted a similar blog post back in December...when I got a certain most beautiful necklace.

I'm spoiled, I know it, Kerry knows it, and so do you.

This is a long story, about guilt, love and more love.

I contemplated a camera, for about 3.2 seconds. Actually it was longer...
We had to take Shaun's car in for a muffler and had a bit of time to waste. If you are ever wondering how much a person can spend at London Drugs in less than an hour without moving their feet, call me, I can tell you an approximate amount.
I said let's go look at LD and take the Andre's flyer(they had a better price, but bad customer service). Maybe they match prices...Ha Ha Ha, it will waste some time. Well...time was wasted, money exchanged hands, knowledge was gained and dreams were made reality...that's so corny.

I had my Karen Russell Camera Tips and we had a very nice LD associate, by the name of Robin H. (used to work at the old scrapbook store by Wendys). I fully intended to just look, really, just looking. But then there was this voice from another section of the store saying "just get it all, just do it". And really, it wasn't in my head, or my sub-conscience, it was Kerry in the dvd section. You see, Kerry just bought a truck and a new windshield for the truck and I guess he's feeling 1)guilty or 2)rich or 3)endorphins from getting his 'dream mountain biking truck'. What ever it was netted me a huge new camera stash, huge! My 'dream camera'.

I am now the very sheepish owner of a Canon Rebel XTI, Canon 50mm F1.8 and Sigma 18-200 OS lenses, and the usual filters, flash cards, and 3 year warranty (a must-have in my books). Originally, I was getting the camera and kit lens and the Sigma lens, but then I really wanted the 50 f1.8 and Robin said the Sigma was a better all around lens. But I really want the blurry background, really! So then Kerry in the dvd section says again "get it all" to which I reply using my slow math skills "that's over $_____!" and he says "just get it". I look around, yes, that's my husband, no aliens hovering around. I know where it's coming from, 'truck guilt'. And Kerry also added in regards to the smaller, cheaper lens, "what's another $130 when your spending $_____?" To which Robin says "it's 10%" I don't think that's the answer he wanted...

So then I'm paying for it all and Robin says the total amount and Kerry says "what? how much?" and Robin says "she told you her estimate and you said, and I quote "just get it all". Kerry was just joking, and we all had a nervous laugh.

When we got home, Kerry said the blood letting had to stop. I think he means the spending. I'll check tomorrow after I go to the scrapbook store.

I must read my Digital Photography for Dummies while my battery is charging.

Again, I'm a spoiled girl! A lucky, spoiled rotten girl!


I'm having some issues...trying to decide what to a camera, or wait.
Wait for what? I'm not sure.
Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to take stellar photos. To get the action shots, the bright colours, the shots that make our day.
My Canon S2 IS has been a great camera, and because I'm just a beginner, it's been perfect for me. I do love it. But I'm starting to play with the settings and different modes and am finding there are just some things that won't work. Like low light indoor shots. I hate my flash, I hate the effect it has on eyes, and skin colour. But I love that my camera is not huge, I don't need a camera bag to carry it, although I can't put it in my pocket or in a small purse. And my camera is going on 3 years and is showing some wear and tear.
Kerry's all for it, if it means getting some fantastic shots of him on his mountain bike. Some of the magazines he's gets have been inspiration, check them out the next time you are at Chapters, I think they are Dirt and Decline. I find them very inspirational for scrapbook layouts and the photos are beautiful. One issue had a section on the type of cameras that the contributing photographers use. Most still like to use film, most have a Canon Mark I or II or something like that, I had to google it, it's huge, it's expensive, way too much camera for me. I know I'm not going to get the same shots, but with an SLR, I will get better than what I can do with my IS.
But then I think of the price, the fact I will NEED more than one lense, battery, but not a case, I do have one already. So maybe I should get a camera just because I have the case. And when I think of the snowball effect it will have, I cringe, I think about the so many other things I can spend my money on. And I do believe some one just got diamonds in December.
Oh, woe is me...what to do?
What would you do? What do you suggest? Am I missing anything important?


