Saturday, December 30, 2006

What the !?!

So the holidays are almost over. Kerry is back at work, if you can call it that! I think he's really eating chocolate and surfing the net. Anyways, holidays almost over...and not a single picture on my camera has me in it. Not one. Not opening presents, not eating dinner, not eating breakfast, not in my pjs, not filling my face with chocolate, not napping, reading, hugging, celebrating, playing, sitting, standing or even complaining.

So I doctored one in PS and sent it to Nancy and Heather. It's bad, really bad. Shaun says the lighting on my face is so off. No kidding, you big teenaged dummy, I'm not in the real picture. See that head at the bottom, it's mine, it's from months ago and if you can remember, I know it's so long ago on Christmas Eve, but I wasn't sitting on the floor in front of you. NO, I was the big dummy taking pictures!

Years from now my great-great grandchildren will think Kerry raised the kids on his own, with help from Sally the Wonder Dog (why else would a dog have a whole scrapbook devoted to just her?)

So my New Year's resolution (if I had to make one, I really hate them) would be to get out from behind the camera and take some shots of me!

And my A-HA moment regarding clothing came today while at Mellow Yellow. While shopping, I have noticed that t-shirt makers are cheaping out and the shirts are almost see-thru. Really thin! So I don't buy many, I suck at buying clothes. You know, "oh I love this shirt but yikes, $25 for a shirt you can see my bra and my rolls through" no thanks. But today the very nice sales person cleared this all up for me. I bought a sweater before Christmas and I just didn't wear it like the cute mannequin in the store did. I found all the clothes she was wearing and one of the shirts was really thin, so I said something to the sales person and she said "of course, it has to be thin because if you have 4 layers on (like the mannequin) you will feel and look like the Pilsbury Doughboy." The thin sleeveless, yes, sleeveless shirt is not meant to be worn out and about, it's for laying! This woman started glowing and angels were singing! So I bought the shirt and another one. Isn't she a great sales person? I wanted to run out and buy all the thin shirts I had not bought before Christmas.
Besides, I didn't lose weight so I could dress and feel like the Doughboy!

Friday, December 29, 2006


I need to get back to the school day schedule or I am going to be one grumpy mom in January. I have taken to staying up late reading and sleeping in late. And I am not sleeping very well. It could be all the junk I have been eating.

And I have not done one single creative thing in weeks. I didn't even make my own gift tags. Nope, just cut the fronts off old cards and used them, dug really deep in the gift wrap accessories box and found tags I had stamped about 3 years ago. And I am almost out of gift wrap...which brings up another thing. When did gift wrap get so darn thin? I used to buy the nice stuff at Michaels, so about 3 years ago, it was so thick. Then with each year it got thinner and thinner. Now when I wrap a box, the corners of the box tear the paper. I have put off replenishing my stock because it seems most papers are as thin as what I already have. I am thinking of making my own gift bags out of fabric to use next year. We'll see, I like sewing about as much as I like getting a tooth pulled.

I lied. I did do one creative thing...I finished the calendars for the grandparents. They turned out great and everyone loved them. Even with doing most of the layouts digitally, the thing weighs a tonne. Good thing I had so many pictures of Sally. Those darn kids of mine are so uncooperative when the camera comes out.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Got cut off!

I had to end the last post early. There was some wrapping I had forgotten about. But now I think I am officially finished. Every year I say I am going to start earlier and every year I think I finish later. Although I did see on the news that it's not a bad thing because you get the better deals. Like Hillary Duff boots for $5 when the original price was $34.99. Never mind that they are two different sizes, E. says she can't really tell. They look like moon boots, I think she can float with them on. Oh, and the fact that they are Hillary Duff boots isn't something she wants people to know.

Emily says the weirdest things. Yesterday we were discussing a New Year's party in which siblings were invited to join in.

Emily: I'm not a sibling.

Grown-up: Then what are you?

Emily: I'm a dumpling.

I had great intentions of making a calendar for the grandparents. Every month would have a special picture of the kids and Sally if she would co-operate. I planned on taking all the pics this week but with the crazy schedule we have had I got one picture taken, well, maybe 6 but of the same thing. Kids pissing themselves laughing infront of the tree, no dog to be seen, at least they had matching clothes on. At one point E. declared "I'm crying here!"

So that didn't work. The calendar now has 11 months of Sally. It looks great but really wasn't what I envisioned.
I just finished Stuart McLean's newest Vinyl Cafe book, I think it's Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe.(He's the funny guy on CBC that talks about Dave and Morley.) I love his stuff. It's hilarious. Short, quick stories. Very much like everyday life for some people, not us, no way. It is laugh-out-loud funny. Read it, read all his Vinyl Cafe books. Go to the library and get them or buy them at the Superstore but don't ask me if you can borrow them. They are too precious. So far 3 out of 4 Williams give them the thumbs up. Emily would probably read it but she's reading the freakin' dictionary right now. Like really reading it. I was just joking when I asked which chapter she was on, only to be told the exact letter of the alphabet and word she was on. Weird.
I have been told that the Grinch is on and I better get my butt upstairs to watch it so I know how not to behave this year! Too late!

2 more sleeps!!!

