Friday, July 31, 2009

Get it right!

Our family reunion is this weekend, I think I've mentioned it before.

Last time I had my little camera and I took okay pictures, this year I want to take better pictures. I'm hoping that with my new found photography knowledge and better camera, I can do that. My outdoor pictures are always fine, it's the ones that are taken inside the Buddhist Temple during the talent show that need help.
This is from last reunion, I've purposely blurred out my little cousin's face. She had the biggest smile! And that was clear, but the laughing background dancers are too blurry for my liking. I also know now to move, get closer, don't be afraid to do it.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Really really sad. I got a sliver, in my right middle finger. Right on the end. Straight into the flesh. I got it out last night, most of it, and so it doesn't hurt like it did yesterday. But it's made it very hard to type and very hard to take pictures, but not so hard to flip people the bird. Too bad I haven't left the house in a few days. I might venture out today in the 35+ (that's 95 for you Americans).

I called Genesis about my tattoo. Kerry has lost almost all his scabs, it's quite gross, but he's healing very well after getting off to a rocky, red, inflamed start. I haven't lost one scab, my tattoo looks like I've been embossed with black embossing powder. It's not dry, I mosturized enough. So I called to confirm my thoughts, I can't go swimming until the scabs fall off. Which means I'll be the one at the reunion this weekend sitting in the shade taking a zillion pictures and melting, because fat melts in the heat. Oh, well, maybe it will melt off of me, maybe I'll dress to warmly and it will be like a Native sweat lodge. Hopefully, the scabs are gone by the time we take the kids to the waterslides. That would be a truely sad trip if I couldn't go.

We, me and Kerry, are making plans to go to this. He loves Subaru rally stuff, I am just forced to watch it. So he asks if I want to go because it will be a good time to practice my photography skills. That guy knows what to say, he's so romantic.

My birthday is coming, about 10 days away, so we were making plans. My parents are going out of town and won't be here for my birthday. And Saturday, Aug. 8, is fight night, so I thought I'd do cupcakes for fight night, but then last night just before I fell asleep I realized that the fight co-ordinator, Dad, will be out of town. birthday fight night at Dad's. So maybe for my birthday we will get a honkin' huge flat screen tv and do our potluck fight night at our house this month. And maybe monkies will fly out my butt.

Monday, July 27, 2009

For the Future

Our 15th anniversary is coming May. But it's a bigger one so I've been leaving hints. At first I thought I needed a new ring, because that's what everyone gets, or a trip somewhere. But then I've also been leaving hints about a new lens. This one I don't NEED, I just WANT. Big difference, with the 2 I have, I should be just fine, but I want to take better pictures of Kerry mountain biking, and there's less light in the forest, so I want a different lens. A $600 lens. So we were discussing it and Kerry says "Do you really want a piece of jewellery, because that's not the type of person you are?" and I was thinking "What? I'm getting scammed out of an anniversary gift!" Then he says "Wouldn't you rather have a lens?" And I'm like "You really do listen!" He's my BFF. He knows me so well.

He felt bad that I had to use Smurfette as a model for my photography lessons because no one else in the house would help, so he volunteered to help. I told him we should have had one more kid!

Here is is, back lit, and not too badly exposed, he's also doing what he spends half his waking hours doing...looking at his tattoo.
Here is is doing what he does with the other half of his waking hours.Then he helped me with these two, no dogs were hurt during this process, maybe embarrassed but not hurt. Good dogs! Sally's not too bad, she's in her rule of thirds pose but Linus is not, he's front and center like he lives life. He's also got his tongue rolled back like he always does. Low aperture makes their noses in focus and their eyes out of focus.And this one...It's much better than a few weeks ago, when I took this one.

He's much closer here but the background is distracting. The first one is a bit darker but it was at dusk so I guess that's okay. And I am laying on the ground for the first one. All photos are SOOC, because we aren't supposed to post edit them for class. I'm hoping to become a better photographer so that I don't have to photoshop them afterwards. But if I did, I'd lighten up the first one of Linus and his stick, but I also learned how to do that while taking the picture, I just didn't have it set up light enough. Live and learn! That's what it's about.

We have a one week intermission during photography class. It will be a great chance to review and get caught up on the one assignment I am behind, I did get half done yesterday. And the review will be good for next weekend, as that's our big family reunion weekend. I better start stretching for the Olympics, and practicing my action shots. I better make a chiropractor's appt. for the Tuesday afterwards. I also better get my rest now, it's a 3 day go go go event. I'm tired just thinking about it. Then it's my birthday weekend. Yay Me! It's also Mardi Gras so we will take in some of that too.

