Tuesday, July 31, 2007

time wasters

Dixie Dog attacks pumpkin...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kmu6bLEetc

Great dancing dog...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4B_QZS4YR8

Smart puppy, weird shirt...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1JNj3JpxHs

I like the reggae/rap thing going on with this cutie...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt6o8NlrbHg

Graphic Details

Shaun had to change the gauze on his finger today and it wasn't a pretty picture. The gauze was stuck to the 'top' of his wound, where his finger tip used to be. So after a good long soak, some gauze trimming and a temper tantrum, he managed to pull it off, which also meant that the wound opened up. It's gross, it's stomach turning. This picture doesn't do it justice but I didn't think anyone else needed to see the other side of his finger, or lack of it. Not only is he missing almost half his finger nail and the side of that part of his finger, but his pinky is missing a chunk too. What you can't see is the black hunk of skin that was kind of stitched back in place, but I think it won't survive. He said that the meat slicer started on it's own and sucked his hand in. We still don't know if he got a tetanus shot because the dr. stops answering the phone at 4:30 even though they are there till 5 and the records dept. at the hospital answers the phone after 4:30 even though they close at 4. He can't find any puncture marks on his body so we think that despite telling the guy in emerg. that he hasn't had tetanus, possibly since age 11, maybe younger and the guy agreeing that it needed to be done, it's quite possible it wasn't.

Quick Thinker

Last night, Kerry suggest Panago for dinner. I shoot him down before he can get that "hmmmm...yummy pizza" look on his face. Why? Because we took my parents to Taki's for mom's birthday last week, it was good, pretty much the same as Ozeki's. Only where as O. is old and in need of a make-over, T. was put together on a $1000 budget. But the food was good and so was the service and most importantly, the bathroom was spotless. Oprah says never eat at a restaurant with a dirty bathroom and so far, she's been right everytime.
Anyway, back to the pizza conversation. In a very slow manner, we are trying to save for Disneyland. And the clincher, my birthday is coming. Most years, okay, every year, I pick out my own present, usually buy it myself too. This saves a lot of grief, mine really. I get what I want, no disappointments. Flashback to Valentine's day...Bernard Callebaut truffles, $30 box of 10. NOT WHAT I WANTED, what Kerry wanted. And I'm watching what I eat, and I don't love truffles or spending $30 on them. I know it's the thought that counts but I was pretty ticked off.
Oh, where was I?
That's right, the pizza, I said no, and then I said the words that made Kerry look like I told him I was pregnant..."My birthday is coming!" To which he slowly nodded, (here's the quick thinking) and said "that's right, what am I getting you?" I could tell he had totally forgotten, and why not? I usually tell him months in advance that I have already gotten my present. But not this year, and mostly because I don't want for anything. How weird is that?
There are no new scrapbooking gadgets I want, got the printer, the camera, the tripod, the scanner, the monitor, the Bind-it-All, mp3 player, and most of my SU wishlist done already. Oh, and I got the puppy...geez, I hope that doesn't count for my birthday gift, I want a refund if it does.
So I need help, I need to pick something fast so that when Kerry gets home from work I can tell him what I want.

On a different note, this falls under the best day ever in my books. (yes, I need a life)
I get better cable on my little scrapping room tv. And...I got mis-priced steaks at Coopers. Emily declared too much chicken was being offered for meals. So on the way home from work I stopped at Coopers. I didn't have any time to marinate so I planned on paying a bit extra for 'good' grilling steaks. And boy did I get a deal. One pack of 3 steaks, at $17 a kg. was not weighed properly. It should have been about 1 kg. but was marked as .3 kg. I got it for $6. I didn't point it out to anyone either, so there's a bit of guilt, but nothing that can't be smoothered with left-overs for lunch. I added some yellow potatoes done on the bbq, sliced w/onion, a blob of butter and wrapped in foil. And fresh, Auntie-grown cukes. Shaun thought he had died and gone to heaven and not just because I cut his steak up for him.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Anger makes me do things, not bad things, silly things that should be done but Regular Kelli procrastinates. So Angry Kelli cleans the inside of the washing machine, with bleach and stainless steel Norwex scrubber.

