Friday, June 29, 2007

Moment of craziness

I told Shaun he should have some friends over for a bbq, meaning a few, like 5. 12-15 are coming tonight.
And in the basement I will be happily cropping God-knows-what with a few friends. Oblivious to whatever is going on upstairs and outside. I don't know what Kerry, Emily and the dogs are going to do. Although I do hope it doesn't rain.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catalogues are in the house!!!

I think one word I would use to describe the new 2007-2008 Idea Book and Catalogue would be FRESH.
Lots of double-line doodle sets, lots of images water-coloured. Lots of new patterned paper, textured cardstock, beautiful samples. More home dec. samples, not just cards and pages, more embellishments and ribbon. The Simply Scrappin' kits did go up in prices, but they also have more to them, double-sided patterned paper, textured cardstock, very pretty. I want most of them. Not as many flower sets, but I figure they are saving them for January and focusing more on Fall, Winter and Christmas.
I have made my wish list and am selling off the children to pay for it.

Yes, I bound my book all by myself this morning. I used my ratty last year's catalogue as the guinea pig. I didn't bind the whole spine, I'm cheap and it doesn't need it. I love the fact that it now lays flat so I can use both hands to write my wish list.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


UPS Memo

To: Drivers and Security

Date: June 20th , 2007

Subject: Crazy Stampin'Up! Ladies

This time of the year has come around once again. Stampin'Up! is releasing the New Idea Book and Catalog. Please be extremely cautious of Stampin' Up! demonstrators (SUDs) for the next two weeks.

Watch out for the following:

1. At the distribution centers, please be on the lookout for SUDs. In the past they have been known to cut fences and sneak inside covered with close to cocoa ink in hopes of blending in with the trucks.

2. The ladies have been known to run after your trucks. If they catch you and ask if you have a "package" for them, be careful with your answer. They do not take "no" for an answer. If you do not have it, just say "I will double check in the back" and turn and run as fast as you can to your truck and drive away. Do not turn back and look, just keep going until you are a safe distance away.

3. They have also been know to drive up next to you at a stop light in their mini vans and SUVs and ask if you have a package for them. Turn up your radio and pretend you cannot hear them. Do not let them approach your delivery truck at an intersection. SUDs have been know to stop traffic and throw all your packages off the trucks until they find their new Idea Book and catalog.

How to Deliver the New Idea Book and Catalog

1. Be sure you have fixed your squeaky brakes, If not - park your truck two blocks away so the SUD can not hear you coming.

2. Put in your earplugs and secure your safety glasses.

3. If you see children looking out the window, put your finger up to your lips and say "SHHHH".. They are on a "lookout" for you and are being paid to "alert" their mothers (SUDs) when they see you coming to the door.

4. Approach the front door and very quietly, set the package down in front of the door (Make sure you place it in FRONT so when she opens the door, the box will be in the way and give you a little more time to escape).

5. Back up as far as you can and reach for the doorbell, (BE READY TO RUN !!!). Ring the doorbell and make a mad dash back to your truck and drive away....DO NOT LOOK BACK !!!

The UPS corporation is informing you of this because in the past years, SUDs have been known to scream at the top of their lungs with excitement and try to tackle you with hugs for delivering their catalogs. After you have been smothered with appreciation for getting them their catalogs on time, watch out for flying packaging material as they will open up the box before you have had a chance to leave, or they have gone inside.

Best of luck to you with this mission, and remember...

Let's Be Safe Out There!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's here!

My Bind-It-All that is. Not my Stampin' Up catalogue.

I can't wait to use the BIA to make all kinds of little books and albums. It will bind CDs, chipboard, coasters, and all kinds of things. Drat my busy week!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The early bird gets it!

A pool that is.
We have been trying for years to get that pool from Costco and this year I decided was the year. So we didn't put up the 'baby' pool and of course, Costco stopped carrying the pool we wanted.
So following the Secret wisdom, I focused on telling anyone that would listen about how much I wanted this pool and SR told me that Sears was going to have them on sale on Saturday. So Kerry got me up early and off we went. We got it, and it was Scratch and Save so it was even cheaper than advertised. We set it up yesterday, and started filling it, which is a 20 hour job! Now if only it would warm up again, we might actually get to use it before September.