I think I am ready for the big day. And after today, if I'm not ready, too bad!
I realized I missed sending a few cards to some people. I might have to do Happy New Year's cards! Sorry, Jenn Y. if you are reading this! I totally forgot and I think I missed a birthday too.
Kerry and I were discussing the terrible memories we both have, not like childhood memories, but our brains and what we keep forgetting to do. Maybe we need personal recorders to carry with us. Every time we think of something to do, we can record it and set an alarm to listen to it later. Kerry had one, a perk from work, and of course he loved it and it really helped. But then he forgot to record "take recorder out of pocket before putting in laundry". So I washed and dried it for him.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The day after Sunday

Monday again... I am finding that I am letting the little things get to me at my 'other' job. Why can't people read numbers? Why do they have to move the pegs instead of using their eyes to find where a product goes? Why is it so hard to do something right the first time?
Enough of that...

Back to my boots. Boot guilt didn't last long. Not after wearing those babies out to music class and having to walk in the snow to get around a way I could have done that in my shoes. My feet were warm and dry. Boot guilt is now boot love! And a little boot envy from Emily. She put them on the other day and said they almost fit. No way I am sharing those things. Back off, get your own boots!

My fruit cake is delicious. It was so easy to make. I picked up some little foil loaf pans and tonnes of fruit for the cake. The first batch had chocolate, dried cherries and rum along with all the usual fruity things. Definately better with booze. I did the whole brushing with rum every day bit too. The second batch is chocolate and booze free for my dad, not as tasty. So today I put 2 more aside for him and drenched the rest in rum. I can't believe how easy fruit cake is to make. And Kerry doesn't like fruit cake but he loves this stuff. I could give that lady in town a run for her money. We paid $13 or 14 for a cake from her and it was good, but mine is just as good and probably cost just over $25 for 13 cakes. If you are worthy, I might share.

I put out a little challenge in my newsletter. Mostly a sad deperate cry for handmade Christmas cards. No one sends me any because apparently no cards are worthy of being sent to me. Whatever...
I have my first 2 handmade Christmas cards, Barb and Amanda are going in the draw. Both cards are beautiful and both were made with fancy techniques. Good for you two! That might set the standard for whatever I decide to send out! Not likely!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh the GUILT...

Yes, these are the same boots you may have seen on Fern's blog. And now they are mine. I have been looking, sort of, for new boots this winter. I wanted cute, but still warm and waterproof, practical, of course. It is so hard to find boots that don't have wedges or that aren't leather, but are still stylish. And I didn't want hiking boots. So when Fern posted this pic on her blog...I said that's it, that's the boot for me!
So today, which may be my last day on earth when Kerry finds out how much I spent, today I bought the boots. I had them put on hold, looked all over the mall with Heather and then took her to see my precious boots. She agreed they were the nicest ones we had seen. She's an enabler. The only problem was the cost. They were not the cheapest or even the most reasonable, at $170 before taxes, I wasn't sure my feet were worth. But I was raised to spend money on my feet. These babies are waterproof, Gortex lined and can be washed in the washing machine. Of course the sales person said they were the last ones, not just in the store, but in any of the Ingledew's.
So I bought them, I have 14 days to think about it. The thing is, I'm not a shoe person. I find a pair, they are comfy, I wear them, they have to be practical, go with everything and although they are never cheap, they are reasonable and usually on sale.
I know I will keep them. I know Kerry won't care. I did just call him at work and his boss answered and I asked him if $200 was too much to spend on boots and he laughed because his wife just told their daughter that $80 was the limit, but she spent almost double on her boots. Boss said Marks has some boots and then laughed and said they were not cute boots. He also suggested Grower's Supply. Ha Ha Ha. When Kerry called me back, and I told him how much, he said "Holy Cow" and I could hear the guys in the office laughing like crazy. Poopy MEN. And then Kerry said "We need to get the van fixed." Bubble burster! He did seem happy that the boots are machine washable.
Off to build a boot shrine!

Oh, and on the way home I stopped at a few stores just to see whatelse was outside the mall for boots. Shoe Warehouse, I think, by Safeway, has some nice stuff. And Hollywood Shoes in Rutland has some freakishly expensive shoes, very nice, definately unique ones too. I told the lady to buy the $400 boots she was trying on because it would make me feel better about my $200 ones.

We are having an Open House/Craft Sale at Heather's on Sunday, Dec. 10. Come up to her place and take the stuff off our hands so we don't have to store it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Preened and Plucked

Kerry's Christmas party is tonight at Ric's Grill.
I have plucked, scrubbed, Satin Handed, clear cutted the forest on my legs, coloured my hair, and moisturized this morning all so I can look good while eating a yummy meal in a probably dark restaurant!
I am on my way to the mall to look for a snazzy top. Wish me luck. I'm an odd shape, very broad across the back so it's always a treat to find something and then try it on only to realize I will be pulling an Incredible Hulk if I reach for anything or lift my arms!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday again

Happy Birthday to Yolanda!

Went to work at Fabricland in the snow. If you don't already know, I took back my job as a rep for the notion company, H.A. Kidd. I only do Fabricland on Mondays for a few hours. Ran into Yvonne, she's the rep for Nintendo. I'd like that job, she gets to sample the products. I don't get to sample any products for H.A. Kidd, no discount either. Bummer. Good thing I have my SU!

Worked for 2 hours or so and then had to leave to get my temporary crown. I would like to say it's gold with rubies and emeralds but it's just an A1 tooth coloured crown or something not so exciting like that. I get to eat soft foods, no gum, no toffee and I have to be careful flossing, I might pull the crown off like the dentist did when he was explaining the flossing to me. Even with all the freezing in my face, I don't think I have ever had so much gum pain in my life. Thank you to the Advil twins for making me feel better.