I wanted reassurance that Linus's behaviour would stop, maybe he'd grow out of it and now I know enough people to start a Surviving Goldens club! Memebership is free, but you must have or have had a Golden Retriever, and survived it.
'Everyone' tells Kerry that 2 years is the magic number and that all will be good after that. I say 'b@llsh!t, don't hold your breath'.
We have/had good intentions to take him out today but are into our 3rd day with flu kid. Trying to get Pedialyte into this kid and she acts like it's torture.
I mudded, sanded and primed the walls and we are ready to paint. Kerry took 3 days off incase I needed to go to Seattle, and in the end, I didn't, yet or so I have been told. I'm happy that Tara B. doesn't have to go, yet.
And so we are working on the walls, tearing up the carpet and removing doors. And in between all that we are picking up the 'new' truck from Yolanda and Duncan, and then insuring it. Linus and Sally will love sitting up in front with a full window view.
I'm waiting to take my camera in to the shop, I want to take some pictures in the next few days and will be totally lost without it. Which means that maybe I should buy a bigger camera so that I am not 'missing' any picture worthy moments. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question(s) of the Day

Why is it that a 13 month old Golden Retriever can sit for ever and a day waiting for popcorn to pop but can't sit for 5 minutes at obedience training?
Why is it that the same dog can almost heel perfectly at the same training class but avoids walking beside us at home?
Why does this same dog sit on command at home but act like I'm speaking Cat at class?
Why does every article I google say that Goldens are people pleasers when it's very obvious this dog isn't out to please us, just himself? As in "Let's dig to China because it's fun, who cares if mom/dad is yelling at me, they must be cheering me on", or "I thought I heard someone call my name, no, I'll just keep chewing rocks and those voices will go away" or "You have a treat? Give it to me. What? You want me to sit first? No, give it to me first, then I'll think about sitting".
Why won't this dog eat zuchini but thinks drywall is the next best thing to liver? I'm pretty sure I could roll myself in liver and he wouldn't look at me, but get some drywall dust on my pants and I'm a treat.
Why is this so important? I want to have at least one dog that can walk to Starbucks, sit on the patio, and have a coffee without growling, pulling, or crying. IF I get to do all those things, great, if Linus gets to, I'm okay with that too.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Monday...

I forgot to mention that in our 'what's good for the gander, is good for the goose' relationship, I mentioned that because Kerry was most likely getting a truck with his bonus AND new shocks for his mnt. bike that I should be able to get a QK Silhouette AND a camera. Both of which would come no where near the price of the truck, and he said....


And after I got up off the floor, I said and you won't believe this...I said "no, let's wait."

But I did just order the Silhouette, extra blades, a font, and extra mats.

OOOHHHHH I'm so excited. I better make some room on my desk.

Edited to Add...I started painting, I couldn't wait. I started small, just a bit of cutting in on the walls that won't need primer. I think the colour is gross. I'm sure it will be better once the old colour is completely covered but right now, it's baby poop brown and tan.
And...I got an email today from Scrapbooks Etc. and will be paid U.S. funds for my Bird Family Tree Frame, instead of getting a goodie bag. Which is nice, I can then buy my own goodies. So the estimated date is July 08. I will have a book sigining the first week of July. bwahahahaha

Monday Blah.

Emily brought Monday in with a vengeance. She wasn't feeling great yesterday, but we wrote it off as not enough sleep and not great choices in snacks while at the grandparents. But last night we were awakened by that terrible sound of a child getting sick at 3 a.m. This might explain my unsettled stomach all of Sunday, which I attributed to our Belated Valentine's dinner. We went to Da Tandoor and had a wonderful dinner. The butter chicken is to die for. The service was great and we got free parking. We came home, walked the dogs and rented 3:10 To Yuma. And I don't like Russel Crowe, or Westerns but this was a very good movie. We had heard it was good, but Russel Crowe was keeping me away. Kerry really wanted to see it, but of course he fell asleep a few times, 2 beers will do that to him. I thought I would doze off but I was really into the movie and made it to the end.

So I'm taking the day off work. I have yet to call my 'boss' and tell him. We're just laying around today, taking it easy. I sure hope tomorrow is better, Linus has dog obedience and we missed last week. For some reason, that darn dog just won't heel.

Made a few things while P. was here. Labeled my punch organizer, made a little book of punches for my purse, so I know exactly which ones I have. I thought that was pretty smart of me. It's ugly.

I am itching to start painting and just might. There is one wall by the bathroom that I could start on. It doesn't have any drywall mud on it. But I probably should wait. I'm not so patient.

Kerry said something sweet but very funny on Saturday. After our dinner, we were discussing 'soul mates'. I'm not a believer. Neither is he. I was saying something about how we weren't necessarily destined to be together, but we are and we try our darnedest to make it work and I was thinking of Forest Gump's "we go together like peas and carrots" when Kerry said "Yeah, we just click, like seatbelts." I have to scrapbook that.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Puppy Love

My aunt and uncle have an orchard and 2 outside dogs that are getting older. They want more dogs and finally decided to get this little chunky girl. This is Taya, she's another Golden Retriever and is full of spunk. She was an only puppy and they think that is why she is so chubby. She's 6 weeks old.We took Linus up to meet her and at first he didn't seem to care too much for her but then they both wanted to play and he was so gentle with her. He's kind of a big jerk to everyone else, he jumps on my cousins and tries to bite them, but he wouldn't bite the puppy. And he easily could have, she was trying to pull his whiskers, bite his mocktail, and his ears, but he just let her.
They both got a good work out, running around after each other and were smart enough to play in the mud first and then roll in the snow to get cleaned off.

