Thursday, September 29, 2011

a quick week in review

We've been working on the garden for a few weeks. We have plans on covering it with river rocks, and planting shrubs and ornamental grasses. So far, it looks great! We have since covered it, and probably won't do the rocks until spring. Sadly, we only have 1/3 of the garden done. 1/3 will eventually be small garden boxes for my much smaller garden. We decided after 13 years that we just can't maintain a garden this size. We also calculated the amount of time and effort it takes to grow 3 tomato plants and really, it's cheap to just buy the tomatoes. 
 We also had our 2nd Crafts for the Homebound this week. We made Halloween wreaths. I can't wait to hang mine up and start hauling out the rest of the Halloween decorations. And yes, one button is pink, I don't know how that happened.
 After years of searching for the perfect camera bag, I think I am done. I have a Shootsac, which is great for shooting, and a Crumpler, which is great for travelling, but I wanted a purse that had enough protection to throw my camera, but didn't scream "camera bag". I wavered between this and an epiphanie bag, but the cost of the bag and the shipping was too high for me. I considered the fact that neither bag was leather, and I read mixed reviews, but after seeing one in person, I knew this bag was the one I wanted. And I got the yellow one! The colour mom said 'we' should never wear. I love it. It holds all my camera equipment, or a camera and a bunch of other purse filler stuff. But what I love the most is that it has a shoulder strap. I have the padding to turn any purse into a camera bag but most purses available right now don't have shoulder straps. I think it says something too that when I unpacked the bag, Kerry said "How much was this?" I think it was because he expected it to be more than it was.
We are taking the truck and camper on it's maiden voyage this weekend. (the first one as our truck and camper.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't need to pack our existing camping supplies into the camper. It still holds everything from when Grandpa used it, like vintage Corelle dinner ware. They don't make it like they used to. Not a chip in any of it, unlike our 2 year old Corelle set that has a chip out of every.single.plate. We also plan on taking the big dog with us, which in itself will be an adventure, I'm sure. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Here! My Favourite Time of Year!

We didn't get a most wonderful summer, it was slow to start, only happened a few days in a row, then rewound to spring and started again. It was weird. But now we have AUTUMN! Sure the days are shorter, but the the smells are better, the colours are richer, the clothes are cozier. 
I'm getting things ready for Halloween, or for October. I've been stock piling the Nightmare Before Christmas tree decorations. 

 The Mother-of-All falling cleaning list....I've got a few things checked off. Polish marble counter tops! Check! I don't have any! Clean fireplace! Check! Clean attic! Check!  
 On the advice of a friend, I managed to pick up over $500 in frames for $12. Plain, inexpensive ones but I've got plans and a can of spray paint.
 This is another frame. These will come in so handy for my October decorating.
 As will this! I love this stuff.
 I made a few of these for the tree, but then thought they'd look great on a black wreath that Heather is peer pressuring me into getting. 
 For the very first time ever! Introducing STICKY. We have snails, Fievel the mouse and now Sticky the snake. We've never had a snake in our yard. I don't really care, I'd rather have 10 snakes than one large spider any day. This little smarty got his tongue stuck on the cement and Shaun had to use a stick to un-stick it. He's in the lavender bush as we speak. I hope he jumps out when Emily comes home so she can see him. Boy, how I hope he does that!
I'm almost afraid to go out and pick the rest of the Italian Prunes! Good thing I picked tomatoes with my eyes closed, I do not want to see a tomato worm, and one year one was in our plum tree. I love fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beginning of Fall - unedited

I didn't edit any of these photos. I'm living on the edge today.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with chalkboard rocks or jars, but I painted them up and took pictures of them too.
 Even did before, during, and after shots.

