Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zombies Walk 2010

I don't know the particulars. But when Julie became a fan of Zombie Walk 2010, I had to check it out. I told the kids and they decided it was something they wanted to do. So we added 2 more zombies, a neighbour and a grandma and attended the walk. Word on the street was that there would be 400, but there really was only about 150.I met Mom and Baby at a baby shower earlier in the day where I got to hold babies. I think they were the best group zombies.
Zombies on overpriced art work on main street.
And some zombies can drive.
Me, my mom, Jenn, and Kelly-Next-Door actually lost them for awhile. KND asked a taxi driver if he'd seen the zombies and he thought she was crazy.
Then I went to UFC fight night, by myself, and drooled over GSP. Who would have thought a year ago, that I would attend fight night without Kerry, and Misty-Rae couldn't make it either. I'm so thankful Sam was there and I wasn't the only girl. We drooled over GSP together.
And then today, I got up bright and early, let the dogs out, by myself, fed them too. And I went to watch Terrell run her first 1/2 marathon. She finished, and did awesome! When I got home, Kerry was back from Vancouver and the sun was shining.
Best of all, the zombies were gone.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chewin' the fat

We haven't given Linus rawhide because Sally turns into a wild animal when ever she has it. But the vet gave the Big L a piece on the weeked and he packed that gross thing around, he was only allowed to have it in the garage so that Sally didn't get ahold of it. The 3rd time we went to the vet, he picked it up before getting in the van and then cried all the way to the vet with it in his mouth. I bought them a bag, they are good for cleaning teeth and are apparently the kind that will break down. Sally eats her piece in under 5 minutes. Linus savours his. He licks it, he takes it outside for some fresh air, he brings it back in, he sticks it in the dog couch. Sally, on the other hand heard the garbage truck coming and swallowed her's whole, then gagged it back up, then swallowed it again, then gagged it up, and then I took it away from her and she tried to steal Linus's.
I have to keep an eye on Linus, he's like a toddler. If he's upstairs and it's quiet, he's usually in trouble. Emily left the bean bag chair on the floor, and Sally thinks that gives her free range to lay on the softest cooshiest dog bed ever. Today, this is what I found.
He loves his rawhide.

I took these with my 28mm lens, I can't do any Photoshopping yet, I'm too afraid to load the program.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


That's right! Could it be as easy as dragging the photo from iphoto to my desktop and then uploading it here?
That still doesn't solve my iphoto/my photos confusion but at least I learned something today.

Learning Curve

The whole process of putting pictures on my blog with iphoto is beyond me. So please bear with me as I try to figure it out.
This is poor little Linus on Saturday before we took him to the vet. He was using the chair to hold his big ol' head up.
This is Linus sitting in the sun. The brightness bugs his eyes now, the vet said it could be the medication he's on, and that we can stop using the one type of drops, but the steroid ones will have to be used 2x a day for the rest of his life.
He's pretty much back to his normal self. Maybe a bit more needy, but so good about putting his drops in his eyes.
Sally has been enjoying the weather and she just loves my new 50mm f/1.4 lens. She's going for her spring hair cut soon and will miss feeling her hair blow in the wind.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Live from my basement

I'm here. I'm sitting in front of our new imac. As Kerry would say "It's so damn sweet."
It's fast. Our pc was okay, but this is speed of light fast.
It's like someone took our sad black and white world and turned it to colour.
Okay, so it's not really like that, but it's close.
I'm still figuring things out and slowly getting things installed.
I did get the honour of 'winning' today at London Drugs. When the mac guy called with a few questions about the computer he said I had a 'boat load' of photos. I told him I said I had a million when he asked how many, it's not my fault he didn't believe me. He said I had over 100,000 and that was what was taking so long. His exact words were "You win as far as having the most photos I've ever had to transfer." Yay me! My week has turned around.

Friday, March 19, 2010


So glad the weekend is here. I know that doesn't mean our troubles will be gone, and it's not like I have a work week, but you get it.

