Thursday, June 30, 2011

Addicted to stuff

My mom and aunt asked if I wanted to go to Tyjo's, they were having a sale. Of course I went. I do not need any fabric, I have nothing in mind that I want to make. But I still bought a bunch of fat quarters, at $1 each, how could I not? Her regular priced fq's were on for 6 for the price of 4, and I'm a sucker for anything Amy Butler so I bought most of what she had left.  The stuff on the left matches the quilt kit I got for Christmas from my mom.
I'm still getting grief over using part of the kit to make this banner. ( I don't recall saying I was making the quilt, just that I loved the fabric!)  Just a note: I only spent $25, not like some people with rooms of fabric, who spent way more. 
I am thinking I need a sewing room. Good thing Kerry doesn't read the blog.
 I made a few cards with the new Stampin' Up stuff.
 I am loving that pennant punch and matching stamp set. It's very versatile.
 The triple layer punches are pretty neat too.
 I'm loving the Beyond the Garden patterned paper.
 I copied the next two cards right out of the catalogue because I loved them so much.

 The kid counted and inventoried all her Copic markers, 103. She coloured the cover of her inventory book, she's so amazing with those markers. And she was quick to point out that 103 markers isn't even half of what is out there. Nice.
 I finally got around to hanging up one of 4 vinyl wall art things, I have a hard time putting something fairly permanent on things.  I snapped a quick photo of the chalkboard one on my antique filing cabinet, with a very meaningful message I wrote on it.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Half Way There

I finally decided to do something about my flabby, fat and lazy body.  I don't like sweating. I'll never go to the pool, I won't go to a gym. I cut back on my portions, and am trying to make better choices at meal times.  And even though I don't watch the Biggest Loser, I thought I'd invite Jillian to the party. The pity party.
Well, after 15 days, 14 of which I hated, I have lost 5 or more inches and get this I've not lost a single pound! Not ONE! Not TWO! Zero, Zilch, Nada...but that's okay, I can do my belt up one or two notches tighter, depending on the pants. I feel better. I guess Jillian can stay another 15 days. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheers, Cars, Crying, and Creating

A very shy, but possibly proud kid was the only grade 9 kid receiving an award for Academics in Art. Very sweet moment for us. She let me take a picture, her choice of spots, in front of the trash bins, in full sun at her school. I think I did pretty decent at making do with what I had.
 After the ceremony, she got to go back to hanging out with these two. And again, making do with what I had. Or maybe it's a bit of "Can't have my cake and eat it too." I learned that in a little class by Karen Russell. I got the group shot, with the friends, sort of everyone looking at the camera. I also got the sun flare, which I love, I really do. But I got half the Future Shop sign, van mirror (I'm in the passenger seat leaning over Kerry) and the sun flare washed everything out.  But I'm okay with it. I love it.
 Dad rode his Harley down and met us in Penticton for the Beach Cruise car show. Over 800 cars, and I think we may have seen about half of them. It's so sad the amount I am learning about cars. 
 We were totally surprised to see not one, but two Subarus at the show. Kerry says people here don't show them because they are too busy driving them. I snapped quickly when I realized he was wearing his Subaru shirt.
 It was a sad day for him, he decided his very old, flannel brown plaid shirt was too worn to wear anymore. (Again, he's wearing a Subaru shirt!)
 While he has a week off, the week of the Jinky Art Retreat, we will be painting the stair case, and possibly the main room in the basement. I'm leaning towards muted. Grey. I wanted Green, like Mojito but decided it was actually quite dark for that area. I think we are going with the bottom Grey. It looks the best with the red wood hard wood, and the tile on the landing.
 I made a few cards in the last couple weeks. This one was copied and altered quite a bit from the Cricut magazine. Don't forget to get August's and October's!
 This idea came from another card magazine.
 I had to use some new goodies from the almost released 2011 Idea Book.
 And I used some hoarded Imaginesce paper I bought last summer while in Langley/Surrey. Can't pass up a paper sale!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Burial, Baby, Burger

 We put Grandpa's ashes in the ground this weekend. We were all dressed half decent so I made everyone pose for a family photo. Too bad I jumped in at the last minute in front of Kerry!

