Friday, May 27, 2011

Classes are up!

12 cards in 4 different styles. Great for gifts, always have a card on hand! Envelopes are not supplied for this class.

*Birthday Stamp-A-Stack
Wednesday, June 22,  7 pm
Sunday, July 10, 1 pm

*All Occasion Stamp-A-Stack
Sunday, June 26, 1 pm
Wednesday, July 6, 7 pm

Picture This! Mini Album
This little album is made out of toilet paper rolls. The verdicts still out on if this is gross recycling or not. 
Each page holds a pull out tag for journalling or more photos.
Tuesday, June 7, 7 pm

Paper Bag Album
Make it for Spring, or end of the year teacher's gift. Put your summer photos in it!
Friday, June 17, 7 pm

Techniques University
This little book will become your inspiration bible. With almost 50 different technique in it, and all of them done by you in class, you won't ever have a boring card again! 
The class will run over 4 nights, I'm thinking one class every 2 weeks. There will be 4 class. 3 filled with techniques, and one to make the book. All supplies included. Bring your trimmer.
Wednesday, June 15, 29, July 13, and 27, 7 pm

Please let me know ASAP if you would like to sign up for any classes. Payment is due at that time to save your spot. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The last 2 weeks

I've been so busy doing the oddest things really. Michelle and I took a road trip to Penticton. It started of a bit shaky, and by that I mean the lady holding a "slow" sign at the road construction by Michelle's house shook the sign at her. Not at me, she was driving. I was peeing my pants laughing. She wasn't even going fast, we were 2nd to last in a long line of cars so it wasn't like a person could even go faster than the 30 kms. you have to go in a construction zone. We took the scenic route. I've lived her all my life and never took some of the roads we took, on purpose and by mistake. We never did find Summerland Sweets, but we did see some interesting sights. 

 Like this, it's right across the road from some beautiful high end condos on the beach. If you look close you can see it has everything and that it's all piled on top of everything else. A trumpet, brass candle stick holders, an antique washboard. It's an episode of Hoarders and Canadian Pickers all in one building.
We had a snack at Bliss, coffee, lunch, went to the mall, drove in circles, and went to the dollar store, we were gone all day!
 As we were heading into Penticton, which I hadn't been to in years. Michelle asks me if I know where the cake store is. Another 'pee my pants' moment. Neither one of us knew. But we still found it right away. We both bought sticks for cake pops and a few other things, like orange essence.
 I came home and made a yellow cake from scratch flavouring it with the orange. Then I made Creamsicle cake balls. And then I almost lost them due to that big fuzzy nose!
 You can see some of these turds enjoying the cake pops. And almost none of them looking at me when I said I needed a picture for my project life book.
 A few days later, Kerry and I went to Peachland. This was the second time in the week that I got to go to Bliss bakery. Like I needed it. But this time I only had a chai latte. Then we walked for miles to the car show. Along the way, people parked their car show worthy cars so we hardly noticed the distance.
 This was so stunning. White car with purple-ish flames and totally white interior. No ketchup chip or cheezie eating in that car!
 It's neat to see all the time and effort put in to the cars. The details are the main reason I go. Oh, and I kind of like spending time with that guy.
 The Blues Brothers were there. Again, attention to detail! The one guy had "JAKE" tattooed on his knuckles.

 I'm learning things I didn't plan on ever knowing...Like types of cars, "oh, look a
RED car!!!"
 And that car enthusiasts are also hockey fans. Up and down Beach Ave. people had their radios on to hear the game.

 The most interesting thing I learned was not the best thing, and it was confirmed by the Baracuda owner "Randy". Kerry had told me the back seat of one of my fav's folds down, and that the back of the trunk does too so that it's wide open and flat. I asked why, he said for 'dates'. I was like "Sure, that's what car manufactures think of." So when we ran into Randy, I said tell me the truth as to why the back of the car is like that. He didn't say anything but moved his eye brows up and down. Men.
 May Long involved Emily's first time going to the festivities, at least that she can remember. Growing up, the festivities never involved the fair. We had to sit through the ball games. Anyways, she went and was gone for about 7 hours. We got phone calls keeping us up to date on her happenings, things like "Iwentonthezipper.Itwasnotnearlyasscaryasspacemountain!I'mgoingonitagain!" Love that she kept us informed. Funny that she talked so fast. And even funnier that everything relates to how scary Space Mountain was. For me, it's the Tower of Terror. I took the elevator up to the orthodontist, it was only 28% less scary than the the Tower of Terror.
And to finish off the long weekend, we went down to watch Kerry's nephew J's grand march for grad. Funny story, his date is the daughter of one of the girls Kerry gradded with. Officially old.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The other side