It's too bad Mr. L is fixed, they could have had some cute pups!

This is Linus at 8 weeks, he's so skinny.

I did a bit of drywalling with Kerry this morning, it's really coming along. We've got the paint, a light brown for the dining room, a bordering blue for the living room. We decided that brown curtains, brown hardwood, brown furniture and brown walls would be too much. Although, Kerry was thinking it would be like living in chocolate, we decided to go with colour. We have the paint, can't change our minds now.
Kerry's stoked, we have a lead on a truck, Yolanda's, and it would be perfect for his mountain biking. So I got to see Baby Scarlett and her sisters again today.
Kerry and I are going for a belated Valentine's-got-the-bonus-and-got-published dinner.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Day Off

Emily had a day off from school today. The plan was to sleep in longer than normal, but my dad had other ideas and we (me & the dogs) were rudely awakened at 7:30. Emily got more sleep but then gave me the riot act for not waking her up to watch 6teen. We watch it every weekday morning and Sunday night together.
We're doing a little baking, she's got a recipe for Melon Bread, it's a Japanese thing. No melons involved, it just looks like a melon when it's done baking.
Earlier today, we made little trip to the Robinson household to see Yolanda, and the girls. I could eat them all, they are soooo cute!!!
I decorated this bag this morning to take baby Scarlett's little slippers in.

And when you get your new CK magazine, check out Ali's layouts, she's used some Fontwerks rub-ons that my little friend Yolanda designed. How great is that?!! Too bad I won't get my actual subscription copy from CK for another few weeks, but that's another story.

I've had such a busy day doing not much and I might need nap. The sun is shining too bright and it's making my eyes more squintier than normal. I guess I do have about 20 minutes left before the Melon Bread is done it's 1st fermentation. Did I mention that the recipe is translated from either poul Engrish or terribre Japanese? That was bad, I'm offended.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

total eclipse of the heart...bwaaahahahaaaa

The lunar eclipse. Nothing special.This guy is so not constructually motivated, but almost every night after work he slaves away in the plastic covered dining room so that I will have an extra 18 inches of space. He's one of the good ones, dusty, but good.


After picking dog hair out of the key board, I did a little perusing of my favourite blogs and was not let down...
I have to admit, we don't watch Idol unless absolutely nothing else is on. And I found this on someone else's blog...I love Queen, but I can't say Bohemian Rhapsody from them ever gave me goosebumps like this did.

And if that doesn't work for about this...real or not, it's funny...And if you doubt it's real, check this... (for some reason my links won't work)
Emily and I have a ritual, we check every other day. It's so stupidly funny, it can make even the grumpiest cat hater laugh.
Humorous Pictures

Off to find curtains and to practice hand farting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sneaky Snake

My name is Linus. I think you all know of me from the 'tails' my momma tells. I'm not that bad, I'm just curious and since 'curiousity killed the cat', I've got nothing to worry about.
Last night, momma was making boy a smoothie and I decided to use the white noise of the blender to hide the sound of me looking for treats. I am not sure how I got into dad's plastic room, but I did and boy, was I lucky. This little room dad made has all kinds of goodies in it. Momma calls it drywall mud, I call it delicious. Dad calls it gyproc, I say 'snacks galore!'. So there I am with my head all the way in the 'drywall mud' bucket slurping up the goods, humans oblivious because of the noise and that nasty older sister of mine gave me up. Sally was giving me the evil eye through the plastic and momma saw her and then she saw me! I slurped even faster then, and managed to get some on my nose for later.
Today, I can't figure out why momma won't leave me alone in the dining room. It's right there in the name, DINING room.

Momma says I have to get my big, hairy paws off the keyboard, something about hair everywhere.
Bye Bye...and don't forget to try the mud, it's fat-free and ooh soo good.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What you can do with opposable thumbs.

