Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hush Hush

While watching Lost tonight, and watching the blowing 10-15 centimeters of snow accumulate on our driveway I asked in a very quite voice so the little person wouldn't hear...
Is this the beginning of the ice age?

He laughed.
I was dead serious.
We have snow. Lots of it. We've shovelled once already and it will have to be done again.

Sadly, in the begining of this ice age, I already know how it's going to end. The intelligent people (us) won't make it. How do I know this? Because in near white out conditions, Kerry and I put our lives at risk and drove to Chapters to look for magazines. I did finally cave and bought the last Simple mag. Why is it snow always brings out the freaks? We saw a guy not just run the light but go through the intersection after the light had turned red, what makes it weird is that he was kind of haning out the driver's side door and we could see his foot on the ground. He wasn't in a hurry either.

No words for this...

I can see clearly now!

So the pink eye has left the building, without infecting any other family members, thanks to my obsessive washing of everything I touched.
Here's some stuff my clean and sparkly eyes have seen in the last 2 days. My Sally girl with her new look for the camera, for some reason she squints at the camera now.
Big baby Linus, co-operating as usual! NOT!

The only picture I Photoshopped, using Pioneerwoman's free actions. I need some new subjects to take pictures of. I have 4.8 GB of dog pictures, compared to 261 MB of kids, that's kind of sad.

The sun, it's there in the sky, kind of hidden.

The grass! The garden still has about a foot of snow, but this part of the yard melts faster, could be the fact it's over the septic tank.
My newly pedicured feet, Tara and I did a trial run for her weeding. A girl could get used to that kind of pampering.
If you look closely, you can also see the scratches in the hardwood, the flooring that we've had for less than a year.
The great little surprise in the mail from Lacintha ( ).

Here is the plethora of ribbon from the above envelope, and a big ol'Linus nose checking it out. He says that's some pretty wide rickrack and he can't wait to see what I make with it.

I HAD to go to Costco today, being sick no one did any grocery shopping and we needed food. But after being out for 2 hours, I'm now totally bagged and need to have a rest. I really want to get back into my crafty routine! At least now I have some food to sustain life as the peeps know and like it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's Something

Kerry convinced me to go with him and the dogs for a little walk. I said as long as it was flat and not a long walk, I'd go. I filled my pockets with kleenex and we headed out. We ended up at Wilden, flat, not busy but lots of dog poop. I guess people in Wilden don't pick up.

Sally's mouth is huge in this picture, looks kind of like a Muppet mouth. I'm sure she's thinking "Look out Mom! I'm comin' to get you!"
Linus just before he got air or dropped like a rock.

The last thing I saw before Sally ran into me and knocked me on my butt. Not the first time she's done that. I think she's trying to get as close to the camera as possible. I've had numerous dog snot spots on the lense, thank goodness for filters.
Linus, after Emily was done with him. Poor guy.

After a morning of trying to run through foot deep snow, a pup needs his nap. He is on the floor, with his head on the couch waiting for me to pet him. This is usually when he starts talking. I'm trying to get him to say "Momma" and "I love you". It's a work in progress.

Check out those whiskers, Linus's not Kerry's. He's such a gorgeous boy.
All taken with my 50mm, SOOC. And I have cleaned my camera so that I won't give it pink eye.
I'm feeling much better today, I am hoping the worst is over. Yesterday I felt like I was drowning in snot. I have never used so much Kleenex in my life. My face is raw from the wiping of the eyes and nose.
We watched Stepbrothers last night, it was funny, a bit crude, rated 14+ and we sent our almost 13 yr. old girl out of the room for extended computer time because there were too many references to nut sacks.
I have done nothing crafty all week. I did manage to gag down some NeoCitron and get some calligraphy practice in last night. I think if anyone is looking to torture a lefty, making them do calligraphy would do it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Button Eyes

When you are sick and you don't have the concentration to do much, you find things like this to make you smile or shudder in fear.

Linus with button eyes courtesy of Coraline at
You also head over to and buy things you will probably forget you have. And then you let your kids put in a huge order. I support reading and I don't care if they spend a million dollars on books, as long as I get the credit card points and they pay me back.
I think I'll blame my head cold and maybe Rae.