My week's update...

1. Linus is almost good as new. We notice him squinting a bit more outdoors in the sun. But at least the sun is shining!

2. The washing machine hasn't leaked again, it seams to move more, and we will look into the bearings.

3. It's warming up so we won't need a furnace for a few months. I'm looking at the bright side.

4. My mom's made it through her first week back to work. My Grandpa's soaking up the attention from his care aides. Kerry's one aunt is doing okay, we haven't any info on the other.

5. And...the computer is dead, but it seems like we can save the info from the hard drive, yay, and put it on our new imac, double yay, and we may even have it as early as tomorrow. Boo to the cost, but hey, our pc cost a bunch, lasted 5 yrs. and gave us much grief.
There is a silver lining.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wah Wah Waaaaahh...

Normally I'm such a happy non-complaining person. Today, I've reached my limits. This is the bummer post, you can stop reading now, and go to the previous post, which might make you cry, but only because you are soft and mushy. If you stick with me, don't say I didn't warn you.

Today, Linus was blind when he woke up, which meant that he didn't have an eye infection and the medication he was taking wasn't going to do anything. He most likely has uveitis, a wonderful thing Golden Retrievers get. The joys of having a pure bred dog.
While it's nice to have an idea of what it might be, it's not good. He's only a baby, 3 yrs. old. 3 was supposed to be the year he calmed down, started listening to us, and learned we are the pack leaders, it's not supposed to be the year he loses his eyes.

And... our computer died, most likely the hard drive gave out. I'm not finished my taxes, there's stuff I needed on there. Sure, who doesn't want a new computer? But on my time, not because the hard drive wanted a vacation. I believe I backed up last week. But right now, I don't even care. And I can't get the pictures off my camera so I can show you the saddest dog ever.

And...a few months ago, the washing machine was leaking and Kerry fixed it. While complaining to our financial advisor about my sad life, I stepped in a puddle, one made by the washing machine. Who needs clean clothes?

And...the furnace makes noise, it has been for awhile but it still works, we were trying to make it last as long as we could, well, now it's making more noises. Who needs heat? Grandpa, he's old. Let's not go there.

And...Kerry's aunt is having problems with her kidney transplant. His other aunt has lymphatic cancer of something. We don't know all the details. was my mom's first day back to work after the mysterious brain bleeding, and she was in high spirits, so help me if she didn't have a good day, I'll pull my ears off.

And to make it worse, I am starting to think Michael Buble is cute. He was funny on SNL. Oh, I need a vacation. Calgon take me away!
Wah Wah Waaaaahhh.....

Katrina Kenison - The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Wonder...

I'm coming to you from Shaun's laptop, our main computer seems to have kicked the bucket. I backed up on Thursday and am crossing my fingers that was enough. I'm hoping Monday will bring some answers.
To add to that frustration is Linus and his eyes. The vet thinks they could be infected, we have drops and if it's an infection, we'll know in a couple days. His inner lids seem very irritated and red. The light seems to bother him and he can't see most of the time. He's very lethargic. It's so very sad. We don't think he got into anything, and it's both eyes, so we don't think he scratched them both, nothing was sprayed into them, and Sally's eyes are fine for now, the vet did say if it's what he thinks, it would be contagious.
And Emily thinks she's getting a cold. 2 days before camp. That I can handle because she can articulate what her problems are, Linus can't and he just sits with his eyes closed doing his best Stevie Wonder impression and I want to cry for him.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Right on the BUTTON