I've been crazy busy with classes, work and workshops. The mojo that I borrowed from someone else is still hanging around, I just don't have time to use it. Today is probably the busiest of all, a class, a music recital, and a workshop. I'm going to have to talk to my assistant and discuss my schedule.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I know, I know

I shouldn't complain about being busy. I'm not really complaining about that. It's this darn SU retired accessories list. Not only do I lose a few things from my stash, but trying to keep on top of what's available and what's sold out is becoming a hassle.
It's so frustrating right now because I have quite a few workshops booked this week and next. I can't hold them open for any amount of time because a 1/4 of what has been ordered is on that darned retired list and within a few hours could be gone for good. It does make for a sense of urgency. Get it now before it's gone forever!!! I'm placating myself with the fact that there will be new things, maybe better things in the new catalogue.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

They are on their way!!!

I just got confirmation that the new catalogues have been shipped!!!
I'm not promising anything but all my orders take 7 days from shipping to doorstep!!! I hope this one is no exception. Good thing next Wednesday night just opened up.

Can you hear me now?

Shaun now has his very own Chocolat cell phone. We bought it for him as a grad gift. The first thing he did was to program the voice activation so that he could call home...awwww!!!!
I almost got my own phone, that was the plan. The one we have had 8 months on the contract and Kerry uses it for when he goes riding. So I thought something that has a scheduler would be ideal but there are way too many choices and it took forever to get Shaun all set up, like an hour! So I said I would come back later. Now I'm afraid. I think I'll stick to forgetting appointments and smoke signals.
Tonight is the start of my crazy busy next 2 weeks. Every time I check my emails, someone is wanting to sign up for a class or book a workshop. I thought the beginning of July would be busy with the release of the new catalogue, but it seems everyone wants the retiring sets right now. I, for one, can't wait to get that new cattie in my inky little hands.
I bought the coffee frappaccino mix in a tin from Costco. Don't buy it. It's too freakin' tasty, I want to drink it all day and it's about 16 pts. a glass. That might be exaggerating but it's probably close. The nutritional value is for 1 scoop and no milk and the ingredients say to use 2 scoops and coffee, milk or water. I've only made it with coffee, but I'm sure it would be very yummy with milk and probably damn good with cream, maybe even some alcohol. And a bag of potato chips.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Do you need any?
I've got them. I'll sell them to you in packs of 100. Square ones, 4 inches, medium thickness.
$6.00 for 100.

I've got someone's mojo...

and I'm not done with it yet.
I've had such a productive weekend. I have almost finished all my Tracy Kyle class layouts, with pictures! I cleaned up all the stuff still sitting in a box from the best retreat ever and sorted through a bunch of other supplies and purged a few things. And I kind of made Belgium waffles and bacon for Father's Day breakfast.

I am making an 8 1/2 x 11 album for Shaun, mostly grad stuff. It will be the first totally themed album, with pictures in it that I have ever done, with the exception of my Sally album. It will be my first 8 1/2 x 11 also. I am using a layout from an SS magazine as my inspiration, that's what that picture is all about.

The Emily layout is for my other scrapbooking club, the 2 pagers. I have the second page but it doesn't have journaling or pictures on it. All papers and stamps are BRAND SPANKIN' NEW STAMPIN' UP! I have used the whole pack of double-sided designer series paper for this club. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm really trying to let go and share my stuff, but it's so hard because I am a hoarder by nature. I even let Emily use my American Craft large black alpha stickers for the envelope for her Father's Day card and a whole piece of new pp for the envelope. And then Kerry tossed the envelope in recycling. I am not going to fish it out of there. I am not going to.

Emily's been scanning away with the new scanner, it's so fast compared to the old one. I haven't had time to play with it yet. But I am enjoying this beautifuld wide monitor. Everything looks better, brighter, bigger, and smoother. I feel bad for the old monitor, it treated us well, lasting as long as it did. Good-bye old friend, I think it held my gaze like no other for about 8 years. It showed me things I had never seen before and now it's gone. sniff sniff

It's after 1 pm., it must be lunch time! I better stake my claim on the pasta salad I made last night or else I won't get any.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is he cute or what? He doesn't sit still for very long so I was very happy with this photo.
I think he's saying "whatcha got Momma, can I eat it?"