 Really, who doesn't need a chalkboard rock?
 And who's desk wouldn't be complete without a chalkboard jar?
 I made myself a little brag book. Is it creepy that I have one of my cousin's baby? Maybe but she's so dang cute and I had this little album just waiting for a baby!
 Un-edited pictures of mine are often crooked. I got some personal scrapbooking done and it felt so good!
 If you are in the market for a truck that runs, hauls, and is a Ford, let me know, we are letting this one go. No one needs 2 trucks.
 And not to be left out, if you need a van, let me know, this baby is going too! Again, runs, hauls, and is a Ford. What more could a person want in a vehicle? 
 I was eating plums off the tree and left the canine picker on the deck. He hogs all the plums if I let him help. I gave them each a half plum.
 He's tentative if he's not quite sure, where as Sally and her plum were long gone.
 Patience is a virtue.
And I finally connected this little goodie up and am feeling pretty darn happy about knowing I'm backing up my files all.the.time. It's also a snazzy modem wi-fi thingy that makes my printer wireless or something to that effect. I just know it's backing me up. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I love that with autumn comes the start of school and falling back into somewhat of a routine. Crafting is a major part of my routine. Cleaning is not. Baking is, eating is, dish isn't.
When April, who has recently had surgery, said she wanted to make button bracelets, I thought "why not?" So I packed up my supplies,  Michelle made lunch, and I did dessert and we had a great day of crafting, well, some of us did. We should go on the road with out mobile lunch and crafts for the homebound. 
 In my crafting routine, I usually start my Christmas cards now, but since I had to try out my new Easter set. It's so cute!
 I made a few things for layout class, and I scrapbooked some of my own personal pages.
 For Stamper's Group, we made little altered CD tins to hold our Christmas lists. It can be for our Wish Lists or Lists of Gifts To Buy.
 Or Christmas Things To Do.
 Black spray paint and I are still good friends. Heather found this funky frame for me.  Not sure what will go in it yet.
 I don't want to appear completely negligent of the home and it's every growing to-do list, so I defrosted the freezer, cleaned it and repacked it. This is where longer arms would come in handy.
I'm still working on my re-branding for my photography business. Who knew it would not be so easy? I want unique, something that is me, and it's so hard to figure that out. I don't want the same tired logo that I see everywhere, the branch, the flower, that has nothing to do with the photographer or photography. I know where I want to go, just having trouble getting there. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Falling in Love, Again

I have been feeling bad lately. Since getting my 24-70mm lens, I have hardly even looked at another lens. It's not that the other lenses are lowly lenses. It's just that the 24-70 is so versatile. Sure it's heavy, and big, but it's so all around great. 
So yesterday, I put my nifty 50 on and vowed to leave it on for everyday photos for at least a couple days. And after a few shots, I remembered why I loved it. Being able to shot in lower light situations is one reason. The sharpness is another. But the fact I have to 'zoom' with my feet and not my lens is going to take a bit of getting used to again. 
Mom and I got together yesterday a.m. to can a few tomatoes. It's so easy, and fast. I don't know why I don't do it more.
 I snapped a quick shot of her garden boxes. I'm bound and determined I will have a garden like this in the near future. This will be my motivator.
 My little mini album shelves were put up and promptly filled. I may have a mini album addiction.
 I played around with Emily's Japanese doll.

 I ate some Sweet Tarts that Heather gave me. So sweet and yet so tart! Love them.
 She made some tea, in her pjs and asked to have a picture taken! 

 And then I went to Mom and Dad's to see my sweetie. And now ask yourself, does the blog title "falling in love, again" apply to my 50mm f/1.4 or to this sweet face?
 Without the lens, I would not have been able to get decent shots in the house at night.
Without the baby, I would not have sore knees, arms and oddly enough, butt muscles from holding/rocking/feeding/putting her to sleep.
Without the baby, I would not have gotten to sniff her little fuzzy head and inhaled her fountain of youth baby scent! Aaahhhhh...have I mentioned I love love love babies.

 LOVE them! 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not exactly Mickey Mouse.

Kerry found this guy in the garden, he must have been stunned or something because we could touch him (I didn't) and he didn't run away. I even styled him with a stick, he had grass stuck to his nose that he let me remove. I named him Fievel Mousekewitz. He's probably the only famous mouse we will see this fall. We are having some issues with fall coming, and not being in Disneyland again. I personally don't care if I ever go to the park at any other time of year. Next time, I'm hoping to go in mid-November so I can it all done up for Christmas.

 We took the girls and Kerry's mom to the KVR. We hiked forever, 3 1/2 hours. The girls fed this brave chipmunk a pile of cashews.
 They were really good about posing for photos.
 I even accepted the goofy faces.
 And the crazy poses.
 We got some group shots.
 Even a shot or two with me in it.
 We figured we walked for just over 10 km. 12 trestles. 1 snake. 
 I made this little Christmas keepsake book, I'm hoping to put little daily photos in it and small amounts of journaling, low pressure scrapbooking.

 I won't ever make it as a rib cutter, but I can smoke a rib like nobodies business. 4 hours on the smoker, and we were all in love with the baby back ribs. 
 So much so that the home made pizza took a back seat and not much of it got eaten.
I don't care if I ever see another home made pizza but I sure miss those ribs!