Because I have opposable thumbs, I was able to start this little heart shaped book a few weeks ago while at Tara's. I finally got around to finishing it today. I don't have access to those super cute Maya Road Heart Binders, but I do have my handy dandy Bind-It-All and the crazy ability to draw hearts. I used SU's Porcelan Prints paper that I didn't love at first but it's grown on me. It's also an upcoming class.
Also, when your husband is looking over your shoulder to watch you use your handy dandy BIA as you close the coils, don't take this as a time to show off your strength. Even though we joke up my 'upper body strength of a kitten', I closed that coil baby will all my might and wrecked it beyond repair. Now Kerry doesn't see why the BIA is so great.
And because he doesn't have opposable thumbs, I had to make the card for Linus to give to Tara. He likes to jump on her and give her love bites. He's really an all around jerk when she's around. So, using the new SU Carousel Notes and Chocolate Chip envelopes they come with, 'we' made this 'card'. I wasn't overly impressed that the Carousel 'cards' are actually just super-sized scalloped circles and not actually folded cards, but I'm over it now, but only because the envelopes are so nice.

Kerry's mudding and sanding up a storm in the dining room. I swear my house is shrinking a little bit more every day, it's spreading to the deck now.
I think we have decided on boring old brown for the living room and a darker shade, like mundane brown for the hallway and dining room. That way we can spice it up with accessories. And it will look nice with our chocolate brown and dog hair couch.
My dad has decided to start drawing, so Emily convinced him that he needs Copic markers. And after a day or two, he is convinced he doesn't have a great assortment of colours, no real red, just a vermillion red, and he would like me to order some on-line for him because they are outrageously expensive in town and maybe he'd like a case like Emily's. My SU business makes me feel like a rubber pusher sometimes and now I'm to buy contraband stuff on-line for my dad. Oh, brother.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Negative Post...kind of...

I'll keep it short...point form to be exact...
- went to Disneyland in Oct. Yay!
- noticed large shuttle charge. Boo!
- called Xpress Shuttle, they said no problem. Yay!
- waited. Boo!
- waited some more. Boo!
- no one would take my calls, called MC, said they'd handle it. Yay!
- end of Nov. got monies back. Yay!
- today doing banking. Yay! Or Boo! Depends on $.
- end of Jan. got charged again. Boo!
- What the {insert swear word here}??? Boo!
- Called MC. They said call Xpress, I said NO. Get my money back. Yay for me! Boo for him!
- Cancelled MC! Yay!

Always, always check your statements.
Never, ever use Xpress Shuttle.

I can't believe this company! How come they can keep charging us? This makes me very angry.

And it helps a little bit that Scrapbooks Etc. got my Bird Family Tree in one piece. It is slated to be in the July issue.

I, all by myself, walked Linus today. Usually Kerry and I do it at night, in the dark so the neighbours can't see us torturing him. But I've had good intentions to get out with him for about 10 months and today I finally did and would you believe it was okay. He still pulled but he did heal for about 2 seconds and he looked at me 2 times. I thought if I took my ipod and listened to some Dido, I might be relaxed and maybe, just maybe Linus could tell and he would walk so very well. I think what really happened was that I couldn't hear myself over the music and so I was probably yeling 'Heel' so very loud every 3 seconds and everyone within 2 blocks could probably hear me.

Sorry, my spell check doesn't work.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunny Day

Just a lazy Sunday at our house today.
My Dad wanted some help shopping at Opus so we took him downtown and he spent all his money on Copic markers, a sketch book, pencils, liner pens and erasers. I think Emily was pretty excited, this increases her selection also. I told her she should move in with the grandparents so that she will have a larger selection of colours of Copics to choose from.
We went out for good old A&W for lunch, had the grilled chicken burger, it was good.
Then came home and had a nap. I had 2 yesterday and really hope I'm not coming down with something.
Afterwards, it was so bright and sunny, when most people would be taking their critters for a walk, I opted to take their pictures. It's amazing what they will do for a treat.

Sometimes, Linus just doesn't get it. You can make out Sally's tail in the background.

Today, I didn't have any problem with my camera. And I did lots of zooming in and out. But I will still take it in while it's under warranty.

Friday, February 15, 2008

e18! How I dislike you!!!