Our monitor was making funny noises and doing strange things, I expected it to shoot flames or explode at any given time this morning. It is at least 6 years old so we have gotten good use out if it. It's about 2 feet square, was made long before flat screens.
Off to Futureshop. Home again with a 20 inch flat wide screen monitor, a new scanner(because our other one was kicking the bucket and was about 8 years old), and a pile of Cannon photo paper because it was buy one and get one free.
I cannot believe how much room we have on the desk with the flat screen. More room for crap on my desk.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


That's my layout as Pick of the Patch's layout of the day...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I had bought some Upsy Daisy Designs paper at the POTP Retreat, after meeting the owner, Amanda. I love that the paper is patterned on both sides, one side blues and browns, and one side pinks. Very smart. I knew I would use it for my upcoming classes, I just didn't know how or with what pictures. I have to plan carefully when I have a limited number of pieces of paper because I need them for 12-18 layouts, most 2 pagers. I loved Tracy Kyle's layout in the class I took, we cut our patterned paper into almost 2 inch strips for a rainbow effect, so I used the same idea for my layout. I mixed the UDD papers with some of Stampin' Up's designer papers. AND I used brand new, 2007-2008 stamps! I love this set, Baroque Motifs. I'm glad I held out and didn't buy any other companies sets until I saw the new SU stuff.
I've had a productive day and it's not over yet!
I've got a new toy coming soon and I can't wait to use it, so I'm trying to get a few things finished before it comes and I want to play with just it. But I'm not going to say much more about it until I get the proof that it's on it's way. I do have to say that Kerry said to go ahead and order the QK Silhouette cutting system but I said "no thanks". He only said it because he wants a bike part that costs about $300.

Finally finished

I did this paperbag book as a class recently. It's very labour intensive but it's so cute I had to offer it. I used 5 paperbags and 1 SU Simply Scrappin' kit. There are still lots of stickers left from the kit, even though I tried to use them all decorating the tags that you can't see. Tried to avoid the sticker sneeze look.
Today, I finally put pictures in the book. I'm great for not putting them in. Good intentions. But I decided that today was the day, and I have some decent pictures of Emily and her friends. Did I mention I love my printer? I do. I love the instant gratification of being able to take a picture and run downstairs and print it off in minutes.

Need my ears checked...

So every night Kerry and I take the pups for their 'walkies'. It's the highlight of their day, right after WWE and eating. The other night we overheard an interesting conversation. We only overheard it because 'mom' was screaming and the windows were open.
It went something like this...

Kid: (heart wrenching crying)
Mom: NOT AGAIN! You just had to have 'sex'. Well, that's what happens when you have 'sex'!!!
Kid: (CRYING AND CRYING) I didn't know it would happen again. (sob sob sob)
Mom: What did you do? blah blah blah (realizing window is open and she's not yelling so much) something something CAGE.

okay, so my mind is freaking out, this is what I think has happened. Daughter just told Mom that she's pregnant, again, and Mom is livid, maybe considering putting daughter in cage. I say to Kerry, OMG, as my eyes are popping out of my head, can you believe that?

Here's the very funny part...
Kerry says what's the big deal? The kid has a pet that died, again.
Me: What? No, she's pregnant again, didn't you hear the Mom say "that's what happens when you have sex?"
Ker: NO, that's what happens when you have PETS!

I almost cried.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still the BEST day EVER!

I paid for the church so it's officially MINE! Save the date...Nov.18th.

Stamp Porn!!!

Today is the BEST day ever! In Sponge Bob's words.

I came home from work to a small package of stampin' goodies. There will be lots of mounting going on tonight...and I mean stamp mounting. Sorry Kerry.

Notice that one ink pad is turned around...I didn't until just now. Name that new In Colour and I'll give you something special.

I think I will have to make a trip to the bank to apply for a loan. I've seen some of the new cattie stuff and I want it all!!! This little pile of goodies is just the teaser. I've got the new rhinestone brads, new In Colours inks and card stock, a new jumbo wheel, some awesome stamp sets, new level 2 hostess set and new double sided patterned paper.
The new cattie stuff...scalloped punch, star punch, patterned paper to match In Colours, Western stamp set(with a large WANTED stamp), new 12 x 12 papers, flowers you can dye, and so much more. I can hardly wait. I've already made plans to have a new catalogue and appy party the last week of June! How nerdy is that?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