It's so cold that I am having a hard time typing. Yes, the furnace is on. I'm just having a hard time warming up.

It can stop snowing now and start again at about 10:30 Christmas Eve.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wii!!! Let's do it again!

This week, Shaun bought the Nintendo Wii. He totally lucked out with some help from my aunt. Pays to know people! He's already got 2 games, Kerry has one. There aren't many choices available so Emily plays the sports pack that comes with it.

The game has a wireless controller and you actually have to move to play the game. Like in bowling, you have to swing your arm and let go of the ball. I tried bowling and baseball this afternoon with Emily and holy crap, my arm will be so sore tomorrow. I can't even lift a 10 pin ball in real life, but I managed a 154 point game with a couple spares and a strike and I won't have to see the chiropractor like in real life. And I hit a home run! Good thing my dad taught me how to hold a bat! I haven't tried boxing yet, but that's another thing dad taught me, so look out George Foreman, I can grill and box too!

I can see the appeal, and if it gets the kids jumping around and moving more, I'm all for it. The real thing would be better but I know it's not likely to happen. So if you see any Wii controllers when you are out doing your Christmas shopping, let me know because they are few and far between. I haven't tried Zelda yet, I played a million years ago when it first came out. Apparently it's really good and the game to get. Good thing Shaun got it early. I want some Super Mario stuff. I can see some whacking things with a big hammer in my future! And a buff left arm, I can feel it coming.

Wish me luck tonight. It's the Medieval Banquet at R.S.S. and I want to get some better pictures than last time. It's hard, because the forum is so dark. Shaun's not really into all the Medieval stuff, but he loves the idea of the Jester. What 17 year old boy has his own Jester costume? And irons it himself? All the grandparents are going with us too. There's belly dancing, skits, food, and other entertainment.

The winner is...

Heather! Even though she totally guessed!

Yay Heather!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hump Day!

I am still in shock over the success of the sale, but do you know what really made my day?

I traded Cheryl some of the kids' Pokemon videos for scrapbook goodies. I had hundreds of people buying crafts at an event I planned and all I wanted to do was fondle the goodies in that bag!
Great for me! Not so great for the kids! BWHA HA HA HA HA
And the bag had my goodies from the challenges I won! Thanks M&M!

And not only did I win the challenges, but I found out that even though I couldn't go to Mylene's Mary Kay Open House, I still won the $100 gift basket! Whooo Hoooo! And as luck would have it, she won my Newsletter draw! Really!

My wonderful friend, Nancy called 2 times this week to wish me luck and to see how the sale went. She's been reading my blog and knew I was in the dumps about the whole thing! I sure do miss my Nancy Fancy Pants and her amazing purses!

Heather's on her way over to finish counting tags and reconcilling things. So far so good!

Kerry's job has awsome perks! Mostly Sony ones! I am finally using my MP3 player today. Now I have my own soundtrack that can go with me where ever I am. We have also started buying cds. I'm so undecisive when it comes to music I like that we decided to just bite the bullet and buy stuff on a regular basis, download it and put what we like on the MP3 players. Did I mention we got 3 free?

Name 2 songs/artists on my MP3 player and win a prize. This is not an easy one. So I'll give you a few hints...I was born in the 70's, so the 80's was big for me. No Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tiffany, Vanilla Ice, Brittany or Celine!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Much renewed faith!

Well, it's almost done. I still have tags and till tapes to reconcile and cheques to deposit, which really is hardest part. Thank goodness for my little elf, Heather!

After all my complaining and advertising nightmares, the actual sale went off with out a hitch.
A huge round of applause to the crafters for the BEAUTIFUL crafts this year! I heard so many good reviews. I pride myself in taking only quality crafts. I'm a bit picky, but it paid off yet again. I was worried that with only 12 crafters, there might be a few problems. But it was just fine. I may be talked into doing it again. I really do enjoy the actual setting up and the sale.

It seems people really were waiting for the sale this year. So many people say that and with the hectic schedule of November, it's easy to forget, and Grey Cup, that doesn't always make for a busy craft sale day, but it was this year and for whatever reason, I am grateful.

If you missed it, you missed what many people said was the BEST sale ever. And I'm not just saying that. You missed the best selection at a craft sale, too. Although, by noon, we were sold out of so many items. It was sad to look up from the cash register and see empty trees, people did ask a few times if there was stock hidden under tables. I wish.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing how many people came through this year, the counter had a few technical difficulties. But I feel attendance was up from last year, even though AMC was down. The sales were phenomenal! Thank you Cheryl, Yolanda, Gina, Sue, Sharon, Fern, Holly, Greg and so many others for stopping in.

Just in case you were wondering, I sold more cards than I thought I would and even some old woodcrafts. I didn't buy a single thing for myself this year. Not because I didn't want anything but because I left it too long and the items sold!

Keep your eyes and ears open, there may be something else in the works.

AND the winner of my newletter draw is Mylene K!
Sorry Audrey!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Almost there

6 and 12 have not yet been done. The rest, I'm happy with the amount of effort I have put into them. They are done enough.

I figured 6 isn't going to get done, crafters are adults, therefore, I will not call them. If they forget which weekend this is, that's not really my problem. If they aren't organized, misplaced their info, or don't have a clue what they are supposed to be doing, they should have called me.

