Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just for me

 Lately, I haven't been able to make things for myself. I'm usually making things for classes.
I ordered a bunch of Tim Holtz inks and stains for Kerry to give me for Christmas and I hadn't gotten a chance to use them yet. But that changed today.
Mom gave me some medium sized tags that she saved from somewhere and I played with those. 
 I used the tag on my layout. I was feeling very mono-cromatic today. None of these items were red to start with. And now my hands and sink are red too.

 I thought it might be a good idea to have a little thank you, just in case.
I think the Peacock Feathers is my favourite. I only have the stain. I coloured everything with it. The letters were glitter white, the rick rack was white, the flowers were blue and white, and the buttons are wood. I am loving the Stampin' Up Honeycomb embossing folder.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Worth a try

I wanted to replace the cards I have on display. I decided on pink and Valentine's day themed cards, not to hurry along January, but I'm getting tired of snow, winter, snowflakes. 
I stamped, and inked, and then I cut and embossed, and my Big Shot protested.

 So I glittered and punched, and stamped and inked. And it still protested.
 So used some scraps, and made a few more cards.
 And then I wanted to emboss some more. (I love this pink and grey card)
 And then I decided that maybe, just maybe I killed my Big Shot. 
 We figured we couldn't do any more harm to it. It wouldn't crank at all. I've had it since 2008. It's had a good run. Kerry took it all apart, which wasn't too hard. 
 He cleaned it all up and found that one set of bearings was dry and rusty. 
 And that's what was causing all the grief. So we cleaned and oiled, and I say we, because I was in charge of the q-tips! It was almost as much fun as stuffing those suckers in my ears. 

He put it all back together and did a trial run. 

 Not bad for a guy who had to ask "So what is this thing?"
Thanks, Kerry, you just saved yourself $100!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happiness is...

Tonight's layout, which will be worked on after we have M-R's birthday dinner at East Side Mario's. The 3.5 lbs I may have lost this week will probably be gained back tonight, but I'm over it all ready.

 The tidiest my room has been in months. I'm still working on my "piling" tendencies. I find if I have less flat, available surfaces, I have less places to pile and it forces me to actually put things where they belong.
 I finally finished my December Daily album.  

 I used mostly Instragram photos.
 And the Making Memories Christmas line that I have been hoarding for years, and because I bought so much, and liked it so much, I think my last 2 years albums are made with the same line.

 Some pages are kind of sparse because we were all sick. 

 And then because of the awesome low light capabilities of the subject in the photo above, I was able to shoot a few photos in our dark house.

 I used one of the Making Memories album I found last year at Home Sense. 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

One less excuse

Today I'm putting the printer to work. I woke up and decided it was picture printing day. That I would print every single photo I still needed for my Project Life 2012, and my Daily December album.
Then I discovered I have 2 boxes of Canon matte photo paper, and neither one has a sheet of paper in it. 
To quote Kerry when he finds I've stuffed the recycling bin too full..."Who does that?"
 I think it's safe to say it was me. Who else prints in this house?
So I had to resort to printing on Office Depot's glossy photo paper. I'm still holding a grudge because they closed their Canadian stores. 
I have printed every single photo I want to use, 117 instagrams, and 50+ 4x6's. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't run out of ink, I've only got 5 cartridges of black. No colours. Who does that? 
And as I blog about it, I've just run out of photo paper, with 2 photos to print. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Time Well Spent

For the last year, I have not been able to watch all the crime series I love to watch. No Law and Order SVU, or CI if it's even on anymore, I have no idea. No CSI. No Criminal Minds, which is my favourite. Not even Grey's Anatomy, or Glee. I just can't stay up that late anymore. We do have it on Shaw On Demand, but it's on the tv downstairs, and I do catch the odd episode that way, when I'm on the tread mill. But I've been using that time to read. What we have been doing, when we could be doing so many other things, is watching Netflix. And we have definitely made it worth every penny. Kerry found "Justified" and I had heard I think from Ellen that it was a good show. So we started watching season one maybe last we finished season 2. I really, really enjoyed it. 
Now we all have southern accents.
And nothing else to watch because we have watched just about everything with in reason on Netflix. 

I have had 2.5 coffees today. I have a long "to-do" list and blogging wasn't on there. I was sort of hoping the coffee would help get the list stuff done. 

I've cleaned my craft room, almost, and am working on Cathy Z's "Move More, Eat Well 2.0". I decided that I would not do Project Life this year. And not taking a photo of every thing almost every day has been a huge weight lifted. Not that I won't take a photo a day because I love to, but now if I don't, I don't feel so bad.