After being gone for 4 hours, Kerry brought home a doped up Shaun. He could hardly walk, but managed to tell us that he needed to get changed and then went to his room. When Kerry checked on him 2 minutes later, he was dead asleep, still dressed in his uniform.

Kerry's description of the whole incident made me glad that I didn't go. Apparently Shaun sliced the side of the tip of his finger off. The x-rays were to make sure he didn't hit bone, but quite possibly according to Kerry, bone was showing. And the sliced off finger meat wasn't fully off, and was hanging in a 'bunch'. Kerry had to leave the room so he's unsure of how many, if any stitches were done. That's the price I pay for not going, we also don't know if tetanus or any other immunizations were done. Dads unfortunately only care about the basics. Not complaining, just stating a fact.
Shaun won't be working for a bit, and may have to see a hand specialist.

On the hole rippage...when I called the supervisor back to update her, after an hour, she still hadn't talked to the manager, which I found disheartening, which is just a nice way of saying "piss me off". Although she did say she would have a talk with all the 'kids' and the policy will now be to call parents when an employee is hurt, especially the underage ones. DUH! And then Kerry came home and said he wasn't overly impressed with Arby's or the hospital because they never thought to call us either and they figured they could give him Adavan and 'convince' him to get the needle. And they figured Kerry would be able to convince him once he got there. They didn't realize how bad his phobia was even though Shaun tried explaining it to them. So not that I want my son to be out a job, or for Arby's to lose money, don't eat there until I know for sure they have cleaned the meat slicer. Seriously, don't. If the kid is too stunned to call when someone is hurt, do you think the machine was properly cleaned or for that matter, do you think any WCB forms got filled out? All because they wanted their tomatoes sliced faster so they told him to use the meat slicer.

Thanks for everyone's concern.

A lesson learned, hopefully


That's right, I'm talking to you, Mike, manager of Arby's. I hope you learned a very valuable lesson today.
I hope you learned that an employee's health and well-being are more important than lunch rush hour. I hope you realize that the kid that was working so hard to get you more recommendations is more important than the sandwich he was making.
I freakin' hope you realize that that hour and half you waited to phone that kid's parents to tell them he took an ambulance to the hospital could have serious repercussions because that's an hour and a half wasted. Time the doctors could have been doing something else, like trying to figure out what kind of drugs to give that kid that was slicing your precious beef, or how to treat giving him stitches despite his severe needle phobia. Or that he was getting treatment by a doctor to help get past the phobia or that his parents would be there but you, Mike, felt that 30 seconds was too much to waste on a phone call when roast beef sandwiches must be made.
Am I angry? Damn right. Can I do anything about it? Did it, I called your supervisor and I was so angry with you I was shaking, and she didn't sound too happy with you either. I hope she rips you a new hole. I know you're just a kid, but come on, when an employee cuts himself so badly that you need to call an ambulance, the next thing you do is take a freakin' breath and call that kid's parents.
Was I rude to you over the phone when I called back to get the supervisor's home phone number? Damn straight, I'm not sorry. When you apologized again about how busy you were and how you couldn't call sooner and I said "that doesn't cut it"and hung up on you, I hope you cried! I hope you go home and complain to your parents about the bitchy mom of your co-worker and if they are worth being here on earth they will say "stupid kid, we taught you better than that, a sandwich isn't worth another kid's finger! Customers will understand!"
I'm done.