When I am done with the sale, done counting money, depositing cheques, writing cheques, counting and sorting tags, so like on Nov. 27th, the day before Yolanda's b-day, I am going to start Christmas baking. And I am so making sushi for Heather for all her help and because I haven't made it in ages. And no, not all sushi is made of raw fish. Sushi is the seasoned rice contrary to what everyone thinks. Raw fish is gross and might have germs. Did you like how I slipped that b-day info in there?

Right now, I am sleepy, grumpy, dopey, and maybe even happy, that's 5 out of 7 dwarfs. Not bad. I wonder what happened to hungry, gassy, sneaky, chatty, and lazy?

I have decided, and this is big, that CSI Miami just doesn't cut it any more and unless there is nothing on and I just have to watch TV at that time, I won't bother with it any more.

Besides that leaves me more time to be creative. 52 projects don't get done in front of the TV, or so I read.

While your hubbies are watching Grey Cup or preparing for it, make sure you stop in at the craft sale! 9 -5 at the cute little church on Benvoulin. You will be awed and amazed. Bring cash or cheques.

The question of the day! What is for dinner tonight? My favourite super easy dish, thank you Jill, is Salsa chicken. Ready for it...Chicken breasts, salsa, cheese. Put chicken in oven proof dish, cover with salsa, bake till done, you can guess when that is, remove from oven, sprinkle with cheese. Serve chopped up in burrittos, or with rice or pasta! Kids could do it, hubbies too.
If you are lucky I will share my super easy microwave caramel corn recipe. Makes that old bake-for-hours poppycock recipe look like a form of torture. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Craft Sale Count Down

1. make signs

2. print stuff for sale, like Cheques Payable To: sign, Exit Only sign, etc.

3. make lists of stuff to bring...tape, paper, pens, signs, camera, crafts, water...

4. get float

5. get cash register

6. call crafters

7. make another list because first one is upstairs

8. email M. Dehart to say "Wrong day in Straight to the Hart".

9. take more flyers to Fabricland and anywhere else I go today.

10. get green plastic "can't get the sale done with out this" folder organized.

11. wonder where all the crafters have gone...

12. clean off shelves, get table clothes, crates and other display items organized.

13. go through containers of my crafts, all 3 of them, to see what is even in these things.

14. question why I am doing this?
I always said when I stopped enjoying the planning of the sale, I would stop planning it. You are reading it here first...this will be my last year as organizer for the Benvoulin Heritage Church Craft Sale. I'm not a babysitter, I shouldn't have to do this for free, I don't even do wood crafts anymore, I could go on and on, but that's it. I have gone this long because I know that at least 8 other people depend on this sale and the income it brings them. But with that being said, I also feel there is no appreciation for what I have kept going and the work I have done, at least not from the other crafters. Customers always tell me how much they love the sale, how it's the only one worth going to, and how it has the best quality crafts. The sale almost didn't make it past about 3 years because the organizer moved out of town. I took it over, revamped it and kept it going. If H. wants to do it, I would give her all the help that wasn't available to me.
It's like the end of an era!
On another note...I painted today. Nothing fancy, just the signs for the sale.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Because I can...

A conversation with E.'s friend's mom...slightly shortened version

Her: You pissed me off the other day and you didn't even know you did it.
Me: What?!?
Her: Your daughter told my daughter that she has never gone home to an empty house, that you are always home after school. She then said "how come you can't do that?" I was thinking thank you very much, Kelli. I'm so envious of that.
Me: ......I'm very fortunate to be able to be home for the kids. We decided when we had kids that if we could do it, I would stay home for them. With what I do, I can. (even when I picked apples I made sure I was home before the kids but I left that out)
Her: I'm just jealous!

This is the first time this has ever happened.
Usually it's "why don't you get a job?" or "so-and-so is hiring" or "is that all you are going to do with your life, stay home with the kids?" Or when I make something for someone it's "Someone has too much time on their hands".
I know that some families aren't as fortunate as we are and have to have both parents working away from home. I can work from home, not making millions but making an income, and doing something I enjoy. I don't have to travel, pay for daycare, or leave my children home alone. Mind you if I went to work outside the house...maybe a newer vehicle would be in our driveway or the house would get fixed up faster but at what price...I'm content with what we have. Although if it weren't for someone's generous bonus, things might be different. I might not have a room full of stamps! But don't tell him that!

Don't forget that this Sunday is the bestest craft sale ever! If you aren't at the Benvoulin Heritage Church on Sunday, you don't know what you are missing. And you won't know, because you weren't there.

Also, my son's fundraising for his band trip to San Francisco. The band is selling Charity Shopping night tickets for $5. This fundraiser is all profit for the kids. You buy the ticket, go to Orchard Park on Saturday, Nov. 25 with your ticket and enter the draw. Every 2 minutes from 6 pm on, they will make draws for great things. With your portion of the ticket, you will be given a flyer with a list of participating stores, deals and discounts. You can shop all day or go whenever you want. Usually, we get deals on New York Fries, eat and wander. They are good deals, it's just that the kids want to go too so it's really hard to do our Christmas shopping, but this year with the whole day to shop, I can probably ditch the kids and Kerry!
So if you want tickets, let me know, they are going fast!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm in LOVE!!!

