Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March by iPhone

Chicken and Waffles. Just the thought of it makes me gag. I don't like breaded items with bread like items. Like battered chicken in a bun. No thanks. But after the rest of the family said I should try it before I turn my nose up, I decided to make it from scratch. Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free? Can't be good. 
I was wrong. It would be much better with some kind of syrup, not apple sauce. But even -free, I could see it really good be good. I can't say I'd order it anywhere. I'd rather have bacon or sausages with my waffle. The chicken was battered with egg and rice flour and was really good! I seasoned the crap out of it. 
I got my nails done again, I'm not a nails done person. But I'm happy to be a nail model for Corina's class. I have a very hard time scrapbooking with these nails.
Year's ago, I used to make this black bean dip from the Moosewood cookbook. I've since gotten rid of the book because I only ever made one thing out of it. I made the dip because it's free of all the things we can't have right now. It was a huge hit! I like it in quesidillas, but since we can't have cheese, we'll hold off on that. It has the right amount of beany, cilantro, lime.
I discovered this site…a girl defloured…the flat bread is awesome! I've made it 3 times, 2 times in one day! I made her flour mix and used it up right away! We aren't starving on this restrictive diet. we had burgers in flatbread with bruschetta. It's no ketchup and mustard but it was good enough.
 I've been working on my old photos and getting the last 20+ years of them out of shoe boxes. 
 I've even found the time and energy to do some art. 
Marg and I had a messy day of embossing paste and stencils. She brought me a few stencils from her recent trip! I love that holly one, and I have all year to make Christmas stuff with it!

At Marg's insistance I tried on Wolkies, and the rest was history. I have been looking so long for black shoes.
 I got my nails filled and re-done. 
I found a recipe somewhere for lemon poppy seed muffins made with coconut flour and coconut oil. They have a nice texture and I really like them,  not like the 'fudgy brownies' I found too.
 Flat bread again! With shredded beef and pico de gallo! 
I'm all about trying to use stuff up lately. I decide to pull some papers from my stash for class and made this bright, cheerful layout.
 We re-visited the chicken fingers, this time with brown rice flour. I don't know the difference, and maybe even some potato starch. I deep fried some sweet potatoes too. That's 2 times in 4 weeks we have hauled out the deep fryer. I think it's good for another 3 months!
Music lessons are downtown, so Kerry and I have been taking that time and going for walks. I stopped to fix my sock and said that's a nice view and then he stepped into it. 
 Costco has become a great place to get gluten-free products, and they did not let us down with these 'crackers', I call them chips. They are like tortilla chips smothered in salt. They also have almond butter, I don't like peanut butter, and I had to check the label 2x to see if it had sugar in it because it is so naturally sweet. 
2 more sleep until I go back to the naturopath for re-testing. I've lost a few inches, and a few pounds, and I haven't died, nor have I injured anyone. I tried to have some ice cream cake last night but I heard a little Jiminy Cricket voice say "That's too much sugar for you!"  Thanks, Michelle! Normally, she's the little devil on my shoulder. (Just seeing if she's paying attention!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lately…. (March edition)

This dog needs a good brushing, maybe even a good mouthwash. Since I've been following her blog, and taken Karen's workshop, I made it my mission to paint the house a lighter colour. Before every room was a different colour, I love colour! But sadly the camera doesn't. I was always envious of anyone that could take a decent indoor photo at night! But now, since painting almost every room light grey…Look out! I am no longer a restricted to being a daylight photographer!
We discovered lactose free milk. The kid has been drinking it like there's no tomorrow. We might have to buy a lactose-free cow, it is probably cheaper than this darn milk!  $5 for that 2 litre box! We are averaging 4 litres in less than 3 days. Sadly, I still can't drink milk. I can have maybe half a cup before my stomach starts revolting.
F/12800? Did I mention I love this camera?  It was my turn to pick the book for book club. As with last time, I decided to go "local". Well, at least from Western Canada. Lee Kvern is the sister of my maid of honour. Her book got good reviews from the group. Made for some great conversation!

The Candida diet is still going strong. I haven't had any side effects, I read up on what to expect when you eliminate sugar from your diet and it's been all good.  I feel a bit like I'm on Chopped when I'm making dinner. There's a lot of things that contain sugar and yeast. I do miss mushrooms and cheese, but it's not that bad. I've lost weight. I find I don't have that slump in the afternoon. I'm not hungry. 
I've been using my 50mm f/1.4 and it's vignetting like crazy! It's so much lighter than my other lenses.
The kid might be suffering a little from this diet, but we are trying to eat as normal as possible. And that picky kid will eat things like stew and chicken noodle soup, providing there are carrots involved. I don't care for chicken noodle soup. I had broth that I'd made in the freezer, which may have been ham stock, I had a head cold and couldn't tell. I roasted my chicken breasts with a magic mix of herbs, and then I pan fried them to brown them up. I could have just eaten them like that. The gluten free noodles got huge, and everyone loved the soup. (Next kitchen won't have flourescent lighting.)
Marg and I went out shopping and lunching. As soon as I saw these at Target, I knew I had to have them. I've always wanted Matryoshka dolls, but never saw any I liked.  I know that rabbit is the Easter Bunny but I think I will leave these out year round!
I've been trying new recipes. I've found a flat bread we like, and it made decent hamburger patties. We will see if it makes decent vehicles for shredded beef and pico de gallo tonight. These lemon poppy seed muffins turned out pretty good!