I'm slowly calming down.
I'm glad I didn't go to work today like planned. Or the whole situation would be worse.
Kerry is at the hospital right now while I wait for news. Of course, I got on the phone to emerg. right away and was told that Shaun has had 2 mil. of Adavan, which before the dr. could say anything else, I said "that won't work". He said he noticed, and that Shaun is having an anxiety attack. Shaun needs stitches and an x-ray, to which Kerry said "crap, that's not good, it must be bad". I told the dr. to gas him or something like that, they can't. They need to give him an IV and a tetanus shot because he hasn't had one in years and when you slice yourself on a metal meat slicer that's the first thing they want to do to you.
I know what you're thinking, just hold him down and stick him with the needle already. Been there, he has a full-blown needle phobia, anxiety attacks, the works.
The last thing I said to Kerry was "if they need your permission to restrain him to give him stitches, then do it. This is the exact situation we feared.
I panicked and called his Dr. Therapist. The one treating him since last year for his phobia, the one that said he thought Shaun should be ready for his immunizations. The one that is calling the hospital right now to check on my son and has offered to go in on a Sunday to see if he can help. I also panicked and called my dad, who is a worrier, not the smartest thing but he did give me props on the Arby's manager's new hole rippage.
Emily, being the pro at getting stitches, said that the hospital should do for Shaun what they did for her, sweet kid, they gave her a popsicle of alcohol. At least that's how she remembers it. Maybe she's right, I wasn't there, but I think the popsicle was to make her lip feel better.

Now if only someone would call and give me an update. Ring, damn phone, ring!!!

UPDATE: in the last 2 minutes the phone has rang twice, and yes mr. solicitor, I am telling the truth when I say I am waiting for a call from the hospital.
The second call has me breathing better. Dr. Therapist called emerg. and talked to Kerry and apparently they can gas a person into submission, I mean really, I've seen it done on tv. And they are proceeding with trying to stitch something. I want the details!

Funny stuff and slimming down the house

Mary had this on her blog, makes me want to get married again, just so we can have that better first dance, you know the one were the dj actually plays the right song.

And this site always makes me laugh...

This new-fangled cable contraption has it's benefits, I watched Lady in the Water last night, I like M. Night Shyamalan, he's warped. Although it was hard to stay awake because we had just come from the Harry Potter movie. It was great, the special effects were good, although as always, some stuff from the book was left out and I know it would be a 4 hour movie if they put it all in. And even though you don't have to read the books to get the movie, it sure makes it better, there are so many things you 'get' because you have read the book. Anyway, the movie was good, makes up for the fact I totally missed the boat and didn't get to see Pirates of the Caribbeanat World's End in the theatre. I've known this from past experiences, but holy smokes, for Kerry, Shaun and I to go to the movie and have goodies cost $60 and later this week, I have to take Emily and my mom to see Hairspray.

And because 'they' say people like blogs better when they have pictures, here's one for you.

Why pickles? It's in honour of the pickles I am not doing this year. I realized, after someone got me hooked on the sliced dills from Costco, that I don't love my pickles, Emily does, but for all the work involved, it's not really worth it, sorry kid. And there's a saying I'm thinking of a lot lately... "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. -William Morris. I saw it years ago on a design show and it has always stuck with me even if I haven't always lived it. So, pickles, you are no longer useful, nor that beautiful to me anymore, so long. And that is how we have managed to start declutter. Useful, nope, beautiful, nope, outta here, yup!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't ya love it when things work out!?!
We tore out the old cupboard/counter thing in the laundry room and got a beautiful chrome shelf from Costco, which was under budget. Then we found the perfect dog food bins in the Ikea catalogue, but didn't go to Vancouver, so we needed to drive 3-4 hours around town to find similar ones. And of course after thinking we would just wait until we go to Van., we stopped at Home Outfitters and didn't see any there either, until we were leaving the storage section and lo and behold, the angels were singing and there they were, and we looked everywhere (Walmart, Can. Tire, Jysk, Sup. Store, Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware, everywhere). The aren't the frosty white of Ikea's but at least they aren't green or blue, they're grey and black. I can live with that. The main reason we have to use bins with lids is, of course, the main reason we wake up early, we go for walks, we pick up our toys and socks, we have holes in our bras, LINUS! He has been known on a few occasions to stuff his fat head in the bag of food, both his and Sally's and park himself there until someone pulls him out, which you need major upper body strength to do now.
And the best part of my long winded story and search is that the bins were "buy one get one half off"!!!
I'm off to label the bins.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Remember When...