17 years in the making

It went from a not so great photo to one I can live with, I might fiddle with it more. I did a little Photoshopping to it using the instructions from CK's Computer Tips. I'm finding this book to be pretty handy.
Anyway, that's it, my first born has graduated! I managed to keep dry eyes. Unless you count the time I got a little teary eyed because one of his class mates received a huge scholarship($10,000). It was a total surprise and he was one of 5 kids in B.C. or Canada to receive it. The look on his face was enough to make any parent cry. And considering I was his chaperone during their Edmonton trip years ago, I had to get a little teary.
Shaun received a bursary from the Japanese United Church. My Grandpa attends this church, so did I when I was younger. Apparently, Shaun was the only Japanese kid to apply, the rest were Korean, Chinese and other ethnicities.
After the ceremony the kids returned to the school for Dry Grad and we didn't see Shaun again until 6 am. this morning. He had to work at 10 am. but the good mommy I am, I called and got him a shorter shift, 12-7, and now he's on his way home at 5. They are so good to him at Arby's. He won some great prizes at Dry Grad, one being a free round trip Greyhound ride to anywhere in B.C. Are they still on strike?
Off to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday with about 50 other family members at The Orient. I'm so looking forward to Chinese food!

And my mommy and I are all perky now after our trip to Fashion Foundations. I highly recommend it. They are so helpful and friendly.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

275 pictures

Today was Track and Field day at the Apple Bowl. I had some errands to run in that area so I stopped in for a bit to take some pictures and offer some support.
Within 20 minutes of being there Mr. D. walks up to me and says "Great, you're here to take pictures again. They were so good last year and we really appreciated them."
Last year, I took a bunch of pictures, saved them to disk and gave them to Mr. D. and printed a few for some of the kids. He then passed the cd on to other teachers and my pictures ended up in the newletter and in the year end slide show.(no, I didn't get any royalties) Last year's pictures were great. This year's are dull. The yucky, overcast day made for dark pictures. I did get some good ones, great action shots but what a difference a little cloud cover makes. It was good for the kids, much cooler than last year and they managed to miss any rain that fell elsewhere in my travels.

When these two are together there's little chance of getting a picture with 'normal' faces. What a couple of goofs!

Things to do on a rainy day

Kelli's Random Movie Quote:

'Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.'

- Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite

Take this quiz at

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The well is almost dry.

I am so sick of blowing my nose.

I started this layout before the retreat and took it with me to work on. I got most of it finished there, but I had to add a few finishing touches at home.

This is the only layout from Tracy Kyle's class of 5 layouts that I have finished and put a picture on. I like to keep my class layouts picture less. I don't really, I just never seem to put pictures on them.
This is an envelope folder made at the retreat in a class taught by Sabine. I will put pictures of my pups in it.

I made the notebook cover, and matching pen with Upsy Daisy papers. I met the owner, Amanda Haddow at the retreat. It's a great line of paper, one side is boyish, the other girly. The luggage tag on the inside was a make-n-take taught by Sonja with Tara's Pageframe products. What a neat line of products. Turns out we used the same paper so it all co-ordinates.

Tonight is the last band performance for Shaun. I won't be able to make it, I made previous plans and like all things with the band, we didn't know until late last week. I have my doubts that he will pick up his bassoon and play it again anytime soon.
Friday is the big day! Commencement ceremony. Emily's only concern about Friday..."Is that when they will throw their hats?"

Friday, June 01, 2007


I was on the couch all of yesterday and if I don't take it slow today, I'll be there again this afternoon. I have to store up my energy, I need to go grocery shopping. My weekend away and a few days sick have left the family scrounging for food. It's kind of funny, all the different combinations in their lunch this wee, but kind of sad, too.

I knew I would get sick if I didn't get some rest after the weekend. I had a killer sore throat on Wednesday and spots on my neck were swollen, so I thought "STREP" but on Thursday, my throat didn't hurt, I was just so tired.
I don't have the energy to check on what the puppy is eating and of course, he's in my scrap room. He's got a Melissa Frances keyhole in his mouth, I'm not worthy. And he thinks my little scrapbags hanging around the table are feed bags.

I let Emily look through my CK Computer Tips for Scrapbooking (love it) and she's been on PS7 for a couple weeks now. Yesterday, she asks me how to flatten her image. Duh...what did you say? I know how, I just didn't know how she even knew about it. She says she watches what I do. (Must remember this for other aspects of life.) I realize that by early next week, she will be able to do more in PS than I can.

Off to look at doing some on-line shopping, with the dollar this good and a few new sites I found over the weekend, I think I need some stuff. And I've been given an Amazon list so I have to check that out.