 I took pictures of just about every thing on the weekend. The urn.
 The grandparents!
 The cousin that stepped up to put the urn in the ground.
 The family, most of it.
 The deer that was watching and snacking during the burial. It was very spiritual.
 After the burial, we had a bbq and then a baby shower for Adyson.
 I could hold her all day.
 But when I wasn't, other people were.
 Everyone wanted to hold her.
Even these two! One of which said "She's not that bad for a baby."
And on Father's Day after the car show, I made the daddy of all burgers! 2 types of cheese, dill garlic mustard, garlic chile aioli, bacon and onion rings! Delish!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creative Retreat Results

 I didn't actually think I'd get much done at the Retreat. Usually, I spend my time watching others or chatting, or even eating. But this time, I grabbed the bag of stuff I had bought at the scrapbook store, Echo Park stuff, just before heading out. I knew I had to make decorations for the baby shower this weekend. I used a cheapie chipboard album I got at M's and covered the stars wit the cute baby paper.

 And I even took my Cricut to the Retreat. And I used it!
 I made a banner for the diaper cake too.
 And a baby album for Adyson.
 It even has a few pictures in it.
Her mom can add more to it as she grows.
Kerry's co-worker is retiring. He always calls once winter hits to see when the Tiger Butter will be arriving at the office. I made a special batch for him, complete with a Tiger. 

My strawberries are doing great. The birds haven't really bothered with them. Maybe because it's too cold for them too.
In the last couple weeks, Heather's been going on and on about Tim Holtz stuff. I didn't own much of his stuff, other than a die, and some stickles. After the Retreat, I had to use my coupon to get a craft mat, and  ink pads were on sale, so I had to get a few of those too. Then I had to go back and get a few more. Darn you, Tim Holtz and Heather W! 
My hands are stained! My wallet is lighter. My table is a mess. But I have 2 cards I made!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

911... what's your emergency?

Long story...
I'll make it short...
Kerry's co-worker is retiring. He doesn't want any hoopla. He loves tiger butter and always calls at Christmas to ask when it's being delivered. I rounded up the tigers and milked them. I made the tiger butter,  a cute tiger to go on the bag and stopped at McD's for 9 iced coffees. I had to wait for them in the parking lot, apparently 9 is a lot. When the guy brought them out and asked if they were all for me, we witnessed a car accident. I grabbed my phone and called 911. No biggie right? But I have re-occuring nightmares about not being able to actually dial 9 1 1.
I did it, and I answered all the questions semi-coherently. When asked "Fire, Police or Ambulance" I paused, choices! Definitely Police, possibly Ambulance.
An elderly woman had put her car in drive, not reverse and then stepped on the gas. Instead of braking, she panicked, which I would do too, and she took out a sign, cranked the wheel hard, so as not to land in traffic on the hwy. and then while still stomping on the gas, went up a little hill and 'flew' over the curb and into the only empty parking spot. Pretty fancy driving. If only she was about 6 inches to the left! She landed rather snug against a truck (someone will have had a surprise after work). Her husband couldn't get out of the vehicle and he'd had a stroke 2 months ago. He said he was fine but the ambulance came anyways and had to help pull him out of the vehicle.
While the police man, hunk-a-hunk-a, was taking my statement, he got a call that the same thing happened in the next parking lot over at Value Village, and that a pedestrian was hit. So the other cop and firemen ran over there to see. It may have been some confused person calling about the same accident.
So that was after I had worked out, showered, gone to chiro, Buckerfields for new food for Diarrhea Dog, the bulk food store, the veggie store, and made the tiger butter. Needless to say, I'm bagged. AND I have pictures of stuff, I am just too lazy to upload.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Creative Retreat Goodness!

It's been a while since we've had a local crop, so Heather decided to put one on. It wasn't a huge one. But it was a fun one! 
 Heather taught a bunch of mixed media classes and everyone got messy and made unique pieces of art.
 This is one of my friends, she doesn't like having her picture taken, but I wanted to show you how the art starts off all crazy and colourful. And in the end, which I didn't get a picture of, it looks completely different. Thanks, KH!
 I made decorations for the baby shower next weekend. And diaper cake decorations, and a baby album. So glad I got this all done, it's a busy week coming up. I know I work fast, and I'm fairly efficient but I got so much done this weekend, I was impressed! The dogs now have a summer mini book, and I'm about half way through my Hiking album. I worked a tiny bit on my Project Life. Everyone was so interested in what we had done, I might just have a second PL group on the go. 
 I love how all 3 of these are the same but so different. 
 I finally got to meet and chat with the infamous KN! She's a hoot! I had such a great time chatting with old friends, and meeting new ones! 
 I think everyone had a great Creative time! 

Can't wait for the next one!