It seems like such a short time ago, but it's been 4 months since we brought home baby Linus. He's 6 months old this week. He has graduated from being called Baby Li Li, to Mister Li Li. He has surpassed Sally in height and probably weight. He hasn't grown into his paws. He is definately in the defiant teen phase. I know you aren't supposed to compare your kids, but we had it easy with Sally. She was timid but she didn't chew, or eat anything and everything that hit the floor. She didn't bite, or bark back when given heck. Linus is a 'typical boy', a block head, a goofball, a big oaf, a toughie. Although, when wrestling with Sally he will come running to mommy if one of them lets out a squeeky yelp, it doesn't matter which dog. And both of them will sit on me during a thunder storm. I have established myself as the treat giver, the beloved apple tosser, the push-over, and the chew toy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

97% Better

I still have a nasty 'smoker's' cough and after a meal my stomach protests but I feeling human again.
I discovered that everyone is handles illness in different ways...
I always complain about how much I dislike being sick and that I am probably dying.
I cry easy under normal circumstances, but while I was sick, I had a little breakdown, which was not totally uncalled for. Before I got sick, Shaun helped me mix up a batch of Monster Cookies, they are travelling musts and because we had plans on travelling, we needed the cookies. Because I got sick, Kerry had to back them for me Saturday. He gave me one, put it on the end table as I drifted in and out. They are made mostly of peanut butter, which is what the dogs get in their kongs, so of course, Linus takes one whiff and next thing I know Kerry has him in a choke hold and is yelling at him to "DROP IT", but Linus is no dummy, he's trying so hard to inhale the cookie, which I forgot to mention is large, they are dropped from an icecream scoop(approx.3-4" diameter). I think Kerry managed to get some small pieces from the jaws of life, and that's when I started crying like a baby because the dog ate my cookie.
Kerry, on the other hand, swears like a sailor when he's sick. The first night he had a fever and wrapped himself up like a mummy only to wake up hours later dropping the f-bomb all over and sweating like crazy. He gets very frustrated (swears about it) when he's sick and more so when he takes 3 days holiday time and then is too sick to move. He's also been pouting because it's been weeks since he has been able to go riding, first it was his rib, then the heat, and now because he's sick. We're talking pouting like a 2 year old. He's at work today and his co-worker said he's extremely peaked and pale looking, but they won't send him home and he won't come home. But he'll complain later. I hope he's not reading this.
Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I've been purging things, dusty knick-knacks, laundry room cupboards(not the stuff in the cupboard, but the actual cupboard), things we haven't used in months/years, kids' closet stuff that hasn't been touched in years, an antique wooden folding table off the deck, just to mention a few things. 5-6 boxes have already gone to the Hospital Auxilary Thrift store, a load of garbage is gone and a load of yard waste. So being sick hasn't been entirely fruitless. You would think nothing would be left, you would be wrong.

In other news, my grape tomato plant is huge, and is producing lots of tomatoes. Too bad I have leave the fenced back yard when no dogs are around just so I can pick them. Linus discovered that tomatoes are better than green Italian prunes, but not as good as cherries, but they are easier to pick. So my planter had to be moved to the outside of the fence so that he can't pick all the toms off. He picks them all, green or red, but only eats the red. He doesn't realize that the green will turn red if left on the plant.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walmart find

The whole family made an exciting trip to Walmart today. Got the good stuff...hole filler for our trim, clothes for kids, laundry soap, bath scrubbies, Scrapbooks Etc. mag, and the best part, two packs of 100 sheets of Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer's paper for $9.97 each. These will be great for classes. Sorry, I did buy the only 2 packs.

