Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kelli is...

tired, hot(not the sexy kind) and full of home-made cheese scones.

That's all I got right now, besides dishpan hands.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I did it!
I did it!
I made a banner and put it up all by myself.
It only took over an hour.
Good thing I had a crock pot dinner on the go or we wouldn't be eating tonight.

Thank you, Cathy Z.

I am so going to make this album. I have a million 'everyday' pictures that I can choose from. Check out the download on Cathy Zielske's site. I dare you to make the album, she's got it all right there for you, what could be easier?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Made more stuff

Emily wanted to cover a note book so while she was working away, I made 2, two, little note bookie things. I used recipe cards, and got the instructions for Beate's blog. She's the one on SCS that makes all the neat things.

Speaking of making things...Linus is eating plums every chance he gets, it's getting so bad that he forgets why he went out in the first place. There are few plums that aren't above my head and everyday he is jumping higher and higher. I love the 'set-up'. He circles a spot, gets a plum in his cross hairs and then jumps. For a dog with no tail to use for balance, I think he does pretty well, he needs some work on the landing, looks like he gives himself whiplash.

And this picture is funny, because if you look closely, you can see Sally sticking her tongue out. I think she's saying "Gag me! Your not that cute!"


I always knew that one day I would see a famous person and today was the day, I think. I saw Rutland Royalty at it's finest. Don't get me wrong, I like where I live.
As I was coming home from work I saw a man sitting at a bus stop, hitch hiking, which to me says "I'll pay the fare but really, I'd like some stranger to pick me up and take me for free". Anyway, this man sitting on the sidewalk with is thumb out, back against the bus stop sign(where dogs pee) had to be royalty and must have been slummin' it today, probably gave the chauffeur a day off. I only know this because this 50 year old guy on the pee pole was wearing a CROWN! Kind of like the Burger King crown but solid gold.
I wish I carried my camera around everywhere because I would put this guy's picture right beside Jesus Jedi's, if I had a picture of him too. I love that guy. He might be a few bricks short, but he's got style, he doesn't care what others might say, from his "Jesus" hair and beard to his Luke Skywalker clothes to his tricked out bike, this guy screams "I don't care what you think!"
Where does one buy Jedi clothes?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just so my real life supplies don't get jealous, I had to make this layout tonight. While tidying up today, I found a pile of pictures that I had printed and put away in a box, so I thought I'd start using them up. This one is of Kerry at my family reunion with his beer and his team head band, in his favourite shirt.

Cardstock:Bazzills, Patterned Paper:Basic Grey, Stamps, Ink and Linen Thread:Stampin' Up, Stickers:American Crafts, Heart:Heidi Swapp.

PS 7

I've had Adobe PS 7 for, oh, a long time now and have managed to stumble along and make a few things. I even bought CK's Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers by Jessica Sprague and looked at all the pretty pictures and thought it would be great if I could do even 1/5 of the stuff.

Tonight being Fight Night means that it's also Scrapbooking Night, or otherwise known as Ignore the Children Night. So I had made plans with someone to scrapbook but the plans fell through and I found myself drowning my loneliness in front of the computer. I thought about printing some pictures which means touching a few up with PS, but then I remember The Book and pulled it out and the rest is history...

I started at the beginning and have worked up to page 37. I'm not doing every technique right now, I need to find the right pictures for some of them.
I think the first one is supposed to be in colour but I am finding the instructions seem to be missing a few things, even with the step by step pictures. It almost seems like J.S. thinks I know what I am doing and therefore should be able to read her mind and know the next step. So the Vintage Hand-Tinted Look is just the Dreamy Look.

Fading a Photo for a Clever Journaling Spot will come in handy. It's great for blending out some of the crap that's always in the back of photos. How do the big names do it? Do they not have any clutter around their house? I know you have to frame your shots to get the good ones, but what about spontaneous shots?Play Up a Focal Point in Your Photo...not one I will find myself using a whole lot, I think. But it does work well for that darn finger.

