Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I finally made my plum jam. Or maybe it's prune jam, Italian Prunes to be exact. Did 2 batches. No matter how much I stir that stuff, I still end up with floating fruit. I tell Kerry that it's supposed to be that way. Plum jam on top, plum jelly on the bottom of the jar. He's just happy to have it.

I called about my camera that was supposed to be in at Visions last week, and of course, it's not in. Al, who I am sure is sick of me, is going to call Canon again and see what the hold up is. I fear that when it comes back it won't be the same as it was before. And I don't mean it will be fixed, I think it will be worse off. Just a feeling I have. I sure wish it was back, tomorrow Shaun's dojo wants to get some better pictures of the club and all I have is a rinky dinky film camera. A silly waterproof Canon Sureshoot or something like that. I don't like it at all. I get the shot all set up, look through the tiny hole, push the button and then what....nothing. I don't know if it's a good picture or a bad one, so I take another. And waiting...holy smokes, I have to take 24 pictures before I can see my jam shots! I don't even remember what is on the roll of film anymore. Or if this camera even works, I mean it is advancing the film and the flash goes off, whether I want it or not. It's torture.

Kerry had a chance to get a FREE Sony digital camera but I wanted an MP 3 player, and really, I have a darn good camera. But I almost said "Get the camera." I thought maybe, just maybe, the new one would get here before mine gets fixed. But then that would be cheating on my camera and karma would get me, and my camera would come back worse off than before. Someone asked me who takes my pictures for me. I replied I do. She said I must have lots because she could see them all over my scraproom. I jokingly said I loved my camera, more than the kids, and the kids replied from the other room, "Yes, she loves her camera more than us!"

And it figures, my printer, Canon i9900 is on at Office Depot for almost half of what I paid. I couldn't have waited a year but still...it bugs me that stuff like that drops in price so fast.

Fall is officially here. I love this time of year.
Did you know it's less than 3 months until Christmas? Get started on your Christmas cards, get them finished and send them out!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I really haven't done much since my last post. Nothing that seems blog worthy. Did a bit of shopping, got new socks. Went to Michaels today, I figure I go about once every 3 months. They had some cute new things, but it still doesn't make up for the crappy customer service. If you have stickers for $1.50 in a different section than the other stickers, but the sale is only good for $1.69 and up, don't put a sign in front of the $1.50 Halloween stickers saying they are on sale at 40% off. But if you do, you should honour it. Not get the manager to come over and make a person feel like an idiot. And if you do, then I will return the stickers and so will my friend, and you can bet we won't apologize for it. And it will be at least 3 months before I go in again.
Also, they stopped carrying magazines. What's the point of going in at all now? Most people I know used their coupon for magazines.
I did finish one scrapbook page the other day. I'd post a picture, but I am still waiting for the call saying it's fixed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who knew a little $8 mug from Starbucks would bring me so much joy? I have a love for all things miniature and when I was out with Heather at Starbucks getting our weekly coffee, I spotted this little mug, a shrunken replica of the regular coffee mug, only this is for espresso. It was filled with chocolate covered coffee beans, it was perfect for Kerry. Now every morning he makes espresso and has his bitty mugful. With the rest, he makes my cold coffee drink and puts it in the fridge for me to have when I crawl out of bed. I always knew he was the bestest but this little mug puts him over the top! The caffeine helps too.

And...I called Visions this week to see if anyone knew anything about my camera and when it's estimated date of arrival would be. I really didn't expect much. But a very nice guy told me that Canon doesn't like it when they call before the 4 weeks is up so he would make a note to call on Friday and see what he could find out. Imagine my surprise on Friday when I got a call from Visions and was told that Canon is working on my baby right now and hopes to have it finished early next week and sent out later that week! I'm not holding my breath but I am very excited. Thank you Visions Guy!

I think I am finished picking for a little while. It's pretty sad really. The macs aren't getting picked. I'm such a softy. I actually feel bad for the apples. They are falling on the ground, they are beat up by the hail, split from the rain and sunburnt too. No one will get to enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rain...keep it coming!

Not that I'm complaining, the fresh air is great, the company is good too, the excercise is a bonus, but boy, am I glad it rained today. I have a million things to do today. So far, I've done 3 things on my list and the rain has stopped. I am crossing my fingers that it is too wet to pick today so that I can get the rest of my stuff done.

My cousin and I get to drive across the bridge today. For anyone that knows me, I don't drive across too often, Heather does it for me. Thanks H! And because I have to go across tonight, I will miss Rockstar tonight and it's the final show. So don't tell me who gets picked and cross your fingers for me, Kerry better remember to tape it!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

73% of my body hates me right now.
The rest is asleep but I am sure when it wakes up it won't be too happy. It was so hot and muggy that for the first time ever, my eye-balls were sweating.
I have been picking apples for my aunt for two days. It's great, fresh air, forced exercise, free snacks (bugs and apples), pretty good company too. And Sally gets to come with me and eat apples all day. The best part has to be the hours. My uncle says they're better than banker's hours. No reason for daycare!

But other than the pain of long forgotten muscles and eyes burned out by sweat...I had a great conversation with my oldest friend, Terrell, by oldest, I mean I've known her forever. I could hear her Zoe in the background chattering away. I made a great homemade soup for dinner. Talked to my Victoria friend, Nancy. And it's Friday, which means Anime night at our house. I could light myself on fire and no one would notice because eveyrone else is watching TV. I will probably scrapbook instead.

This picture is of Kerry and Emily walking to school on the first day, last year. No pictures this year because my camera is still on sick leave.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All Alone!!!!

It's just me and Sally today. At least until about 2:30! I have to make the most of today because it may be my last Alone day until it rains. My aunt informed me that they want me back to pick apples. If you haven't done this before, do it. Your body will hate you, but the fresh air is great, the apples are fresh too. Sally enjoys it also. Oh, but the spiders...the spiders are huge and nasty and you bounce off their webs. Hate that. And I hate climbing the ladder. Doing that put an end to my apple picking season last year as I fell off the ladder and twisted my ankle.

I'm planning a Stamp-A-Stack event. I have just finished designing 5 cards for the event. Done the laundry, dishes, making soup in the crock pot, defrosting chicken for dinner. Even tidied up my work area. Made my bed, too. And I'm dressed.
It is kind of quiet. I do have some phone calls to make, but I am procrastinating.
I think I will walk over to the bank in the next little bit.

I just finished watching Ellen, I love her! She had a fender bender the other day and she's not herself, more pensive. Anyway, she has a Life List thing on the the go, I will check her site. Kind of a 'My Name is Earl' list. Only hers is things she wants to do. Like learn a new language, go places, etc. Thinking of doing this. Starting with VACUUM LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. Will keep you updated.

Off to get my lunch and walk to the bank. Although I can see from the basement window that it is windy...hmmmmm....should I chance it?