So one day, Us and Tara take the dogs to the dog park and the camera comes too. Of course. And it's snowing. I'm taking pictures of everything and then I get an error message on my camera, an e18 to be exact. I think, maybe it's the snowflakes, the moisture, the cold. But no, it can't be because ever since then I have extended my lens just fine, but bringing it back in results in an e18 and I'm not in the cold, it's not snowing.
I read up on it. Blow compressed air around the lens, it might be dust, did it, it wasn't. Banging it on its side didn't help. And as of 2 days ago, I can't even extend the lens without getting the message, can't touch the button without getting it. Which results in Shaken Camera Syndrome and much banging of the hand on the side of the camera and loads of foot stomping.
But the good thing, at least it's what is keeping me going...I purchased Extended Warranty for my camera. I highly recommend it. I have had to send it in once already because the lens wouldn't move. Good thing for our anal receipt keeping and extended warranty purchasing. I'll let you know for sure if it's a good thing when I take it in. I know I will be without a camera for a long time, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Thinking positive here.
This brings me to something else, because everything happens for a reason. I am developing camera envy. A few months back, you would be hard pressed to get me to switch cameras, I love my chunky S2 1S. I didn't think I was ready for an SLR but now with the possible demise of my 'baby' it's a thought I'm entertaining. And with Kerry's bonus...He did say I could get the Quickutz Silhouette but I'm going to wait and see what the camera verdict is before I purchase one just incase I need to go camera shopping.
I'm going to do a bit of research just in case...
What type of camera do you have? (I'm a Canon girl)
Do you love it?
If it's an SLR, what are your fav. lenses?
Do you find it bulky?

Help me please.

Not having a camera around may force me to use older this one of my first dog, a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle (cockapoo) named Old Yeller. I was 5 when I got him, can you guess what movie I had just seen?
Or this one of my Grandma (the only Japanese one) and a group of ladies doing who knows what in costumes. I sure wish I had found this picture when she could have told me what they were all dressed up for. Check out the size of Grandma's hat, how is she holding her head up with the weight of that thing on it?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm not sure what the blog protocol is for posting pictures of other people's babies... So I hope this is okay.

Blog friends meet Scarlett Betty Robinson! Born on Valentine's Day to my friends Yolanda and Duncan. Little girl #3 for them! She's adorable!!! I love her!

The dogs laying close for Valentine's day.
My favourite thing from Disneyland.
Sally contemplating life in the background of me looking snarky.

Happy Valentine's BABY!!!

I must admit this was the fastest pregnancy ever, considering I only found out a few months ago that Yolanda was expecting.
Duncan called at about 12:30 am. to say that BABY GIRL Robinson finally made her arrival! It actually went like this...
Me on fax phone because cordless wasn't hung up last night: Hello...
DR: Happy Valentine's Day!
Me thinking who's the drunk that dialed the wrong number: What?
And then all was revealed.
That was an hour and a half ago and I'm so excited I couldn't go back to sleep, so I'm blogging about it.
Emily was right, the baby would be a Valentine's Baby. I gave Duncan some name ideas, I don't think they will use either. Valentine and Kelli didn't make the short list. I'm planning on going to see them later today. Did I mention I'm very excited?
I {heart} babies!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm sure there's a logical reason why Wednesday is spelled like that, I just don't know what it is.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. Any plans? In the true Williams' family manner, we have left everything to the last minute so we haven't got any plans. Normally, we draw names, all of us, and we have to go out and buy something for 'our Valentine', which almost always ends up being $10 in candy. Except for last year, when Kerry bucked the trend and spent 3x that amount on Bernard Callebaut truffles for me, like maybe 12 of them, I had a fit. They weren't that good and we were saving for Disneyland, do you know what you can buy in DL for $30? A shirt, maybe 6 Dole pineapple whips, a snack for the whole family at any one of the bakeries, and maybe even have some pennies left over for the penny squishing machines. I now for a fact that this year I won't be getting any BC chocolate. And really, they weren't that good, I couldn't tell if that was a raspberry one or an ice wine one.

And another baby was born this week...Baby Ella!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can't Believe It

I'm actually researching the price and shipping of that darn Silhouette.

And someone's baby almost came yesterday and then changed it's mind! How frustrating for me! And the mom! Emily says it will be Valentine's Day.

And for the last week, there has been an eerie red glow from our neighbour's house. I thought maybe they just had a funky night light but I found out today that their sweet Taboo, sheltie, had 3 pups last week. So add those to the list of growing babies in our life and you will get about 11, counting people and dogs!
These are pictures from Taboo's last litter. Kelly Next Door likes the kids to come over and play with the pups to get them used to kids and people in general.
Emily didn't like them the first week, they were too fragile and didn't do much and looked like Guinea Pigs. But the second week, she wouldn't come home. The pups were much more fun and rolly poly.(is it poly or polly, because the 2nd one looks like Polly as in Polly Pocket)

This is Sally, the grumpy neighbour, checking out the puppies. She didn't mind them as long as they didn't move.