So tonight's 'class' was under 2 hours. Consider this...I paid $75 to take a class from a knowledgeable source and really only learned how to take the earrings out of his girlfriend's picture and tonight using a $23.25 book, I have done miracles that any scrapbooker would use on a daily, maybe weekly, basis.

Yeah ME!!! So I didn't sign up for the class in humility, maybe I'll buy the book.

My Guy

He cooks, he bakes, he cleans, and he reads scrapbooking magazines.
While taking a break from cleaning the hell hole that is Emily's room, I caught someone enjoying his frap and my magazine.
He is reading this as I type and says "Did I ever say I was enjoying it? I don't recall saying that." And yet I heard him snicker at the 80's big hair layout.

I made this last night. I think I will offer it for a class. I am using all my SU Wintergreen patterned paper, I love it so much.

Back to cleaning Emily's room. My mom thought I was a pack rat as a kid.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New and Exciting Things

The new toys are demolished. The monkey has lost an arm, the mouse has lost his tail, the 2 tractor tires are long gone. It was a peaceful 36 hours, filled with fluff and body parts and happy pups. Check out my knees in the picture.

Due to necessity, I made this Donna Downey inspired portfolio (for lack of a better name). It's to hold things. Like I might use it for memorabilia to use later for scrap booking, or bills, or love letters from my hunny (otherwise known as to-do lists). It's big enough to hold an 8 1/2 x 11 so I can use it for lots of things or nothing.

Linus is weeding my flower pots because somebody has to.After a hard day of picking plums and weeding, this baby needs his nap. I think Sally is thinking "He's kind of cute when he's sleeping."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


5 things in my refrigerator:
1. milk

2. dill pickles

3. dill pickle relish

4. salad dressing

5. smoked salmon

5 things in my car:
1. cds

2. insurance papers

3. Wet Ones

4. gas

5. dog hair

5 things in my purse or backpack:

1. wallet

2. cell phone

3. pen

4. Starbucks gift card

5. credit cards

5 things in my closet:

1. clothes

2. clothes hangers

3. Christmas presents?

4. dog hair

5. dog kennel

5 things in the world I want to see before I die:
1. Canada

2. Disneyland

3. more money

4. retirement

5. kids move out

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun and Games

The dogs got new toys today. It took Linus 20 minutes to remove the tail from the mouse. Thinking about it now,why wouldn't he remove the tail? He doesn't have one, and now neither does his mouse.

The mouse and the monkey have squeakers, the squeak makes Sally whine, the whining makes Linus think Sally has a better toy than he does, so he barks, which makes her leave her toy. Then Linus steals it and she takes the other one, only to start whining again. Now that he has removed the tail, Sally has tried to de-fuzz it and then Linus got it back again and runs around squeaking it while Sally is driven insane. He's such a jerk.

Summer Eats

No summer is complete without fresh corn on the cob, which is what I had for breakfast and lunch. A little corn with my salt and butter. I don't know which is better the salt and butter on the corn or licking my plate clean after eating the corn. And eating corn always makes me think about the Valley Fruit Stand and the yummy corn on the cob they sold there. Does anyone know what I am talking about? This is way before the New Life Vineyard building. There was a huge fruit stand on that lot that was torn down to make way for the building that is now New Life, but before it was New Life it was a "market", with fudge, and other things, but I can only remember sweets. It didn't last long.
Then this makes me remember Sid's store which used to be right around where Fabricland is now. Which was also right next to the Armordore Manor which is the first place my parents lived when they got married, where I lived for my first year. And this is important mom works in Fabricland, pretty much on the land that she first lived on with my dad. And they bought stuff from Sid's and veggies from the fruit stand and probably ate corn, which is what I had for breakfast!