I've been to the other side and back, at least I am almost back. What I thought was nasty allergies turned out to be a most unpleasant 5 day head cold. The kind that plugs your ears and nose, makes your eyes water up and your nose drip, makes children and grown ups cry at the sight of your puffy, snot covered face. Yup, that's what I had. (still have, but I'm using the power of The Secret and positive thinking.) As sick as I have been, I did manage to take a few photos. They are all SOOC because frankly, I can't concentrate long enough to open Photoshop, let alone use it.
 Advil Cold and Sinus Plus turned out to not be my saviour. Dried my nasal passage out to the point where breathing by nose hurt. And it didn't stop the eye waterfall. It sure didn't help me sleep, neither did the 'make me gag' Neocitron that Kerry swears by. I drink it before bedtime and exactly 4 hours later, my eyes pop open. The night I went drug free, I slept like the dead. Kerry even commented on it when he put the dogs to bed when he left for work. He didn't check my pulse, or even poke me. I could have been suffocated by my own snot and he wouldn't have known.
 I managed to get off the couch to supervise the 'Great Planting of the Mother's Day Pots'. I buy the plants, I tell the kids what to do, they do it, I take pictures, Kerry cleans up the mess, I water, hope, and pray that I don't kill the plants at a later date.
 I decided the more the merrier, and after noticing how many plants were stuffed in some of Costcos pots I figured I could waver from my one-plant-a-pot rule. I went to Ogi's and Costco. I grabbed whatever they had. I was going fast and loose. Normally, I am matchy-matchy. This year we have purple, red, and white and it does pain me a tad to write that. And the pots, we have eclectic and for some reason, I'm okay with that. Clay, plastic, and the best...Antique enamel from my great-grandma's place.
 Shaun was in charge of filling the pots with the soil.
 Emily was in charge of pot stuffing.
 We had a few plants left and Kerry was using this planter as his dandelion collection pot. So we nabbed it from him and put the plants in there. I mean come on, we live in Rutland, we have a chain link fence with 2x4's wired to it so some dumb dog can't get under it, use an ice cream pail like everyone else.
 Emily felt bad for the dog that sticks his head in the line of fire whenever someone pulls the hose out. She let him use her Olympic towel, only on the condition he pose for pictures.
 Every head cold gets better when you get happy-mail. I got my business cards. I went with mini ones for now. They turned out so sweet that I don't think I can part with them. Yes, they do have different pictures on each one.
 And while you are sick, Mother Nature doesn't wait for you. NO, she makes all your cherry and plum trees come into bloom, and all your tulips, and grape hyacinths bloom and wither and die before you get well, so you will not be able to enjoy them unless you crawl off the couch and drag yourself outside and lay in the wet grass with the ants to snap a few prized photos of them just to prove they even existed. (The day time Neocitron I gagged down is working!)
But wait, she will save the dandelion for you, but only if Kerry and his fancy bucket don't get them first.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Productive in all the wrong ways

While tidying up, I saw these wooden tags I had bought years ago, after Valentine's day. They were in the clearance at Michaels. I bought them, hung them on the peg board and forgot about them. Until I was  supposed to be tidying up. I pulled out the chalkboard paint and went to town on them. I think they will be a banner, I have 9. The picture doesn't show how large they are, they are about 6x10 inches.

Then today, I was supposed to be doing other things and found a pattern for purse. It's a smaller version of my Amy Butler one. I ate my lunch and looked at the pattern, my fabric stash and thought "I can do this." So I did. The funny part...check out that fabric! Who buys 3 yards of that stuff? And the matching checker board stuff on the inside, yup, 3 yards of that too. If I remember right, it was $18 a yard and I sure hope I got it on sale. What was I thinking? Maybe it was "Oh, Amy likes red and black!" But it was probably more like "Oh, cute animals."
 Maybe it was "Oh, hey,! Check out the photograph beaver! Who wouldn't want a purse with a beaver taking pictures of his beaver family on it?"  I have no excuse that sounds good.
So now my craft room is a bigger mess, fabric all over, but I did use some stuff up so there must be more room somewhere to stuff things. Like 2.5 yards of red and black animal fabric.
 The tea party of 2011 went over well, after a rocky start with cancellations and late comers. The kids seemed to enjoy trying the different teas we'd picked out. The little sandwiches went fast and the cookies, biscuits and cupcakes all got eaten up.  We did a little 'photo boothing'!
I now have china, lace, and 'crystal' for other occasions. And no, I won't plan your party, but you can borrow my pretties.