My sob story

My eyes are so runny as is my nose, because when you have something like pink eye, someone thinks you should have a head cold too.
My sob story, besides the fact someone wouldn't get me potato chips at 9:30 pm.....I can't use my camera. I can't put my eyes near it. I don't want to get it infected. I could use my baby camera because it has a screen, but really, once you've used the big one, you don't really want to go back.
I have no interest in reading, can't really see much anyways, I have to watch tv with my left eye closed, and then I usually fall asleep. I don't have any interest in scrapbooking even though I would like to. I'm sure not going out. So I lay on the couch, I watch the shows I like and then I watch the shows I don't like because everyone knows that there can't be good tv 24 hours a day. But no matter what time it is, Seinfeld is on, so that's always an option.
I can't taste anything either, but my good son did pick up some Old Dutch corn chips for me and they are so salty that I can taste them.
There's my 'woe is me' post for the day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pink doesn't always look good on me.

I've had 'something' in my eye the last couple of days. I've been rubbing it, it's been kind of gunky. This morning I woke up and my right eye was sealed shut, Mr. Sandman must have used a bit of concrete last night. And maybe Rocky Balboa punched me too, of course he had to wait until I was asleep to do it because my left hook to the solar plexis would have knocked him out. My eye was pink, crusty, sandy, and swollen. So pretty!
I've never had pink eye before, no one in my family has either. But then I'm running the gambit on new and never tried things that concern the walk-in clinic. Remember just before Christmas, I had sinusitis, never had that before and never had the allergic reaction to penicillin that followed shortly after that. I also had never had chicken pox and this clinic is the same one that diagnosed that fun that lasted more than 6 weeks. And now the pink eye! No wonder Dr. My-Name-Is-Roy laughed that crazy belly laugh when he looked over my file.
I just realized that the Dr.'s name might me Manamisroy. Oops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Linus's big adventure

I will be the first to admit that I have a hard time controlling Linus. He's too big for my little kitten arms, and with all the dog obedience he's had, one would think he should be walkable. But I know why he's not. We won't go there.
Today was his big vet day. He has a lump/growth on his back that needed looking at. So I had to risk breaking my neck to get him to the vet. He was the big jerk I thought he would be, maybe more so because he decided that high pitched ear drum shattering barks would bring that darn office cat closer to him.

I need to clean his ears better, keep an eye on his bump and deal with his smelly, gassy hind quarters because that just might be the kind of dog he is. SWEET!!! But the best part, at least for me was this...
Vet: I'm a bit concerned with how much he weighs, 78 lbs, he was 73 lbs the last time he was in, which was in the summer.
Me: Are you saying he's overweight? {said with a little too much glee}
Vet: Yes, I'd like to see him lose 3 lbs. (really, 3 lbs. would never make a person overweight, but then I'm not 2.5 feet tall)
Me: Ha! (out loud - in my head, snicker snicker, Kerry you are sooooo done for!)

It's not the treats. It's more like the amount of food, and the lack of exercise which ....I distinctly remember a saying "If you dog's overweight, YOU aren't getting enough exercise".

But why am I so happy about the fact my baby dog is fat...because I told Kerry he was, I call him (Linus) Mr. Chunks, especially when he's trying to haul that 2 tonne ass up the stairs. Just kidding, it's only a 78 lb. bum. And Kerry doesn't think Linus is chunky and Kerry takes it personally.

My mom and dad went out and all they brought back for me was this prickly pinecone.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what I woke up to! While I was at Calligraphy class on Tuesday, my hunny had his own little crop time. He staged the photo shoot of himself scrapbooking, used my baby camera and the tripod, looked at my newest Scrapbook Trends magazine and made this layout. All on the sly too.
Late in the week, I got a decent amount of work done for the DYL class. I know I'm weeks behind, the class ended at Christmas, I'm working on weeks 6-12, somewhere around 8 now I think.

I have had the same old, cracked cell phone for almost 4 years. I only need a phone, not a camera, not internet connection, not a texter, that's what I had - the most basic phone. Who knew I could trade it in? We didn't until we went looking for a phone for Emily. So now I have this phone, mp3 player and camera. I've got my trusty ipod so the phone will only double as a camera in dire situations. Like last night, at Big White while tubing. My big camera is too big, my baby camera is too big and hates the cold. So I got crappy phone pics of us tubing. Not worth the money to upload them! And Shaun lost his very expensive phone while tubing, but his good ol' mom spotted it at the end of the run and saved the day, yet again.

I didn't love the tubing. It was scary, I got some air, my stomach was somewhere around my heart, it was cold, but the kids and Kerry LOVED it. Kerry said the best part was watching me. Most runs down the hill I had my eyes slammed shut, so hard that they actually hurt. I managed to open them towards the end for maybe 3 runs. And I probably did that many runs by myself, the rest of the time I had to have a seeing eye buddy.

I made these today for Emily and her friend, I used specialty paper for Copic markers for the inner pages.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two in One Day!

I started this yesterday. It's such a cute shape. Those are Mellisa Frances papers, Stampin' Up stamps, and Ali Edwards digital photo overlays printed on cardstock.
Right now, this is the only picture in the 5 pages album.And there isn't any journaling.