So even though we didn't get to go on our trip, we still had fun! Not really, but it helps.

Watched Man of the Year with Robin Williams, it was good. Not the laugh-a-minute good but informative good.

Doing lots around the house, at least as much as a bunch of sickies can, in preparation for when we get digital cable and nothing done because we will be watching HGTV.

This is the noisy jay that squawks at the dogs. Not a great pic. because I took it from in the house, and used my digital zoom.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cancelled trip.

I'm still sick, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not well enough to drive for 20 minutes, let alone 4 hours. So no reunion for us.
The very sad thing is now Kerry has an extra long weekend. He took Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. What the heck am I going to do with him now? And he was thinking he was getting a cold before working all day in the rain, and now he seems to have a head cold. When he thinks he might be getting sick, he thinks himself into it. Men.

As soon as I am 100% better, I am disinfecting the house, kids, stamps, and dogs.

After a week of sitting on the couch I have discovered...

1. Channel 52 (kcts) has some great shows. We have been followers of Planet Earth before Oprah or Ellen ranted about it and I have watched it quite a bit this week. Along with America's Test Kitchen, which is the site where I just printed a recipe for grilled pizzas off of. (we made an executive decision to get dig. cable, really I think the fact that I watch 2-3 hours of kiddie shows in the am. before the kids wake up, is reason enough to get better channels, I'm getting tired of Curious George, the Backyardigans, Clifford, Arthur, but not Jane and the Dragon)

2. Diarhea for a week does not make one lose weight, at least I don't feel any thinner.

3. When you are down and out, fate kicks you. It probably was PMS at the beginning of the week.

4. It's not a good idea, but kids can live on McCain's Mini Pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they can microwave things themselves, despite what they tell you when you are well.

5. Teen-aged boys do love their moms. Mine made me a smoothy, served me, took my dishes away, told me every day that I was getting pneumonia, and looked after the dogs. Tween-aged girls on the other hand will not voluntarily bathe, get dressed or eat when their mother's are ill.

6. Grumpy, tired, and wet hubbies can guilt themselves into bringing sick wives Pedialite. When mine called from work, I mentioned needing some and he said "I don't feel like it", he then called back on his own to say "Where, what flavour, and I'll get it on my way home".

7. Pedialite saved my life. It tastes like salty Kool-Aid, but it works like charm. Barb told me to drink it, that it worked better than a sports drink and she's so smart. I was definitely dehydrated, I had all the symptoms, despite Terrell telling me I was the day before. Within an hour of drinking it, I perked up.

8. I've kicked coffee. Although I did have one last evening and just realized this may be the real reason I was up till after 1 am. It has been more than 5 days since my last one. Since I only drink one a day, it will only take one day to start up again. We'll see.

9. Despite Barb and the Dr. saying that it wasn't the bean salad, Kerry putting the blame on it makes me leary of eating it again. This makes my heart sad.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Black Mold

Picture this...k
Me all sleepy and still sick. My tongue tasted like metal this morning, so off to a mirror to check it out.
HOLY CRAP!!! I have black mold on my tongue!!! No wonder I'm sick.
Whip open the door with my tongue hanging out and ask Shaun "What colour is my tongue?" "Black, what did you eat?"
Well, duh, I've been eating broth and clear liquids since yesterday, nothing black. But maybe this is what happens when you defy the dr. and eat a monster cookie after a day of clear fluids.
I figure another trip to the dr. for me. Poor Kerry.
Then the phone rings and it's Yolanda checking up on me and I tell her about how I have to go back to the dr. because I have a black moldy tongue and she says "Are you taking Pepto Bismol? That always gives me a black tongue."
Huge sigh of relief. After brushing my tongue, and burning the rest off with Listerine, my tongue is now the pink it should be.
Last night I was few feet from Kerry and I asked him if he heard that and he thought it was the dogs growling, but it was really my tummy!