(not my mochi picture)
I tried the store bought mochi and the survey says I still don't like it. I couldn't sell it to you, I would suck at it. "here have some rice product that doesn't look like rice because it's been cooked until it's glue-like and then wrapped around a 'cocoa' flavoured bean paste, really, try it, it's deeeelisssshus!!!"
What makes it so darn good is the warning on the package. Yes, the warning!!!
Please eat this rice product with care. Young children and the elderly need to be especially careful in chewing the product thoroughly before swallowing.

We went to the Cactus Club for dinner. Can't say anything good about it, except I wouldn't go back. And having dinner with your "arch-nemesis" or elementary school bully isn't all it's cracked up to be. Really, for all her jock-ness in school, she doesn't look so athletic now. And when I acknowledged the fact we went to elementary school together, she said she recognized me, and I wanted to say "I won't ever forget you! You ruined any chance I had at becoming a pro volleyball player." But I didn't. Because ultimately, I am responsible for me and my feelings and how I deal with those kind of things, but she still had ugly mom pants on.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Christmas in August!

Everyone knows I go through ink like water. So when had to buy some today, I got a pleasant surprise. Office Depot has any ink cartridge $5 off. Which for me is like saying by 3 get 1 FREE. Now knowing that I print lots and use lots of ink, should I buy more, even if it means going into debt? I mean it's a very good deal and I will use it eventually.

And Wes is back for the night. He's taking us to the Cactus Club for dinner. I wish I hadn't eaten at Costco now, I'm not hungry. And Wes and his mom gave us mochi, a Japanese treat of glutinous rice. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it's not, in my opinion, but the older generations love it. Maybe I have to have dentures to appreciate it, and no gag reflex would help. I'll save you some Tara!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A couple times a year my aunts and cousins get together and we make chow mein noodles. If you have never had homemade chow mein noodles, don't start now. They are deepfried. That's all I have to say about why you shouldn't have them.

Which brings us to why I feel like crap. Mom invited us for dinner. Salmon, chow mein, sunomono salad, beans, rice, egg rolls, and because there wasn't enough food, dad put out his fresh, warm off the smoker salmon. And then we had mom's special desert, she always makes it, I don't even know if it has a name, but it's pistachio pudding, coolwhip, marshmallows, and fruit cocktail all whipped up together. The guys love it!

I made one thing for the on-line crop this weekend.

I tidied up my scraproom, I got that scary corner behind the door that no one really sees, or so I tell myself.

Kerry found a little friend while in his bike room. Good thing it's outside his window. We knew he was out there, but hadn't seen him. And as if under the deck wasn't scary enough, as we are watching Mr. Mouse Kerry notices a giant wasp's nest, like the size of my head maybe. This explains why there were so many buzzing around the deck.

All the Webkinz lined up for a photo shoot by Emily. She announced that she needs an elephant now and that she will either buy one on our trip or just after. This is because I told Miss Can't-save-a-penny-to-save-her-life that she had to have $50 saved up for the trip.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Close Call

I never thought I would say "thank goodness for Linus's bottomless pit of a stomach", but today, I was thankful.
This pup will eat any thing he can, the cherries, the plums, the garbage(if only he could open the cupboard doors), Sally's food, my arm, you get the idea. So when I called him back in this morning and couldn't see him in the back yard, I didn't really think anything of it. The yard is fully fenced, no way he could get out. But then I saw the open gate(darn lawnmower man). And before panic could set in, I saw a big red dog sitting so nicely just outside the gate, right beside my grape tomato plant, gently picking every tomato off the plant.
If it weren't for his appetite, I think he would have taken off. Silly dog!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Linus goes to the beach

Things to do at the beach...
1. Run from humans
2. Sniff bums, dogs and humans
3. Check out dogs and little kids in the lake
4. Traumatize kids in lake by pooping right beside them
5. Watch while mom tries to pick up floating carrot and plum poop
6. Steal Harley's Kong, and any other dog toys I can find
7. Try to steal Harley's ball
8. Eat a waterlogged bun
9. Sit in the middle of the picnic table
10. Get Tara's frontal region covered in paws and slobber
11. Watch as girl kid fetches the ball