I got my Winter Mini stuff today! I mounted about 1/2 the sets and played a little this afternoon. I don't think that in the last 2 1/2 years as a demo I have ever bought so much out of one mini. I'm loving the Carte Postale set, the French Flair bg stamp is beautiful! Check out the size, it's almost too big for the wooden block. The ribbon, I could eat it, it's so yummy! The little tin of accents, it's stickers, cardstock stickers, I guess I didn't read the descriptions, I thought it was just die cut cardstock. Super CUTE! Did I mention the Enchante double-sided patterned paper! LOVE IT! I still have 2 more sets to mount, and little cards and envies to play with. Don't bug me this weekend.

Friday, November 03, 2006

That time of year again

I have decided, at the very last minute, to skip the Anne McClymont craft sale this year, which is tomorrow, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th. I have also decided not to join Heather in Kamloops, which is Sunday, Nov. 5th.
This is the first time in about 10 years that I won't be a vendor at AMC. I can't say I miss it as of right now. I did notice that on Halloween, I didn't have to stop painting to answer the door, and that was probably a first in many years.
I've decided that my little SU business makes money all year where as my woodcrafts make money in November. I work all year at cutting, painting, sanding, etc. and then have to store all the goods until the sales. So now I can work all year, cutting, scoring, stamping, etc. and not need tonnes of space, no wood cluttering my carport, no sawdust all over the place, and gone is the stress of November!
I am still doing the Benvoulin Sale on November 19th. I won't have much for wood, just leftovers, but I will have a small assortment of cards.
Sadly, I have also noticed that less people are crafting, hence the low number of crafters I have for my sale.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meet my new best friend!

In the last 2 weeks, I have had to prep over 300 cards. It's a ridiculously huge number. I have used all most every sheet of white and vanilla cardstock I own. The only thing keeping me from going insane this whole time is my new SU table top paper trimmer. I love it. Rumour has it that it is made by Tonic for SU.
There is a slight learning curve to the thing. The trick is to nicely slice with a downward motion, and not to push the arm down. You can, and this is my saving grace, cut 3 sheets of cardstock at one time. And it can cut the thinnest piece off the edge of your paper. Teeny tiny little strips that you can tie in knots, or line Easter baskets with.

I don't know where I will get the trimmer sharpened, nor do I care right now. I was going through more than a blade a month with my Fiskars trimmer, more than 2 sometimes. They really aren't meant for all that cutting. They don't stay sharp for long. So, I figured with the money I was spending on blades, I could afford to buy this baby. So far, it's more than paid for itself.
The one thing I dislike is that the measurements on the bottom edge are inches in tenths, not 8ths. Is that not weird? Took me days to realize this. And even then I had to get Kerry to come in and count the lines for me because of my head cold. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No Spiders were hurt, yet.

The picture of the spider in the glass was taken awhile ago. I was home alone and had to handle it on my own. After I finished hyperventalating, I managed to catch it with the glass. I was reading my CK mag and used the subscription thing to hold the spider in the glass so I could flip the glass and set him free outside. And of course I had to take a picture. It was a big day for me.

And there is a black widow in a jar outside. She's probably going to starve to death. But if someone wants her, they can have her.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grossed out!

Again with the lost posts. I get everything all typed in and then for some reason Shaw cuts out and I lose everything. Thought I was being sneaky buy saving as a draft, but that's gone too.

Monday night I had a Stamper's group here. As the last woman comes in she says "Did you know you have a big spider on your screen door? It looks like a black widow." It was the biggest one I had ever seen. I joked and said it was a Halloween decoration but secretly I was freaked out and glad it hadn't landed on me. Kerry took care of it and put it in a jar for whatever reason.

Soooo...last night we are laying in bed and I ask "How did you get the spider off the screen door?" With all the metal flourish thingies, I figured it must have been a challenge.
He says "With tweezers."
WHAT? "What tweezers?"
"The ones in the bathroom."
And just like that...bushy brows are back in style at my house!

He says he cleaned them. I asked "With bleach, soap and water?" He didn't say so I am thinking he used a Kleenex. He knows I am terrified of spiders, hate them with their beady eyes, long legs and hairy bodies. They are so sneaky. Now I could have spider hairs, spider germs, spider guts or spider eggs on my tweezers.

Kerry doesn't even have to be home to get my goat. I found evidence of him using my drill press yesterday, for metal! He must have drilled a hole in a bike part. He left metal shavings all over the place. He says no one uses it any way so what difference does it make if it's not the right drill bit?

So with my tweezers being used for spider removal, my drill press bits being abused and the fact that the coffee fairy didn't come to my house this morning to leave my nectar, I told him I was going to use his bike as a snow shovel this winter.

I better buy a lock for my stamping room! He might try to stamp a spider to death or worse!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Getting Old.

So, I tried to post once already and it got lost.
I noted today that as a grown-up, I can't colour all day and not expect to feel it the next day. My left wrist is killing me! Either I start colouring daily to get used to it, or I get the kids to do it for me. Boy, I would hate to have to take something just so I could do something that is supposed to bring out the kid in me!

I had a nice lunch with A. She's made some beautiful cards to sell. Very talented! She talked me into buying 1000 plastic bags for my cards. I was worried I wouldn't have the storage space but really it was more the fear of being labled weird for having 1000 of anything.
I took lots of pictures of my cards today. They are so much easier to photograph than children and pets. No treats needed. No bribing. Not many blurry picture, if there are, it's because I moved. Probably because I couldn't hold the camera steady with my bum wrist.