And I'm in love. Got these at Costco, along with 2 million rolls of toilet paper, 48 packs of Ichiban, and 6 heads of lettuce...and yet, we still have nothing to eat. Go figure. Anyway...check out the little heart in the middle of my rice cake.

Funny Emily

Emily was using Linus as a pillow and I commented on how sometimes he can be a jerk, but sometimes he is so sweet. And she said "He could make you diabetic, he's just that sweet!"

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday stuff

Quickly blogging before Desperate Housewives starts.
Yolanda posted this cute little mini album download at Pick of the Patch on Friday. I worked on it that night and put the pictures in today. It's about the dogs, of course.

I got my PotP kit and have used almost all of it making a bunch of cute things. Here's a sneak peak.

Sally typically stays away from Linus. He is so not her sweet baboo. But for some reason they both had to be on this dog bed. He was there first, she curled up between his legs. He's scared.

Linus likes to stand in the kitchen and watch me bake. He is always hopeful that I will drop something good to eat for him. He has no idea that I dropped pancake mix on him.

Other than that, Tara and I found her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress in less than 5 hours.
Kerry bought me a Scrapbook Trends magazine and got it for $9.40, don't know how, but that's what the receipt says. He also baked a bunch today, Crinkle Tops and peanut butter brownies.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Busy Day

I have been so very busy creating all kinds of things today...and a bit yesterday. I will take pictures and post tomorrow, but I can tell you this...2 layouts, 1 card, 1 mini album in a box, and started and half completed a free on-line class for a mini album. And I took time out to go to a Beauty Control spa. But I didn't do much else today.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One blog worthy thing

at least it is to me.
My Pick of the Patch kit is coming in about 30 minutes.
Must get dishes done, scrapspace cleaned up, take dogs out, defrost dinner, and sweep floors.
I have a class tonight, so I don't have much time to drool/play with the kit. Pictures will follow. Boy, I wish I had a diet Pepsi or Coke to celebrate with. Must go put pants on.

Struggling with what to blog about.

Actually that's kind of a lie. I've got nothing to say. I am blogging about that.
Who knew? Me, with nothing to say, about anything...but really, I have things to say about not having anything to say.

-I could blog about the controversy of the FSA opinion is that it isn't helping the children's eductation, it isn't controlled in any way, ditch it, the kids get so little real 'education' time now, and this cuts into it.
-I could blog about my total stalling in my Design Your Life class. I can't even get started again, and yes, the class is 5 weeks past being finished. This also runs into the Project 365 I've been doing. I've run out of things to take pictures of. Kids aren't any fun, dogs are done, snow is still here.
-I could blog about what I've been doing...made cookies last night using Marg's secret recipe, had an awsome sushi dinner with Misty-Rae, lots of catching up, Terrell came over to learn the basic needs for scrapbooking, scared her away, watched new tv...Heroes(got messed up), Medium, Law and Order SVU, nothing super exciting, just everyday stuff.
-I could blog about how I'm not loving my Movers and Shapers die, I'm going to call SU and tell them instead of blogging about it.

That's it.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A little something something

I made this little flower mini album using my new SU Big Shot flower die. It's not as big as I was hoping for, but it works. I also used some older paper I've had kicking around. I think it's Autumn Leaves. And of course I used my Making Memories alphabet stickers. I saw that Michaels has a new line that I don't have. Making a note to use my coupons to buy them.
So the album is about what I see through my camera lens, which is how I watch most happenings around here. The last picture is a little blurry, I didn't feel like setting up the whole shoot again.

GSP? WHO?{So not scrapbook related}

GSP? That's what I would have said a few months, even weeks ago. But I knew that a big UFC fight was coming and after kind of enjoying the last one I went to, I made plans to attend this one.
I knew that my friend M-R loves GSP, George St. Pierre, but I didn't know what he even looked like. Well, I do know. He's Canadian! He's got blue blue eyes and a tight bum! And he can fight, he's quick. Who wouldn't want to see that?
He fought BJ Penn, who kind of resembled the Pillsbury dough boy, soft and doughy. GSP won! It was a good fight if you like GSP!
Fightnight always makes me aggressive afterwards.
And as much as I like hanging with 'famous' people, I much prefer the famous scrapbookers to the famous mountain bikers. 2 of the guys at Dad's fight night are/were pro riders. They talk more than girls. I so could have taken the little guy down and stuffed a sock in his mouth. Overall, I had a good time, M-R is hilarious, she gets quite worked up.
I plan on doing a few crafty things today. Must get back to my mild mannered self!