Things to do on the way home from the beach...
1. Smell up the vehicle
2. Sleep

I warned the kids that we were going to be near the nudies and they were prepared but totally grossed out at the thought of seeing anyone, but luckily for them Tara kept her shirt on. And yes, I got Shaun to go to the beach. Mind you, he didn't get wet, not with his finger still a gaping wound.
I opted to play favouritism and not take Sally. She's pretty protective of the kids and if other dogs or people run in the direction of her pack, she gets pretty scary. And besides that I can hardly hold Linus back anymore, I could just imagine the road rash I would get from 2 crazy dogs.

The Final Countdown

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One smart puppy. This dog will never starve in our yard.

more stuff

To hang on my scrap room door, even though it's always open.
I am loving my Bind-It-All. I used mat board for the covers, 7 coasters and 2 acetate sheets for the pages, everything else is Stampin' Up. This will be a class.

In other news...
Shaun was forced to take his driver's test yesterday, he had convinced himself that he wasn't ready and his instructor felt that he was. So instead of cancelling and losing a decent amount of money, we made him take the test, if he failed he wouldn't be out as much money and it would be a learning experience. He passed.
His friend came over later and then the scariest thing that could possibly ever happen to parents of a teen happened. He asked if he could take the van to run his driving log to his instructor. My first instinct was to shout NO, but after being assured they would be extra careful, and he would shoulder check and that he knew where he was going, we let him go. I almost cried. Kerry stood in my scrap room and watched them back out of the driveway and drive down the street and declared that he was scared. They made it home in one piece.
Then we said "yes" to having his friend spend the night. Then we said "be quiet" at mid-night, and again at 3:30. Then the neighbour had some guy going Texas Chainsaw Massacre on their yard at 7 am.
The day has hardly stared and I am already planning my afternoon nap.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Assorted things

It's a tradition that Kerry's mom gets a DQ ice cream cake for the birthday person. She usually gets the cake artist to decorate it accordingly and this year the artist told her that if she had a picture she could put it on the cake, don't ask me how. They can also make the cake without the fudge and chocolate ice cream, I know you are asking "Why in the world would anyone want to do that?" but my dad can't have chocolate but loves his ice cream cake.

This is me and Zoe. I have known her mom since we were about 12 years old. Yes, I am imitating a deer caught in the headlights. That is a pickle in Zoe's hand, we have a love for pickles in common. I can't believe how 'grown up' this kid is, talking to her is like talking to a big person! Her parents have done a great job! This is Kelly-Next-Door's delicious giant raisin scone. You can just make out my birthday flowers from Zoe and her parents.I did this tonight. I was itching to make something with my Bind-It-All and it was after 6 pm. when I got the chance to actually make something, I was finished by 9.( I still need to do the journaling and this will be a class). And it's all thanks to my new speakers and the groovin' tunes, I get so much more done when the windows are shaking from the bass! Really, I just can't hear the kids or Kerry interupting me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chew on this...

First I was shocked that the baby got left behing, then I was grossed out, then horrified, then I had teary eyes, and then I was totally amazed by love! Watch this clip right to the end. It's graphic, and you will want to look away, but don't.

We had a nice little get together with some 'new' people tonight. I wanted to do something while Rod, Terrell, and Zoe were in town and I opted out of my birthday dinner at a restaurant in exchange for a bbq. We had planned a bbq before I got sick with Em's friend's parents so we made up for the cancellation. My parents are out of town, so it was a different group than the usuals. Kerry's mom came, Kelly-from-next-door, and Tara. It's really great to see people from different parts of your life come together and get along and make an enjoyable evening.
We had the usual DQ icecream cake (pictures to come) and I made an angel food cake with whipping cream and what I thought would be weirded out cherries but they turned out to be a hit. And we had a great assortment of food, all the good stuff like spinach dip, brocolli salad, taco salad, and Kelly-next-door brought over a giant scone for breakfast tomorrow, or snack tonight. I will not be answering the door to anyone that 'drops' by for breaky, sorry, icecream cake and scones are all mine...bwahahahaha.
The dogs are pooped, kids had other kids to play with, everyone is full, house is clean. My head is big from everyone going on about my craftiness. Great way to end a birthday week.