The green snowflake card is cased from Linley, I think that's who made the original. I saw it at Non-Regionals and loved it! So I had to make a few with a few changes. Notice the twinkly sparkles. It was really hard to photograph so that the sparkle actually showed up. So notice it already!
The JOY frame is straight from an issue of my Stampin' Up magazine. The BEST BUDS card is my own little brain working at it's best. I'm so about the sparkle the last couple days. The scrapbook page I designed for the make-n-take at Non-Regionals.

Kerry says the chili and garlic toast from Tim Horton's was good. It looked good and smelled good, but I was saving myself for lunch with Audrey. Did I mention we got a discount at Triple O's?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Stamp nazi!

Boy, did I ever feel like the Stamp nazi today. I had a group of ladies over to make4 Christmas cards. They did great, they were done in 2 hours. I figured they might take 3 hours. The first card took almost 45 minutes but they got faster after I cracked the whip. Poor things. I bet they all had to have a nap after. I probably scared them off, inky and covered in glitter.

I have 8 more coming tonight for their first stamping club. We're doing Halloween cards, again. I've got the 2 sets, I've got to use them! I'll try to be better behaved.

I tried my hand at watercolouring my Booglie Eyes set with my watercolour crayons and Aquapainter last night and really impressed myself and Kerry, but then again, I think he says things just to get out of the craft room fast. "Yup, looks good!" But he's probably thinking "What are you doing making dozens of Halloween cards? Please don't make me take them to work to hand out." I did think of giving him the Frankenstien one for his co-worker, Frank.

The cards in the picture are coloured with Gamsol and Prismacolour pencil crayons. I love that spider!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Drum Roll Please...

The winner is Audrey with her guess of Kasagui Gardens. If you haven't been there, go. It's a hidden jewel in the middle of downtown Kelowna. Take your camera and your kids, the leaves are turning. Just behind the museum, go there too, and city hall, don't go there. I will have something special for you when I see you this week, Audrey!

I had a great day at the SU Non-Regionals today. It's put on by a group of local gals. They do such an awesome job organizing the event. About 30 local, and some not so local, demos attended. There are so many talented people out there! I have many new things I need to try. And as a special thank you for helping with the make-n-takes today, I got a Patstamps Technique Junkie Newsletter CD! Watch for new things from me! Oh, how I wish I wasn't sick. I'd be stamping up a storm right now.

I must get rid of this nasty head cold. I have such a busy week ahead. I still have to get all the cardstock cut and organized, but that's the easy part. The hard part will be trying to look like I know what I am doing with my runny nose and watery eyes, and the sneezes, I won't describe them.

I got my hair cut this week, I just wish Nancy would stop cutting off all the coloured hairs. She leaves me with the little white hairs, which stand out like sore thumbs on my head! That's the price to pay for short hair I guess.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Who knew?

I guess I need to be more specific about my little contest.
Name the place (hint: park in Kelowna) where the picture of my daughter Emily was taken(she's the one in the picture dressed as a cat) .


Scrap the list of what I planned to do, my CK magazine just arrived and it's so thick.

Still making cards...

I'm trying something new...
Be the first to tell me where Emily the Cat is sitting and get a little prize.

I spent most of yesterday planning workshops, cutting and designing cards, and getting caught up on my recorded shows. If you haven't seen or heard about SU's new table top paper cutter, come and check mine out. It's super! It can cut the tiniest piece off the edge of your paper. It can cut 3 pieces of cardstock at one time. It does take a bit of getting used to but makes things go so much faster. Very glad to have spent the money. Much better investment than the Accucut.

In the next 10 days I have 6 workshops. As of Oct. 15, SU has a promo for $40 off the price of the demo starter kit, any takers? Not that I am complaining about being so busy, I really wish things were spread out through out the month more. And I can't complain about the money or the free stamps.

I am missing the crop at Memories and More this weekend because I am going to the SU Non-Regionals on Saturday. There will be at least 30 people attending and we always have a great time. I come home feeling very motivated, creative and tired. It's a full day of stamping, mingling and learning. This year I have to demo a 6x6 page infront of my peers and I have a head cold. I should probably do up notes today.

Plans for today...
cut more cards
do notes for 6x6
chauffer kids around(another 1/2 day, 2nd this week)
eat better
pay bills
blow nose at least 30 times
check mailbox for CK that I could have read 3 times already if I had bought it at the store instead of subscribing to it
maybe take library books back
pack stuff for tomorrow

lay on the couch and watch Regis and Kelly, the View and Ellen before hair appointment
blow nose at least 30 times
pack stuff for tomorrow

Be on the lookout for ads for SU's new ribbon. Rickrack, velvet, sheer, pretty, pretty, pretty!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today, I'm a Card Making Machine!

I have to get 30 cards done for the Non-Regionals swap this Saturday. Of course, I have left it to the last week to get them done. But after some duds, I finally decided on my card and got them almost finished today. I just have to put my labels on the back and will do that while Emily is it music lessons. I don't know why I always pick a labour intensive card to make for swaps, this one wasn't any different. Lots of cutting, lots of taping, lots of colouring. I do love how the Designer Series Patterned Paper from SU! matches the cardstock.

I am also working on some cards to sell at craft sales and this isn't going as well as planned.

I realized that I didn't take any Birthday Boy pictures this weekend. So I will force Shaun to pose for some nice shots this week. Should be fun. Not.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today's blog is dedicated to a very special Librarian!

Gobble til you Wobble!!!

I got my camera back this week! I'm so happy to be reunited with it. The whole lens mechanism got replaced so now it works like new. I had great customer service from Visions!