Today, I figured I have advanced on to soft, white foods. So I'm thinking MMMmmmMMMM Lightly salted scrambled eggs, maybe on some yummy dry white toast. Invalid food, food in which you don't need teeth to eat. Which would be great and delicious if I didn't have a reaction to eating eggs. I've known for about 20 years that I can't eat eggs on their own, not scrambled, devilled or smoothered in cheese, even though I crave them and like them. But today, and I'll blame it on being sick, I decided I could and should eat 1 egg and 2 whites(I'm convinced it's the yolk that makes me ill), 2-4 bites into it, I thought I was going to puke. So I put it down, waited for it to pass and then ate the rest, some of which I had to gag down. Don't tell Kerry, he just doesn't get it. And I had apple juice yesterday, that I told him about, but I did water it down. If you want to see an exciting breakfast, serve me apple juice and an omelet for breakfast.

It's Shaun's first day back at work after pnuemonia. He'll probably be in a good mood tonight!
Still now CK magazine. I won't be renewing that subscription, not when I can buy it at Coopers weeks before my copy ever sees the inside of my mailbox.

We are giving our 'baby' pool to Bill, for his grandkids. T., R. and Z. are coming to visit soon so it will be nice for them to use while they are here for 2 whole weeks. Not HERE but in town.
Emily wants to go and see Hairspray. It was Mom's birthday, yesterday, and I think I will see if she wants to go with us, (when I'm better).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had a bad morning, so bad that Kerry left me laying on the couch with the threat of taking me to emerg. or the walk in clinic. Both of which I detest. He called from work 2 times to tell me he was taking me to the dr. but I went back to sleep and when he came home I was shocked that I had slept for hours. After an excruciatingly hot wait at the dr. Kerry goes into the little room that was hotter than a sauna with me. The dr. asks what my symptoms are, when they started and what I ate Friday. Bean salad, Kerry says. (He dislikes bean salad, so any chance to blame the salad he gets, he uses.) And of course I forgot I had eaten it. The dr. says "ah, botulism", kind of snickers, and I start to cry. Not because I might have botulism but because my beloved bean salad from Coscto would never do that to me. Both of them are getting a kick out of me and my mumbling "not my bean salad". The dr. says "it's not your beans, but did you read Larry's Party? " and both of us had, and then they start discussing the whole canned bean thing and I'm thinking I'm dying. But she said I would have been dead already if it was botulism. Sigh of relief. I can eat the rest of my salad, just not anytime soon.
After she looked at my throat, and said"whoa", (I really need a shirt with this explanation because anyone that looks in my mouth says the same thing), "I have an abnormally large tonsil", to which she replied, yes, but it's also covered with little lesions.
Add that to my kind of phlegmy cough, rumbly tummy, more "runs", nausea, fever, stomach pain, and tiredness and you get...something viral! That's it. Eat clear broths, drink clear fluids, feel better soon. Oh and take Peptol Dismal, which is another yummy med. I've never had. It's peppermint chalk.
She also felt my neck, and again declared that I have a full thyroid and I needed to go for testing right now. Then I reminded her that I went in February and it was fine. So I didn't have to give up any blood today. Which is great because I know I would have fainted.
And just a side note...People in the waiting rooms of dr.'s offices are ill, so if you are in the only bathroom on your freakin' cell phone, shit or get off the pot!!! Because that woman rattling the door knob really has to go.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Things to do at the Williams house when mom is sick...make her laugh.


Normally it's Sally that pulls Linus but when I bring out the camera Sally starts posing for me. So Shaun in his pj's had to be the puller. The dogs have done this since Linus was much smaller and now that he's bigger than Sally, it's pretty slow going but they both enjoy it for some strange reason. That lovely toy is what we call the Grinch Arm.

Sick of being sick.

Warning: Graphic poop.

If it's going around, I will catch it. Or I will get something that no one else has had and doesn't even have a name for.