Tattoo update...We've been using Polysporin for Kids because Amanda said to use it, it's been great! I'm so dry my leg sucks it up in minutes, where as Kerry can put it on in the morning and still be dewy in the afternoon. I put it on about 3 times a day. Kerry has scabs falling off, I don't. Not one single piece has come off on mine. It's like a Braille Tattoo. It doesn't hurt anymore and was only itchy on Saturday afternoon, both of us were itchy. Thanks Amy for the slapping technique, works like a charm.

And you know it's going to be a hot day when the A/C comes on before 7:30 am.

Friday, July 24, 2009

In my genes

So now that I'm officially class 'funny person' (clown probably isn't politically correct, and I don't like clowns) in the Photographers' Workshop, my sense of humour gets discussed more often.
Last night's topic ... Where did it come from?
Kerry says it's the Japanese in me. To which I reply, "have you ever seen an Asian stand-up comedian?" he said no, but Yolanda said "Margret Cho". Okay, she's Chinese, and some guy that I saw on tv once did a funny set about aliens, he was funny! So 2 people. That's it. Then I said "maybe it's the Native in me?" and we did some more thinking. Nothing, except that guy on Corner Gas, Lorne Cardinal, he's funny. And then I said there were lots of Caucasian comedians, and holy crap, Kerry, I'm part white!

Slow Down

I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. July wasn't too busy, but August is crazy busy for us. Family reunion, weddings, birthdays, back to school shopping, relatives coming...I better get rested up now.

Photography class has a week intermission starting Monday, which is great, I am totally caught up on the lessons, but have the last assignment to finish and I want to go over the last 5 weeks again. K. and I had a conversation about it yesterday and I mentioned something about keeping up and he said I had better be or it's the last on-line class I'm ever taking. And he snickered, he was just trying on the mean guy pants. But it's true, I have spent a lot of money on it, and it's an intense class, I'm learning so much about my camera, and I want to stay caught up. So I'm being diligent, I'm taking the quiet time to read and listen to my lessons, and play with my camera, but I seriously need more willing subjects to shoot. What I love most about the class besides the obvious fact I'm learning about my camera, is the camaraderie between the students and Karen, and the fact that Kerry tells everyone that I'm taking the class and that even though my pictures were good before, I have shown so much improvement. I think he's just happy I have learned what all of the buttons on the camera do.

I'm also working on Aug.'s Art Freckles kit, which is a lovely kit, but I'm needing to find older photos to work with it.

The fire has put a damper on everyone's moods, not many people out enjoying the great outdoors right now. I'm taking the girls shopping for their anime costumes, even though the convention is almost a year away. I heard them say "it's better to start early" and I almost drove off the road. This is what I said to them last year and it didn't get me anywhere, except sewing a costume days before we left for the convention.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tattoos hurt, but it's the aftercare that'll kill you...

I vaguely remember the pain of getting the tattoo, because I'm so focused on the aftercare...keeping it out of the sun, keeping the dog away from it, Linus wants to get up close and personal with it. We must keep it out of dirt, so there's no weeding of the garden. It can't be soaked, so no swimming. No itching, scratching, picking, scrubbing. Last night my leg had an itch and I absentmindedly scratched it then let out a yelp because I was touching my tattoo.
I think I've healed up fairly well, unless there's more to come. The only area that has scabbed up are the eyes of each kid, and the middle of Emily/bottom of Sally. Kerry's on the otherhand is red, swollen in at least a 4 1/2 inch square around the tattoo, and scabby. Our skin types are different, and with his being on his inner arm, it's harder for him to keep it out of harm's way.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, my advice is to think about what you do with that area beforehand, Kerry can't let his arm touch his side, can't sleep very well, lean on a table, put his arms behind his head. I can sleep on my side, stomach, or back, I can don't put my legs behind my head, and nothing really touches my leg, so I think this has really helped in the healing. So glad I didn't get one on my inner arm. Kerry says his next one will be done in colder months too. I could go any time. The sooner the better.

Monday, July 20, 2009

And the Winner is...

Later today, I will get the stuff together and call you to drop it off for you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank goodness for useless studies!

I heard that somewhere they did a study about whether or not swearing is a pain reliever. 'They' tested a group of students, made them put their hands in ice for a set amount of time. One time saying words that were neutral, the other time they could swear. The swearing time they kept their hands in longer. Why? It's too scientific for me...but let me tell you this...While getting my tattoo today, I said lots of swear words in my head. And if they relieved any pain, then I can't even imagine what it would have been like if I had said words that described my couch in my head. Tattoos hurt. Don't let anyone tell you other wise. Kerry channeling his inner peace.

Originally, I was getting 2 tattoos, one on the inside of my left arm, one on my right calf. Kerry got his on the inside of his left arm and said it hurt, a lot. After much discussion about the design of my arm tattoo and what it might look like in a year or so, I decided to go back to the drawing board. After Clint started tattooing my leg, I yelled out "I'm only getting one tattoo!" because if the inner arm is supposed to be the worst place for pain, and my leg was in a whole lot of pain, then I couldn't even imagine what the pain of the inner arm would feel like. And I think after giving birth naturally to 2 kids, one with no drugs what-so-ever, that I have a fairly high pain tolerance. So when my tattoo is designed, I will NOT be getting it on my inner arm, no matter how much I want it there.