I have taken pictures of so many things in the last couple of days. Like pies, Sally, altered books, and cards.

I made a couple of pies today. We have been invited to my parents for dinner tonight, I will take the lemon meringue with us. And we are so lucky to be going to the Wallman's for dinner tomorrow night, with our pumpkin pie.

I am so loving one layered cards right now. I can stamp an image right on the white card base, colour it, add some glitter and presto and very simple, yet very nice card!

And of course, no fall would be complete with out pictures of Sally. Only this year, we missed the Virginia Creeper tuning red so we had to settle for slightly brown.

I hope everyone is having a great Thankgiving long weekend!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I finally made my plum jam. Or maybe it's prune jam, Italian Prunes to be exact. Did 2 batches. No matter how much I stir that stuff, I still end up with floating fruit. I tell Kerry that it's supposed to be that way. Plum jam on top, plum jelly on the bottom of the jar. He's just happy to have it.

I called about my camera that was supposed to be in at Visions last week, and of course, it's not in. Al, who I am sure is sick of me, is going to call Canon again and see what the hold up is. I fear that when it comes back it won't be the same as it was before. And I don't mean it will be fixed, I think it will be worse off. Just a feeling I have. I sure wish it was back, tomorrow Shaun's dojo wants to get some better pictures of the club and all I have is a rinky dinky film camera. A silly waterproof Canon Sureshoot or something like that. I don't like it at all. I get the shot all set up, look through the tiny hole, push the button and then what....nothing. I don't know if it's a good picture or a bad one, so I take another. And waiting...holy smokes, I have to take 24 pictures before I can see my jam shots! I don't even remember what is on the roll of film anymore. Or if this camera even works, I mean it is advancing the film and the flash goes off, whether I want it or not. It's torture.

Kerry had a chance to get a FREE Sony digital camera but I wanted an MP 3 player, and really, I have a darn good camera. But I almost said "Get the camera." I thought maybe, just maybe, the new one would get here before mine gets fixed. But then that would be cheating on my camera and karma would get me, and my camera would come back worse off than before. Someone asked me who takes my pictures for me. I replied I do. She said I must have lots because she could see them all over my scraproom. I jokingly said I loved my camera, more than the kids, and the kids replied from the other room, "Yes, she loves her camera more than us!"

And it figures, my printer, Canon i9900 is on at Office Depot for almost half of what I paid. I couldn't have waited a year but bugs me that stuff like that drops in price so fast.

Fall is officially here. I love this time of year.
Did you know it's less than 3 months until Christmas? Get started on your Christmas cards, get them finished and send them out!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I really haven't done much since my last post. Nothing that seems blog worthy. Did a bit of shopping, got new socks. Went to Michaels today, I figure I go about once every 3 months. They had some cute new things, but it still doesn't make up for the crappy customer service. If you have stickers for $1.50 in a different section than the other stickers, but the sale is only good for $1.69 and up, don't put a sign in front of the $1.50 Halloween stickers saying they are on sale at 40% off. But if you do, you should honour it. Not get the manager to come over and make a person feel like an idiot. And if you do, then I will return the stickers and so will my friend, and you can bet we won't apologize for it. And it will be at least 3 months before I go in again.
Also, they stopped carrying magazines. What's the point of going in at all now? Most people I know used their coupon for magazines.
I did finish one scrapbook page the other day. I'd post a picture, but I am still waiting for the call saying it's fixed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who knew a little $8 mug from Starbucks would bring me so much joy? I have a love for all things miniature and when I was out with Heather at Starbucks getting our weekly coffee, I spotted this little mug, a shrunken replica of the regular coffee mug, only this is for espresso. It was filled with chocolate covered coffee beans, it was perfect for Kerry. Now every morning he makes espresso and has his bitty mugful. With the rest, he makes my cold coffee drink and puts it in the fridge for me to have when I crawl out of bed. I always knew he was the bestest but this little mug puts him over the top! The caffeine helps too.

And...I called Visions this week to see if anyone knew anything about my camera and when it's estimated date of arrival would be. I really didn't expect much. But a very nice guy told me that Canon doesn't like it when they call before the 4 weeks is up so he would make a note to call on Friday and see what he could find out. Imagine my surprise on Friday when I got a call from Visions and was told that Canon is working on my baby right now and hopes to have it finished early next week and sent out later that week! I'm not holding my breath but I am very excited. Thank you Visions Guy!

I think I am finished picking for a little while. It's pretty sad really. The macs aren't getting picked. I'm such a softy. I actually feel bad for the apples. They are falling on the ground, they are beat up by the hail, split from the rain and sunburnt too. No one will get to enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rain...keep it coming!

Not that I'm complaining, the fresh air is great, the company is good too, the excercise is a bonus, but boy, am I glad it rained today. I have a million things to do today. So far, I've done 3 things on my list and the rain has stopped. I am crossing my fingers that it is too wet to pick today so that I can get the rest of my stuff done.

My cousin and I get to drive across the bridge today. For anyone that knows me, I don't drive across too often, Heather does it for me. Thanks H! And because I have to go across tonight, I will miss Rockstar tonight and it's the final show. So don't tell me who gets picked and cross your fingers for me, Kerry better remember to tape it!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

73% of my body hates me right now.
The rest is asleep but I am sure when it wakes up it won't be too happy. It was so hot and muggy that for the first time ever, my eye-balls were sweating.
I have been picking apples for my aunt for two days. It's great, fresh air, forced exercise, free snacks (bugs and apples), pretty good company too. And Sally gets to come with me and eat apples all day. The best part has to be the hours. My uncle says they're better than banker's hours. No reason for daycare!