Monday, February 11, 2008


The price of being or trying to become famous...$48. That's what it cost to send my largish box with my Bird Family Tree express to Scrapbooks Etc. For 2 seconds I thought about saying No Way. But Kerry said Send It. That I have to send it. So off it went. Hopefully to arrive in 5 days in once piece. Even if I had sent it non-Express on Wed. when I got The Call, it wouldn't have gotten there in time.

Kerry needs a new rear shock, for his bike, not his body. And as always...what's good for the he asked me if I still wanted that 'paper cutter thing', the Silhouette. Duh, of course. But then the guilt sets in, because someone just got a most beautiful diamond necklace for a small fortune less than 2 months ago. Do I jump at the 'fair is fair' or be the martyr? Hmmm....why is this so hard? Do I have a concience? He did say that it would be after tires and engine work for the van. So I have a few weeks to think about it.

What do you think? It would be a huge help for classes, which would possibly generate more income, which would mean it would pay for itself.

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I wish I could say that the lack of weekend posts was due to the fact I was at CHA, but it wasn't. I worked Saturday at WW, went to see 27 Dresses, cropped Sunday afternoon at Tara's, had dinner that night at my parents, which translates into 'fell of the WW bandwagon'. I don't even know what a bandwagon is, is it a musical vehicle or transportation for banding? I'm sure google could tell me.

You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details.)

Okay, my middle name is ELAINE.
Not sure where it came from but when I ask my mom, Elaine, she claims to not know.

E...Elephants, my mom decided I needed something to collect, so now I have a nice assortment of them.
L...Lazy, if something can be done easier but still done right, then I'm all for it.
A...August, month I was born in.
I...Internal organs, I have them.
N...Not Right Handed. That means I'm a Lefty.
E...Elastic Waste Pants, I wish they were in style.

Now, I'm tagging Fern, Tara, Yolanda, and anyone else that lurks here.

Go, do it, let me know.

Our dining room 'expansion' is coming along. The drywall is up on both walls and ceiling. The electical and phone jack stuff is finished too.
This is Kelowna's #1 shipper/receiver doing is best at installing drywall. He's at Forklift School today and tomorrow. It was kind of cute how nervous he was. He has to be certified every 2 years and after tomorrow he can train you and you to be certified too. I think he should get a truck with a big sign on it that says "I can lift your spirits and other heavy things."
This makes me happy, not the fact that it's a grainy photo or that it emphasizes the need for paint on this wall, but the fact that both switches are together. They were seperated by a wall for far too long and now have been joined in electical matrimony. Also means we don't have to reach around the corner to turn the dining room light on.

My goal today is to mail off my Bird Family Tree. I haven't found a box big enough yet, but thanks to Tara B. I have enought bubble wrap to wrap the frame and the dogs.

I've slowed down in my 'one new thing a day'. Either I've maxed out and new things are fewer and farther between or my peeps aren't supplying me with the good stuff.
Here are somethings that might be new or maybe I never really thought about it before...
Pork tenderloin is tender.
Brocolli Slaw from Costco is okay, but I don't think I'll buy it.
I have no packing tape.
If I drink diet Coke and don't eat much I get twitchy.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Best Day Ever Recap

So after The Phone Call, Tara picked me up and we went out to celebrate.
What better way then to go for lunch and shopping?

First, Tara bought me a magazine! Papercrafts Papercrafting with Photos.
Off we went downtown and we found a parking spot right across from the shoe store.
And then, the shoe store was having a buy one, get one FREE sale.
As we made our way there, no cars ran us over when we j-walked.
And,I found some really cute, grown-up shoes so that I can wear skirts again.
The restaurant, Samosas, was dead, but they had awesome food and we had a buy one lunch, get one free coupon.
We went to the Water Garden and found some really cute hats, so we each got one, I got an owl, Tara got a Bear. They had matching mits, and scarves but were sold out of our animals matching friends. Emily is going back for a monkey had and monkey mits, and of course, they were on sale!
Emily had a clean bill of tooth health from the dentist.
Shaun posed for a photo. I'm sure someone remembers the Tootsie Pop commercial where the kid askes a turtle how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie roll center and then they ask the owl, who licks it twice and then bites the Tootsie Pop. Shaun re-enacted it for us.

Shaun came home from school early with a stomach and head ache. Not so great, but all 4 of us were home at the same time.
Kerry, Emily and I went to the mall and had dinner, we brought some home for the sicky. Kerry found the 2 magazines he was looking for, Emily found a pair of jeans and a pile of shirts at La Senza Girl and had a $20 off coupon. Kerry found his Crocs in black, Emily found a Black Cat Webkinz on sale.
Ate too much, and then bought Cinzeo cinnamon buns for snack later.

It truly was one of the BEST days ever.

