Thursday, June 28, 2012


I had stopped drinking coffee, only to be introduced to Wild Cherry Pepsi by Michelle and Cherry Coke is a decent substitute. We stocked up while in the States. 

 But sadly, it wasn't meant to be forever! 
I bought this super cute Bo Bunny line in Langley and we used it for scrapping class. Sometimes I make a layout and think "it doesn't get any better than this".
 Victoria and Walter sent us a box full of goodness! Girl Scouts of America have better cookie choices than our Girl Guides! 
 This is by far the favourite of the box. 
 A little shopping and refreshment break.
 I decided that I needed a desk in my scrapping room. Somewhere for me to put my works-in-progresses during classes so that I didn't always have to put them away and misplace things. We had what I think is my grandma's old desk that Shaun was using and we moved it in to my room.
 I've made it a nice little corner, complete with Ott light. 
I could play this new game I invented called "Guess What's In The Drawer?" I doubt anyone would guess 127 rolls of tape.
 Emily received an award for Beginner's Japanese 11. She taught herself Japanese from the internet and a pile of books that Auntie June lent her. She was totally bored in the class, but she got an award so it's all good.
 And here's where one of the wonders of the world is solved...I always wondered why I can't get a decent family photo. 
It runs in the family.
 I thought my eyes disappeared when I smiled because mom's Japanese, but it seems dad has the same problem. And I guess a puffy shirt made out of bandana fabric doesn't make me look thinner.
 These were taken at our Father's Day BBQ. Shaun's missing because he was sick. 
And this one's not the best, but it's my favourite. Mom looks great. Me and Dad....well, I guess now I can't give the kids grief.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Touring

The weather has been miserable lately. I can't ever remember so much rain. I'm glad we aren't in a flooding area and I feel for those that are.  I'd hate to have my house flood. 
The rain stopped just after I got off work, it was still spitting a little but it wasn't bad. Marg had tickets to the garden tour and asked if I wanted to go. 

 It was inspiring and depressing all at the same time! 
I got some good ideas too. We were amazed by the size of this hosta! I'm going to feed mine today!
 This property, actually estate, was huge and beautiful but the gardens were nothing special. 
 The  main house was huge, and the guest house was almost as big.
 The pool was a short distance from the lake, tennis courts, and putting green.
 I love the poppies and need to get some for next year.
 The last house had cute little staged areas. Would have made for some great photo shoots.
 The chickens even had a neat and tidy little house.
 And they were growing some giant vine balls. 
I'm so motivated to get out in my garden. I went out this morning to put up another tomato cage, only to get attacked by ants. I had about 20 on one leg alone. Little did they know I had poison in my pockets. They are not helping my tomato plants! So I have to do something about the infestation. They are also eating my strawberries. 
I picked my potatoes today, we'll have them for Father's Day bbq tonight. I can't believe how perfect they are! 
Hope everyone enjoys their Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's go back in time....

I figured I could slowly get the blog caught up with all the stuff I have neglected. But then I figured why not post an epic post filled with pictures (taken with my iphone and with my camera, edited and sooc) and my wonderful descriptions.

A few weeks back I signed up late for Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101. I didn't waste any time and did all the lessons in one sitting. Then I realized I didn't watch the videos. 

I can't remember if I shared this or not, but forgive me if I did. Heather found this little treat for me in the States. Complete with a box of bulbs! My collection is growing!

I made beef pies. I made the pastry. I will be making them again. The crust was so good and flaky! 

My first potato! My plants are so big! I was just snooping around the plants the other day and it was like Easter! I found 3 baby potatoes. I ate them for breakfast the next day. 
How cute is she? Adie turned one and mom and I went to her birthday. She is such a sweet kid!
I'm not doing weddings. But I've got one coming up at this location this month.
I grew these white skinny radishes for one reason. Tsukemono, a Japanese pickle. Really, it's just vegetables covered in salt and then you let it sit weighed down forever. Rinse it, chop it, eat it with rice. 

Grandpa used to make it, and now someone has to, or I won't get any. 
We went to Laura and Curtis's wedding at Rowena's in Harrison Mills. We stayed at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort.
It was a beautiful location. 
Got to hang out with Adie again. This time she let me carry her around. So not used to packing that much weight around.
Then Mom, Kerry, and I went to Bellingham, after I hit the scrapbook stores in Langley. We shopped for shoes, I didn't get any, clothes, I didn't get any, and food, I got lots. 
We spent the night in Bellingham, had lunch in Burlington. 
Jenn graduated from UBC and we went to the ceremony. Thank goodness I took pictures, her parents card was corrupt and they only got 5 of over 50 photos. 
I painted Shaun's old room, and we moved the computer upstairs, along with the filing cabinet and fax machine. Now we have a real office! It's so nice to not have to go downstairs all the time to check things on line or find paperwork. The room is grey, the same as the basement. I'm all about grey right now. 

I've been playing Draw Something a lot. It's really making me think outside the box. Ha Ha Ha. This is one of my favourites. 

Michelle got me hooked on Cherry Pepsi. We brought back at least 6 cases of pop from the States. I've pretty much given up coffee, but I would drink a can of Cherry Pepsi every day if I could. It even inspired a poem...
Oh pepsi with cherry so wild,
my love for you is not mild. 
Your sweet cherry taste
makes me not mind the slight widening of my waist.
Our love short lived will be, 
I've only got 4 cans plus 3!

Add a few coconut m&m's and you've got a nice light snack.
I realized this morning, 4 hours before I was to deliver the final product to a client that I didn't have any proper packaging for USB drives. I've been using DVDs with my logo printed on them, but decided on a drive for this client. So I made a few stops after my dentist appointment at 8 am. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The bag has business cards, model and print release forms in it. The little box with tag on it went in the bag too. The large photo 'tag' is more or less a thank you card. I went with the white bag, because the kraft ones were sold out. I got it all done and delivered before 11. 
I hope the weather man is wrong and it doesn't rain on Saturday! Marg and I have big garden touring plans!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Instagram Madness!

I've been neglecting the ol' blog again. It's not because I haven't been doing much, or that I've been so very busy that I can't find the time. It's just that I haven't felt like it. I am beginning to think creativity and blogging run hand in hand, and they were running in the opposite direction I was going in. 
But not today!
Today I made stuff! 

But first I cleaned my table off, read some of my book club book, ate breakfast, made some phone calls, sent some texts,  checked my emails, printed some pictures, checked my favourite blogs, checked facebook, and drank a Cherry Coke before 10 am. 
We have a saying..."I put the "pro" in procrastination. But when I get started, I get things done. 
So without further ado....
my Instagram album.
I got the idea from Linda, and ever since, I've been thinking about doing it. 
I was so loose with it! I grabbed a container of paper and just started picking stuff out. I used my favourites, not that I don't like all my crap, but there are some papers I like to hoard, and those are the ones I decided to use. 

 And I used Martha Stewart's labels. They are a good deal. 
 And washi tape. All kinds of it. And lots of it.
 I printed the Instagram photos as wallets using my new printers software, it worked perfectly. 
 Dusted off the handy dandy Bind-It-All and in less than 2 hours, I had my little album done. 
 I put the photos in chronological order. 
 And I'm caught up to this week. I have lots of extra pages.
I'm kind of regretting using that butterfly paper, I bought 2 sheets and have used them both! I guess what I'm really regretting is not buying more. 
I've got lots more to blog and will try to get back on the horse. There's babies, trips, a wedding, food, photo shoots, dogs, and so much more to blog about. And there's also that and more in the future.