My calf, shot by me, in our bathroom, not so great but you get the idea. I'm not nearly as red as Kerry is. I didn't bleed, either or so Kerry thinks. I didn't look. The blood will make me pass out. Not the pain, not the needles, just the blood and the fact my body is losing it. I'm really attached to my blood.

Emily was commissioned, paid in video games to draw this picture of her, Shaun and the 2 dogs. We wanted it in her chibi style, and she did colour it but we decided to go with just the black line drawing. I love it. Mom does not.

Not again...

Yesterday afternoon a fire started behind Gorman's mill on Hwy. 97, just on the other side of Westbank, or West Kelowna as it's now known as, in Glenrosa. As of right now, over 4500 homes have been evacuated, 9 lost, one fires is over 300 hectares, the other, yes, there are at least 2, is over 30 hectares.

It's been 6 years since the 'Fire Storm', and even though this fire is across the lake, so we are safe, we know a lot of people that are affected. This fire has spread so fast because of the dryness and lack of rain, and the wind, the wind just won't stop yesterday.

We went for a drive last night, it's easier to see the fire at night and Kerry kept saying that there was smoke over another area on the westside, I thought maybe the wind had blown it that way, but all the other smoke was south of us. Sure enough on the radio on the way home there was another fire, up in the Rose Valley area.

The same eerie feeling that the city had in 2003 is back again. The sun has an ominous red glow, the air smells of smoke, but not the same as when you go camping because you know this isn't a good smell, and as far away as we are, we have chunks of ash falling on us.

These pictures are not mine, they are from the news site...

Friday, July 17, 2009

They say it's your birthday ....

Well, it's her birthday too!

Love these pictures of my mom and her twin sister. Love that someone got down on the ground and took the photo from their level. And this one...we always say it's my aunt pulling my mom's hair. But it's probably not.
Happy Birthday Mom and Auntie!
I remember my mom saying she was "29 and holding" and I always thought that was old. They look pretty good for 29!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3rd one today, but it's momentous

I found some things in my garden today! The beets I knew were there, I was saving them until they got bigger, when you only have 8 beets, you want them as big as possible. I was surprised to find the big spaghetti squash in the middle of the plant, all the rest are about 4 inches long and this one will make a great side for dinner tonight.
The peas were a complete surprise. I only have 5 plants, after planting 3 times, and so when I saw them I got excited and left the garden gate open and so Sally followed me in and ate the peas. But I managed to side-track her partner in crime, before he demolished the garden. And I bribed him to sit for a few photos. He's counting...1, 2, 3 beets, one for me, one for Sally, one for mom. Then he tried to eat a pea, but I pried it out of his mouth so I could get a few more shots.
He's so patient when it comes to food.

But here he's barking at sessions over, feed me veggies.

Evian Roller Babies US

Too cute!

Gettin' to it Thursday (Winner Picked)

I got a box of new stamps last week and forgot about them. So this week, when I had a few minutes, I would mount them. Now that they are all mounted I finally got around to playing a bit with them and some new papers. Check the fancy depth of field tricks, learned from photography class. That bird is from the level 2 hostess set Wings of Friendship. I like him because he's chubby and has a short beak, not a long one to peck out eyes.
I tried taking this one from different angles so that you could see the shimmer. I used iridescent ice embossing powder over the whole front of the card. This is one of the new In Colours, Soft Suede. Love the new polka dot ribbon. The stamp set is also a new one, Season's Greetings.

This is another new In Colour, Melon Mambo. The background stamp is Medallion, it's so versatile.
I've cleaned off the computer desk, the usable space was shrinking to just about 6 inches square. Now it's about 8 inches. Why do we keep all that paper?
And I totally forgot that I was going to do something special for hitting 20,000 hits. So till Sunday midnight, leave a comment telling me what your favourite summer past-time is, and you will be entered into a draw for some goodies.
I like bbq-ing, eating a bit later, and the fresh veggies summer brings.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Might be working

I might be getting better at photography.
This week is my favourite photography subject...aperature! I love it. Not so much a fan of focusing on moving objects, but I'd like to improve on that.