After Shaun's pneumonia, and Emily's one day puke-fest, I woke up early (3 a.m.) Saturday morning with a tummy ache, thought it might be PMS. I went to work, nice and early and came home feeling like crap. I, then, plopped my butt on the couch for the rest of the weekend and most of today except for my 20 minutes on the computer right now. I don't know what I have except that it's a tummy ache accompanied by hot flashes, and a few stabbing stomach pains, lots of nausea, especially when the kids are fending for them selves and living off mini pizzas heated in the microwave. Lots of bloating and, sorry, gas, but no vomiting or diarrhea, that is until Dr. Kerry says maybe Exlax will help with the bloating and stomach pains and lack of BM. The box says 6-12 hours before movement. Which means don't take at 6 pm. if you want to sleep to 6:30 am. This is when I start the morning puppy shift. Let's just say from 6 am. to 8:30 am. my sad, flu-stiffened body moved faster than it had for 3 days. I have never taken Exlax before and when Kerry said "it's a stool softener" he wasn't lying. Tasted good though.

The timing couldn't be worse really. We are leaving for the reunion in few days and if I have what Shaun had, which he keeps telling me that I have, I won' t be going. I don't know that Kerry would take Emily by himself and go.

Kerry did not go to the stampede, and that's not Shamu. It's just some goof and his blow up toy in the pool.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Day Early

My order from the new catalogue got here today, earlier than I had thought, but I'm not complaining. Who could complain, air conditioned craft room, new goodies, kids feeling better(but it doesn't matter, I can't hear them from the basement anyway), dogs too hot to move, and some mojo that I borrowed from someone else. But of course there's the pool, and since Emily is feeling better she wants to swim.
I think I will mount my stamps poolside.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beware the Mojo Stealer

I hadn't been getting much done lately. Someone asked for 20 masculine cards. I don't have masculine stamp sets so I was struggling. But then Tara stopped by out of the blue, with me in my pj's and I must have sucked out of her what little mojo she had left. So sorry, serves her right for not calling first. I got a bunch of cards made today, slowly but surely. Not all masculine, not all with SU stuff.

Linus got upgraded to a larger crate tonight. I think we can fit both kids in it. Which will be great for flying to Disneyland, much cheaper! I told Kerry that if it wasn't for me having him wrapped around my little finger and begging for Linus, and all his trappings we'd be putting on a closet door instead of trying to fit a supersized crate in our closet. Small bedroom, big dog.

My dad came bearing treats today, Reese's PB cups and Peanut M&M's(yuck). I ate one cup and gave the rest to Kerry. It's common knowledge at our house that Kerry will end up with chocolate on his bum. So when I found some PB cup on the floor, I wiped it with my finger before wiping the floor with the cloth. Said the famous last words "What's this on the floor?" and then sniffed (thank god I didn't lick) because low and behold the puppy that had just squeak farted on the linoleum had also left a little surprise! I don't think my finger has ever been scrubbed cleaner. Here's a question for you dog owners...Is it a boy dog thing or a Retriever thing? Linus is the gassiest dog I have ever seen(smelled). Front door and back door.
And because Dad loves the dogs and they come to the door when he visits whereas the kids don't, he also brought them apples. I buy them the uglies from the packing house, or the marked down ones from the market, but Grandpa buys the good, $1.49 a pound ones for the dogs. He brings icky peanut M&M's for me but beautiful Fujis for the dogs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Great Start to Summer Vacation

Of course, no summer would be complete without out Bronchial Pneumonia. Funny thing is this time last year, it was Yolanda that had pneumonia and sat in the shade at the edge of the pool while her daughter put the 'poo' in pool. This year, it's Shaun's turn. It started as a cold and then over the weekend became a phlegm fest. And to add insult to injury, Emily woke up yesterday and said the famous words..."My stomach hurts" and then puked. So I ran out the door to work. Add this to Kerry's broken rib and you have the makings of a great summer! (sidenote...Kerry went to Silver Star, crashed the bike, wrecked a few parts, his and the bike's, and (this is the best part) when he crashed he bent over farther than he was meant to and 'cracked' a rib, which we now think he probably broke the other day when he bent over to leash up the dog and he felt a pop in his side. And like any man, he won't go to the dr. but will complain freely about it.)
Everyone, and I mean everyone, had better get their acts together before our trip.
Just incase they don't smarten up, I'll send thirsty Linus after them.