First off, let's start with the Goods! It seems that some of the neighbours and I have started a wonderful tradition of Something That Resembles A Bake Off or How To Fatten Up Your Neighbours So That You Look Skinnier. Rules are simple, bake something, give it to the neighbour, sit back and laugh maniacally while wringing your hands in hopes that whatever you baked will go straight to their hips. This was left for me yesterday...okay, 2 times this was left for me but being the kind and generous person I am, I cut everything in half and left the other half for Kerry. Including the one on the left, Cockroach. Kerry said everything was delicious, except Cockroach. Turns out Kerry doesn't like dates. Thank you, Little Neighbour and Family. I went out with Heather and we did a bit of scrapbook supply shopping. At the first store, I bought the little car stamps that I used in this layout, whooeee, big spender, $3.29.
At the second store, I had to buy 2 more bottles of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, which I used most of up today. It's hard to see but there's Glimmer on the clouds, the background, which I made by myself, and on the 'grassy hills'. I also had to buy 2 more bags of Autumn Leaves buttons. Love them. And they go with the 3 I bought just after Christmas.

Cute cars. Even close up, you can't see the Glimmer in the photo, but in real life, it's awesome.

Then I sprayed some older paper I had gotten from being published, I think it's SEI, has poppies on it, and silver foil. I paired it with some older SU stuff that I Glimmer Misted too. Added a bunch of my new buttons, some of them have glitter built right in. And I used some of those weird baubles, too. The mist causes some papers to buckle after they dry, a not so lazy person might weigh them down, or even iron them, but not me.

The bag of buttons I bought is called Whirligig, I just love the colours and the glitter. I've since separated them, which was hard to do, they look so good together, but segregated buttons make for a happier me.

Segregated buttons reminds me that on the news we heard that the minority population will be growing and tipping the scales. Kerry thought this was news, as in 'something new', Emily and I looked at him and said "Ah, excuse me, whose the minority here?" In our house the minority is the majority.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Broadening my horizons?

So I went with Yolanda to her team's first bout, she was going to borrow my lens to shoot the roller derby. I offered to go and do it so she could man the sales table. I came home with some great pictures, a t-shirt, a couple of team pins, a bit of knowledge about how the game is played, and a new respect for roller derby girls! Yolanda is 'fresh meat' and isn't ready to bout yet, but when she is I'm going to take out insurance on her! Not that I think she'll be bad at it but because some of the girls are big bruisers! Yolanda's team is the one in black with pink, the Peach Tarts. They didn't win, but it was their first time. I think they did great! I'd go again and it turns out I know a few of the girls. But I will never try roller derby. I don't think I'd bounce very well when I hit the cement. I'll be content to watch and take photos. Which I might add turned out better than I had expected. Arenas aren't known for their good lighting! Linus and I took Kerry out for a little mountain bike ride. You can see from the background that we went to the area that was burned out by the fire in 2003. It's so barren but makes for great lighting for photos.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Easter goodies

I was inspired by a card I saw on-line the other day, but I can't remember where it went. So I had to wing it!
I'm offering this set as a class complete with candy in the boxes.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


I finally got the chance to photograph the Bumstead babies. Ooohhhh...I love babies. I could eat them up, and because they are twins, I could have one now, and one later! Just kidding, that's gross. But really, they are so sweet, so adorable. And all the baby talk lately landed me and my mom in Baby and Me today, we were there for probably an hour. The staff probably thought we were nuts, they kept asking if we needed assistance, and they kept asking if we were shopping for a special baby. They did not have cute stuff like that when my kids were babies. If they did, neither kid would have any money for college.
I don't think I need words for the pictures. Just don't blame me if your milk starts to come in.

Ooohhhh...don't you just love them? Yummy! Thanks to Julie, and Max for putting up with me.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Don't you want one?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday means...

more baby bear hats. Purple and green to match the swaddling fabric.
trying black fleece background on my backdrop frame. Again, baby bear has agreed to be a model.

trying a shower curtain as a background, Linus did not agree to be a model, but wanted a treat so he sat still for the 1/50th of a second I needed him to.

Sally rolls her eyes as she models the same shower curtain.
Oh, the things dogs will do for treats.

Check it out! I sent a picture of Linus in to the Pioneer Woman's contest and it made the cut and now I have to wait and see who wins. Go here.