Friday, August 10, 2007

If it looks familiar, that's because it is.

I like to keep things simple for myself. So when I do my monthly scrapbook clubs, I use the same layouts for all the groups. But sometimes I run out of patterned paper, and have to make another layout using a different colour way, like this month.

I really like the first one, all but one paper is Stampin' Up. The second is SU and Autumn Leaves and needs more embellishing, and the title kind of blends in. Those are our super cheesy wedding pictures.
The first picture is of my One Sheet Wonder class samples using the Garden Whimsy set.
The second is of my 12x12 One Sheet Wonder class samples using the Wintergreen patterned paper. I did some cards for Christmas, some for birthdays, some for thank-yous.
I'm working on my 60 cards, all the paper is cut and all over my tables and I'm hoping to get the bulk of it done today, seeing as how I can work and not have to pull paper and tea bags out of a certain dogs mouth.

so lonely

Today's the big day for Linus. Snip-Snip. Neutering. Getting Fixed. Losing His Manhood.
The poor guy couldn't figure out why he couldn't have a cucumber this morning or why his water bucket was out of reach, Sally thought she was getting punished for Linus's mistakes, I'm sure.
It will be a quiet day, no one barking at us if we eat fruit, no one licking or biting us, no one whining to go outside to eat a stick, no one trying to steal apples out of the fridge, no one to cuddle with, no one to eat my paper, so really, I should have a very productive day. I'm up early enough, so really it could be very productive.
Shaun has to go to the dr. again for his finger. Still no tetanus shot.
The dogs had a visitor last night. Harley came over to play. Sally wasn't too impressed but she'll get over it. Linus had to follow Harley everywhere. We didn't need the rain, Harley watered everything, including my hanging baskets. He's a big dog! It was funny to see Linus and Harley chewing on sticks. Linus is the kid that doesn't want to share his toys and has to have them all at one time.
I'm having a very hard time with this Birthday Money concept. I spent it, but the clothes didn't fit, so I took them back, bought more, don't like them, so they are going back today. I'm thinking I should just buy something large to eat and be done with it.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Halfway to 70

That's what my loving husband keeps telling me.

This is what was delivered to me bright and early this morning, chocolate and vehicles to get coffee to my belly and perfume from Victoria's Secrets, all from my dear friend, Nancy. So add the truffles to the coffee drink and cookie bars that Kerry made me for breakfast and you have a great start to my hectic day. I need the sugar. My wonderful hubby was making cookie bars when I got home last night, not just one pan either, 2! He said it was so I could wake up and have them first thing...just what I needed.

I thought because it's my birthday I would get to sit and make my 60 cards from a SS kit, but no, the door has been busy. After the delivery of lovely gifts came Zoe and Terrell bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers, followed my a crazy visit involving lots of yelling at a certain puppy, then the phone kept ringing and then the door again, this time delivery of SU goodies. The kids got up early so we could go shopping but so far we aren't even dressed. I think we are going to the mall with my dad for lunch, if we can track him down and get out of the house.