Linus invading Sally's personal swimming space at Mission Creek. He has officially swam, or I guess it would be floated, down river a few feet. He was following me into deeper water and started to drift away in the current and the look on his face was hilarious. We wonder if the lack of tail will have an effect on his ability to swim in a straight line.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

492 pictures

That's how many I am dumping off my camera right now.

These would be pictures taken in the last week, 7 days! Why so many? It's that burst function that the guy at London Drugs said was an unnecessary function on a camera, which is why he didn't get my money when I bought the camera.
They are of a hike to Crawford, my Japanese iris that mysteriously bloomed this year(after blooming once the first year we lived here and then never again until last week), and swimming in the new pool, but there are none from the beach yesterday, none from the crazy teen party and none of Linus swimming for the first time. Oh, that's right, he hasn't gone yet because we can't find anywhere 'legal' to take the dogs to the lake. It's my pet-peeve today. We will probably end up at the creek, with the bears and pot smokers.
The first really warm day in the pool. Check out the ladder, our other pool was about 2 feet deep.
My fancy shot of the tree, with blurry Sally sticking out her tongue. I was playing with the f-stop.
The last thing I saw before getting sprayed with mud and puppy slobber at Crawford.
Letting sleeping dogs lay, after a very tiring hike. Check out the Linus to Sally ratio...He is getting to be a big boy! He is now officially taller than her.
My Japanese Iris, that blooms once every 8 years.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Jeez, not much worth sharing has happened lately.
Shaun has a cold with a cough, of course, and has missed a week of work.
Emily and I went to the beach with Janey and Eli today and surprisingly, I had a good time. I dislike the beach, the sand, the goose poop, and the lake weeds. And the skinny beaches in their bikinis don't help either. Saw a young oblivious mom with 4 too many kids, all under about 5, we breathed a sigh of relief when she packed up and left, with all 4 kids despite the fact we watched her kids more than she did and at a few times she almost lost a couple.

We picked all the cherries in one day, only about 14 buckets compared to the almost 70 (if memory serves me right) from last year. It was too cold for bees when the blossoms were out. I think in the last 2 days I have tried to eat 2 buckets worth.

Spent yesterday hanging around the pool while Emily and Eli swam all afternoon. I am loving the bigger, deeper pool. Kerry and I went in after dinner, very refreshing. Emily went to see the Transformer's movie, it gave her nightmares, it was a bit scary, the robots are pointy she said. Apparently there is also a trailer for the Body Snatchers before the movie, which is not appropriate for children.

I've placed my first SU order from the new catalogue. I can't wait to get the stuff so I can play with it. I ordered a mixture of paper, SS kits, and stamps, and ribbon, lots of ribbon for my club order.

I took the kids downtown, had rum raisin ice cream at Moolicks and it was delicious, so was the pralines and cream, but rum raisin is my new favourite. We went to Opus, and the library, but Fern must have been having lunch because we didn't run into her. I picked up a few books to read at the pool and have finished one already, good old John Saul and his freaky stories. I also got the Birth House and a trusty Danielle Steele.

We plan on taking the pups to the lake. I'm not sure where, obviously it has to be dog friendly but not too busy. If you know of a good place, let me know. Linus hasn't really been in yet and it's time for him to learn to swim.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ribbon Club

I have figured out the prices for my SU Ribbon Club so if you are interested, please contact me. I am cutting the ribbon in 2 yard increments this time around. I want to order it on July 5th if possible. I will do all the ribbons offered in the 2007-2008 catalogue.