But other than the pain of long forgotten muscles and eyes burned out by sweat...I had a great conversation with my oldest friend, Terrell, by oldest, I mean I've known her forever. I could hear her Zoe in the background chattering away. I made a great homemade soup for dinner. Talked to my Victoria friend, Nancy. And it's Friday, which means Anime night at our house. I could light myself on fire and no one would notice because eveyrone else is watching TV. I will probably scrapbook instead.

This picture is of Kerry and Emily walking to school on the first day, last year. No pictures this year because my camera is still on sick leave.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All Alone!!!!

It's just me and Sally today. At least until about 2:30! I have to make the most of today because it may be my last Alone day until it rains. My aunt informed me that they want me back to pick apples. If you haven't done this before, do it. Your body will hate you, but the fresh air is great, the apples are fresh too. Sally enjoys it also. Oh, but the spiders...the spiders are huge and nasty and you bounce off their webs. Hate that. And I hate climbing the ladder. Doing that put an end to my apple picking season last year as I fell off the ladder and twisted my ankle.

I'm planning a Stamp-A-Stack event. I have just finished designing 5 cards for the event. Done the laundry, dishes, making soup in the crock pot, defrosting chicken for dinner. Even tidied up my work area. Made my bed, too. And I'm dressed.
It is kind of quiet. I do have some phone calls to make, but I am procrastinating.
I think I will walk over to the bank in the next little bit.

I just finished watching Ellen, I love her! She had a fender bender the other day and she's not herself, more pensive. Anyway, she has a Life List thing on the the go, I will check her site. Kind of a 'My Name is Earl' list. Only hers is things she wants to do. Like learn a new language, go places, etc. Thinking of doing this. Starting with VACUUM LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. Will keep you updated.

Off to get my lunch and walk to the bank. Although I can see from the basement window that it is windy...hmmmmm....should I chance it?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love it!

My new space is great! Brighter, cleaner, bigger! Okay, that's a lie. The light we bought didn't work and was retured, the new bulbs we ended up with are daylight so it's cooler than I'm used to and it is brighter because I don't have any window coverings. Cleaner, it is in the picture but if you squint and imagine all my suff in the corner where the pic was taken from, a shelf in the far corner where the outlet is, two tables at the end, a tv, and 2 smaller tables, oh, don't forget the 5 empty boxes, 2 extension cords and numerous full boxes on the floor. At least it is bigger so that I can fit all of that in there!

Kerry is on holidays this week. Which is great for getting all the renovations done. He's done so much and I know he doesn't enjoy it that much. He went mtn. biking this morning and it was 6 degrees outside, good thing I don't go out before noon! I can't understand where summer went. Less than 4 months until Christmas, for anyone counting.

OH! I totally forgot. Be on the lookout for a new L on the road! Shaun has his Learners. He hasn't actually been behind the wheel yet. But don't worry, he's going to driving schoool. Not letting him pick up our bad habbits!

And just so Emily doesn't feel left out, she's getting her haircut on Friday! She wants bangs and an inverted bob. Unfortunately, the inspiration for the style is a Japanese animation (anime) character and she has purple hair, which Emily also would like. We've done the fushia streaks, but the whole head?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today's the DAY!

I bribed the kids into helping me start to move my wordly belongings into my new room.
I would take a picture, but previous post as to why I can't. So here's a picture of my 'old' room and why I haven't been able to play for a few weeks.
I have most of my stuff moved in and there's still approximately 150 square feet to do my happy dance in!
Emily says I need a comfy chair so that she can come down and visit while I am 'working'. I say I need a fridge and a bed, maybe even a lock on the door!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some confusion

I guess I didn't mention where my camera is and a few people have been concerned that I mis-placed it, lost it.
No, I wouldn't do that!
I had to get it serviced, it could be gone for about 4 weeks or so the salesman told me. I was sure to ask if it would take 6 months, 3 months or less and he said he would like to think 4 weeks. I sure hope it's not longer than that.
I may have to buy a roll of film for our 'old fashioned' camera.

We worked all day on my new scrap space, my hubby is such a trooper! I will start moving in tomorrow, finished or not. I am very excited! I was a bit unsure about the paint colour on the wood panelling but now that the trim is on, it looks pretty good.
I have a new appreciation for the guys that do the caulking on the mouldings, the Finisher, let me lay tile any day over doing the caulking.

Maybe tomorrow night at this time I will be sitting in my new room, maybe stamping a few cards or planning a scrapbook page. Everyone knows I've been itching to make something! And no, not anything made of wood. Sorry Nancy! Although Kerry did pull out my saw and sander to trim some mouldings.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm trying not to think about it. But every once in awhile I wonder where my camera is and I get sad. By now, I think it should be in Calgary. I hope it is in Calgary or the past 3 days have been wasted being cameraless.

On the bright side, we just finished putting the trim up in my new scrapping space. Just have to fill the nail holes and touch it up. Hopefully, Sunday will be the big day to move in. Then I will have something to take my mind off where my camera isn't.


All I wanted to do was post a reply on a friend's blog and now I have my own blog. Interesting tidbit...the offending blogger's site is named after my fav veggie! Coincidence?
I was toying with the idea but too scared to do it. And now here it is.
Can I do it?
Will I be able to keep it up?

Wait and see.