I also got some beautiful cards, Sharon made a gorgeous one using the shaving cream technique. It always makes me feel special to get mail that isn't a bill. I have to wait until Kerry gets home for the rest of the birthday goodies.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Easy listening

I thought I might want a more serious purse, something in a leather maybe, but nothing caught my eye. Mom even said she'd take me out today to find something and I opted to stay home and see her later, she's making me(us) dinner. Tempura salmon, zucchinis too, and Greek salad. Not my favourite things, like cabbage rolls, but Greek salad is right up there.
Then I thought paint for the walls, but knew this wouldn't go over very well with Kerry. Paint=work. And besides that's not an exciting birthday gift.
I don't need shoes. Or make-up, or perfume, or chocolate, or even (gasp) scrapbooking stuff(Kerry said he should have gotten me a gc from Memories when he was out that way yesterday, but I'm glad he didn't).
I'm still hoping for my tweezers.
So this morning I was complaining about the crappy wiring on the mp3 car adapter and how it's toast after 6 months and how I could just take my portable battery operated speakers in the van with me... had a little chuckle about that, when it hit me. We don't own a stereo, just a couple of 'boom' boxes(are they still called that?). We all have mp3 players, although not iPods, they are all Sony and were free through Kerry's work. We also need new speakers for the computer. So Kerry says "get some decent speakers for your mp3". We needed to go to Future Shop for a wireless router, and Shaun had a gift certificate so we went out to check things out.
We spent all my birthday money on speakers for me!!! I don't even have to share with the computer, besides I couldn't move them back and forth if I wanted to, well, maybe I could, but I don't want to.
Terrell, Rod and Zoe are in town for 2 weeks. They gave us their table and chairs, it's the same as the one we had only lighter stain and has a leaf and more chairs. My mom will be so happy. Zoe is such a little girl now, not a baby anymore. She can talk so well for 2 1/2 years. We only had a quick visit this morning. Linus loved her and will probably end up traumatizing her.

update: Holy Sub-Woofer Batman!!! I can hear sounds I never heard from my mp3 player before!
I can't believe how much better my speakers are than what we had before. Who knew? Shaun wants them for the computer, but I am not moving them from my scrapping room. I will however be moving my table and clearing a dance area. Kerry says the sub-woofer is 'awsome'. I see seeds have been planted in other family members heads. I will have to get a lock on my door.
Yes, I got to open my present early. Call me spoiled, I don't care, I can't hear you over my music.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's official!

After trying 3 different travel agencies, we ended up at Sears. Who knew that travel agents worked banker hours? I thought the weekend would be a good time to book a trip, not so. Anyway, the overall experience was quite painless, long but not as bad as I thought. We opted to go with an agent for our first major trip.
The particulars changed drastically in my opinion. We have the dogs to take into consideration, time off school for Shaun and work for Kerry so when the dates we wanted weren't available, I was not so comfortable when Kerry said sure, let's extend our 4 day trip to 7 days. I'm thinking dollar signs, agent is thinking it's the only way to fly out over a long weekend, and Kerry's thinking that the sooner we're done, the sooner he can go home and read his new bike mag.
The nice thing is that it seems the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets. So it's under $3000, and that's with insurance, flight, taxes, hotel, 5 day park pass, and continental breakfast, which of course is the most important thing.
Now the trick is to not freak out about the hours I will be spending on the airplane. I watch Lost, I know how it could go.
We brought home a box of hardwood to see how it will look and if we like it, it's a wicked deal through work, according to Kerry. If it's like the outside trim, and the inside trim deals we have gotten through work, it could be free. Although, I think I fully expect this time to have to pay a little bit, but my fingers are crossed in hopes that it won't be too bad.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Still Undecisive

I can't decide. Actually, it's not a decision problem, I can't even think of a darned thing I want for my birthday except, and this is so silly, I think I want some Tweezerman tweezers. I had heard from someone that they were the best tweezers on the market, then I read an article, and then those smart Shopping Bag ladies did a thing on them and that did it for me. When I originally looked at them they were in the over $20 range, which is why I never bought them, but I told Kerry that he could get them for me if he wanted to. How exciting is that?
So it's probably going to be money that I get.

I've got a night of punching and stamping planned.

Happy Birthday, Tara!