And then it snowed some more and I got a stomach ache.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Best Day Ever!

Well, it's up there with some of my other Best Day's Ever.

I got a call from a Maria Something at Scrapbooks Etc. and of course I'm thinking "I don't have a subscription, is there a store called Scrapbooks Etc.?" She repeated her info and still I didn't get it.
Then, as if a bright light went off, I realized that it was "THE PHONE CALLL". You know, the one where you want to remember what it is you were doing at the time of the call! The call that someone from a major publication makes probably on a regular basis and isn't much of a big deal to them, but the call that makes the callee's day! The call to say "WE, the Magazine put out by your peers, WE, whose Magazine you scour every issue of in search of new ideas and inspiration, WE LOVED your little bird family tree so much that WE want to publish it in our Magazine!" That's not exactly what she said but you get the idea. Anyway, I was watching 6teen with Emily and playing Solitaire on my ipod, in my pjs.
Then I got the second call...WE are too worried that your frame and glass will get busted by unruly postal workers that we might not want it, to which I replied "I don't care, I'm sending it anyway!" And all is good, I will bubble wrap the bubble wrap to get that baby there in one piece and if it comes home damaged, I can always get another frame.

This is not the first time I have been published. Nooooo...when a girl sends a letter to a mountain bike magazine about her husband dropping on his head and nearly ripping his ear off and her husband sends a letter about the same topic, guess whose letter gets picked? Not the male, they already have them hooked, they published mine! And when I didn't get the free t-shirt that U.S. mag promised I called and aske if it was because I was Canadian and should I write a letter about that? I got the shirt fast!
And I letter I wrote with a woodcraft helpful tip got published too, and I got paid in U.S. funds for it. Nothing too exciting...just how I use overhead transparencies as pattern templates so that I can see where the knots and stuff are on the wood. This tip could also apply to could see where the pattern on the paper would lay if you were to cut that shape out like this or that.

And I'm celebrating...I woke Tara B. up with a big, loud "Scrapbooks Etc. wants my bird tree!" and I think she said "What?" She was asleep. Best Day Ever for her? Probably not, but she gets to have lunch with me, Kelli Almost Published Williams! And then we are shopping for nothing in particular.
And my BDE news will keep me walking this afternoon when Emily and I have to make the epic trek to the dentist because I gave up the van to Kerry so he didn't have to ride his bike in all the snow.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Keeping Kerry for another year!

It's bonus time at Kerry's place of work. Every year we cross our fingers in hopes that his bonus is at least what it was last year but if it's not, we will be happy to get one at all.
It's been a very prosperous year in the building industry and we were not let down. Due to reasons like "maybe someone will read your blog" and because it's not correct to talk about how much one makes, I can't say exactly what the amount was. I can say it's at least 5 times larger than when he started there about 13 years ago. I can say and am very, very thankful for this...this is probably the number 1 reason I can stay home and work as little as I do. Let's just say his bonus is probably more than I would make at a part-time job. And he got a raise!
So that means we made the call to our 'people', like the H&R commercial, our very wise financial advisor. She, too, was very happy with the news. We are told every year not to count on getting a bonus like that next year. Kerry's company has an RRSP plan where they match 25% so it makes sense to take advantage of this. The very, very sad part is that because of taxes we never ever see the full or even 1/2 the amount of the bonus. It's sooooo sad. It might just be bittersweet. Good bye money we never knew we had.
And on the upside, our FA told us that we were an anomaly when it comes to investing and financial stuff.
a·nom·a·ly [uh-nom-uh-lee] 1. a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form. 2. someone or something anomalous: With his quiet nature, he was an anomaly in his exuberant family. 3. an odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.
This makes me happy. Very happy. It hasn't come easy and sometimes it's no fun to save money. But when she tells us things like that it warms my heart.

I know Kerry works very hard at his job and that it's not all fun and games lately but it's days like yesterday that make all the grumbling worthwhile, and the day I got my ipod, that was a good one too, for me, not so much for him.

And with the bonus upon us, that means TAXES need to be done...that should have been in my Five Things, under THE Bane of My Existance!

Shaun said something funny last night, at least I laughed hysterically at it. We were talking about things people always say, like me for example...I say "Guardians of Zut Alors", it's from a cartoon commercial and it sticks in my head and comes out when something exciting happens. And I say "Mother of Pearl!" Shaun says "Some people say 'John, Mary and Jesus!' to which I reply "Don't you mean Peter, Paul and Mary?" and then Kerry says in his you-two-are-idiots voice "It's JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH!" and I found this funny. So funny that 10 minutes later I was still replaying it in my head and adding to my funny things to say when Shaun gets married speach.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner is...


