Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The view from here

We went for an evening hike to the area that was hit by the forest fire. We hadn't been out that way in years, since well before the fire. It was a shocker to see the difference in the landscape. 
We set the timer, hiked in for 30 min. and then back out. Good thing too, we saw at least 12 chipmunks, and who knows what they do when the sun goes down.
 Kerry said this one was flossing to get the last of the last humans out of his teeth. I didn't have my 70-200mm lens, so I had to move in close, I was less than 4 feet away from him.
 We used the timer and took this picture, love it!

 Saturday was CROP day! Our little Project Life group got together for over 12 hours of fun, food, and laughter. And a bit of creating. We made ATC cards to swap with each other so we'd have a little bit of each other for our PL albums.
 We had lots of snacking to do, good thing we had lots of snacks to eat.
 Heather made an awesome dinner! We sat out back and dined in the shade. Much cooler than our lunch at the pub in the heat!
 Marg brought dessert, strawberries, dipped in sour cream and Demerara sugar. It didn't sound good, but it was delicious. I've been craving it ever since. (Turns out I'm not allergic to strawberries, it might have been something on the strawberries I had this spring.)
 Dipping! And enjoying (sorry Marg, had to post!)
 You would think no one wanted their picture taken!
 Seriously, we were having a great time. And everyone was taking pictures.
We decided to ask Emily if she wanted to see the fireworks this year, and of course she did. So we packed up, oh, nothing, except a blanket and went down to the park, with everyone else in Kelowna. No snacks, no cash, but we had a good time anyways. But I don't think we'll go again. It's maybe 15 minutes of fireworks, hours of waiting, hours of traffic. 
And less than 2 weeks to the Jinky workshop!

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