Kerry and Linus were alm willing subjects this evening. Love the last one!Sally thought Kerry looked like he was having more fun in the garden than we were taking photos. Sally thought the people flying over in the plane were having more fun than we were taking photos.
So I went to the garden and shot some more willing subjects. My sunflower.
My poppies.
My alien life form flowers. Anyone know what they are?
All photos are a little dark, but I did take them at dusk, so I'm okay with that. All are also SOOC. I'm liking the fact that we are focusing on taking better shots that shouldn't need post processing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Date

Kerry turned 40 this year, poor guy, and as a way to mark this momentous milestone, we commisioned Emily to draw us a tattoo of her, Shaun and the dogs. Yesterday, Kerry and I had our consultation and made the appointment for next Sunday to get our tattoos. We made the afternoon a bit of a date. Just past this place was this place....
We have decided it's the BEST East Indian food within an hour of us. It's called New Delhi incase you can't read the sign.
The basket contains the usual regular naan, on the left and our brand new favourite paneer kulcha, naan filled with Indian cottage cheese and spices. Butter chicken, the focus is totally on the handle of the bowl, oops, still super tasty. When asked how spicy we wanted it, we said medium. I was sweating by the time I was finished.Saffron rice, I figured if I'm paying almost $5 for a plate of rice, it's gonna have saffron in it. We were the first people at the restaurant, right at 4 pm when they opened. We got our food fast and it was so hot! We ate it in less than half an hour, all of it, and were both sweating from the heat of the food. The owner came to check on us and even commented on how fast we ate.
We did have somewhere to be, but didn't really plan on scarfing down our meal so fast.
Because we got the the restaurant a few minutes early we took a walk. I think it was about 40 degrees in Vernon. We stuck to the shady side of the road when we could. Vernon has all these neat murals, and very little graffiti.

Next Sunday I will get a picture of the tattoo shop, don't know why I didn't this time. Maybe we will eat at New Delhi again!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Consultation Day

Today's the day we go for our consultation with the tattoo artist. In asking around everyone said to go here. The one guy is so popular, he's booked up till March 2010. We aren't waiting that long. The shop is in Vernon, so while we are there we are going to New Delhi for dinner. Tara and I went for lunch this week and it was probably some of the best East Indian food I've had.

I'm learning stuff in photography class, not that I didn't think I would, but it's pretty technical and my brain is working over-time. But I have taken my camera off auto-focus, and have taken some photos in shutter priority mode. Karen said we'd take worse pictures before we took better ones, and she's right. She's so smart.

Last night was the BEST UFC fight night ever. Not only was it a great line-up, but it was also a first...Potluck Fight Night! There had to be at least 15 people there, so it was a bit warm in the house, but there was a great assortment of food. I made sushi that went over very well, I've been asked to do take-out now. Not doing it. GSP is so nice to watch, he's so relaxed, and he has the bluest eyes, he fought and won. Lesnar did the job, that guy is huge, but got boo'd and then fingered the crowd , it was good to see Mir's face get smooshed. And the ugliest knock out was when Henderson knocked Bisping out cold and didn't realize it and then hit him again while he was on the ground, I was sure the guy was dead. It took him quite awhile to come around. So all in all, it was probably the first time where all the guys I was rooting for won. Not so for my dad, he owes quite a few people Tim Horton's coffee.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The pits!

It's cherry time at our house. We've picked about 30 buckets so far, and there are still cherries on the tree. I'm pitting, freezing and drying most of them. Last week I loved cherries, this week I hate them. I'm worried we will run out of freezer room before we are done.

Kerry and I decided to get a tattoo. Emily drew one up for us and we are going to Vernon for our consultation on Sunday.

Saturday night is pot luck fight night. Should be fun and interesting!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Artfreckles News

My designer stint with was a 4 month gig, but the other day, Shannon asked me to stay on as a designer! Yay!
Here are a few things I made with the Storybook 2 kit for July.
I stamped the 'for you' with Gold Lame Smooch.
I cut the scallop heart out with a Sizzix die, the 5 is a SU chipboard shape.
It's hard to see in the photo but the black background is Coredinations paper, I cut a snowflake out of acrylic and put it under the black paper and then sanded the top to expose the snowflake shape.

This box was headed for recycling, it's a cigar box from Cosmo Cricket and it came filled with chipboard. I made little walls and tags to fill it.

The kit came with a 'mushroom' die cut and I altered it to become a tree.

I saw this and had to make one. I'll probably never use it, but it's so cute anyways!

It's for card sketches.
And this is probably the best picture I got last night while trying to do my Photographers' Workshop assignment. I needed to shot a fast moving subject and practice switching speeds. We don't have any 'fast' moving subjects. We have slow and slower, and lazy. I got to shoot 2 out of 3 of those, I am going to make Lazy go out today and maybe ride her scooter. I do like that Kerry is in the background, all blurry, that's my favourite thing, and I like that Linus is pretty sharp and I don't hate the pool in the background, because that's our yard, I just wish it was not there.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hot Dog!

He's pretty happy with himself, he can fit in the pool and because I forgot to turn the hose off, he's made it an infinity pool. He does this, then he jumps out and runs around like a rabid dog and then jumps back in. The pool is filthy.

She is not impressed.

These need to be picked today.