Send me your info and I'll send off your goodies!!!

I loved all the different paint ideas, thank you so much.
We are still undecided but I do know this...
1.No yellow. My mom always said with our Japanese heritage, we must stay away from Yellow, and yet both of us have yellow toned bathrooms.
2.No faux finishing, it's just not my style.
3.No accent walls, it's all or nothing for me, baby!
4. I'm leaning towards a lighter brown/mocha with lots of milk.

In other news...
I made this cute little family tree while I was home alone on UFC fight night. Got the idea from the Feb. Scrapbook's Etc. I used a frame from Jysk and part of the Gretal Cosmo Cricket kit that Tara gave me. I love it. The birds and tree are my own work. Each bird had a flower shaped 'wing' with the family member's name on it. And as much as I wanted to, I didn't include the dogs. I probably could add them as apples if it really bothered me.

I made this a few weeks back and forgot to photograph it. I had bought a huge set of frames from Costco awhile ago and this one had an odd sized mat. I'm not sure I love it, but it'll do for now.

Off to work and then I'm going to Walmart to get some more Biore Pore Unclogging face scrub. I got a bunch of free samples from the hotel we stayed at in my favourite place, maybe I mentioned it before, Disneyland, and I have been using it ever since and absolutely looooove it!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Five things

Got tagged by Tara B....

Five things I was doing 10 years ago...
1. looking for a house
2. my income taxes
3. pushing Emily in a stroller
4. walking more, like taking Shaun to and from school and then some.
5. woodcrafts

Five things on my to do list today...(it's now almost 5 pm., I don't have plans to accomplish much)
1. make dinner
2. clean craft table
3. finish family tree
4. eat a snack
5. drink water

Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire...
1. spread the wealth
2. renovate my house or buy a new one, depending on how much of a millionaire I become.
3. buy the vehicle I really want
4. travel, to Disneyworld, maybe move there.
5. open my own SB store

Five things I'll never wear again...
1. peter pan boots
2. 'Hammer pants'
3. leg warmers
4. a wedding dress
5. uncomfortable shoes

Five of my favorite toys...
1. camera
2. computer
3. large format printer
4. Bose Speakers for my #5
5. iPod

Five banes of my existence...
1. Mondays
2. Tuesdays
3. diagonal walkers
4. clutter
5. dust bunnies

I'm going to tag Yolanda, Fern, Kimberly, and pretty much anyone else that read my blog. Let me know when you do it.

I'm picking a winner in a few hours.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Holy Comments, Batman!

That's all I can say about it.

Okay, that's not all I can say...I'd have to have my fingers cut off to say nothing...I'm floored at the number of comments. I know it's not because I'm loved, it's because everyone wants free goodies. I posted too, I like free stuff! (don't worry I'm not including myself in the draw)

I was showing Kerry the paint samples I have and I said "Grey is in right now." He said "that's not grey, that's blue". And he was right, I was just commenting, not saying "here's a paint chip, it's grey". The cool blue/teal colour is nice, but it doesn't go at all with the barn red.
I think we will probably end up with something in the brown/neutral tones, so that it's not too trendy, even though we are on the cutting edge of trend setting! Ha Ha Ha.

I'm not sure why we didn't start tearing down walls sooner, Kerry's estimation of how long it will be before we have the walls done is ONE MONTH. Which means that the flooring is about 1 1/2 months from completion. This is too long, unacceptable. If I didn't have a penchant for square straight walls, I do the framing myself. Oh, and I'm not superstitious but when we bought the saw the guy said "now don't cut your fingers off", which in my head means "Kelli, you will cut your fingers off if you use this thing."

It's a Valentine's Card.

Same card, different colours.

A baby card, I have to get moving on these, all the mamas are a poppin' soon.

A twist on a card I posted a few days ago, I liked it that much.

My new thing learned...
Even though you know almost all the words to Bryan Adam's Summer of 69, the kids do not appreciate it when you sing it at the top of your lungs, this also bodes well for Alabama's 18 Wheeler and Abba's Fernando...even though I don't know the words and tend to make them up for that one. Did I mention I have eclectic taste in music? Or maybe it's no taste in music?

And if you are looking for a good place to eat, the Wine and Dine that included Infusions is finished as of Monday, I believe. So, make your reservations, and go and check out the restaurant at the college. Shaun's doing the morning shift now so he won't be spitting in your dinner. Just your lunch!

Our dining room/new bulliten board.

Make note of Kerry's list of things to do tomorrow, taped right in the center of the wall.