Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 weeks to catch up on

Today is the first day I haven't felt the stiffness in my hips and have been able to get a few things done. Tip for anyone with stairs: if you fall down them, make sure you have a good 2 weeks to recuperate. 
Details of my fall....first let's go back a few days before to my first trip to Emergency. 
I had major pain on my left side under my ribs all day. After dinner, it was so bad I couldn't sit or lay down, I had major heart burn the day before. I spent 3+ hours standing in ER. A bunch of tests were done and some thing pointed to possibly having a kidney stone, but there wasn't a stone. I'm going for more tests. I have not been in pain since but am on 'diet' that includes Metemucil, acidophilous, plant enzymes and an avoidance of raw veggies and greasy foods.
That was Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. 

Thursday, I was home alone and fell off the 3rd step from the bottom of the cement basement. I landed on 4 hardwood stairs. I don't think I have ever instantly cried when I've hurt my self like I did then. I could not stand up to get back up the stairs. I crawled up, called Kerry, then mom to pick Emily up, and waited. I probably should have called 911. I didn't want to go back to the ER and probably complained more about that than anything. I could not walk in so a nice woman got me a wheel chair. 
I have learned that pain in the 'chest' area and not being able to walk into ER get you in much faster. 
I got a nice room, some nice machines hooked up to me, and lots of attention. X-rays said maybe a tiny bit of vertebrae chipped off but it was too hard to tell. I had pain between shoulder blades, middle back, lower back and hips, 4 stairs. And a giant purple goose egg just off my spine.  
I had morphine for the first and hopefully last time. ( I may have said I was dying from the poison shot into my shoulder and that I could feel said poison coursing through my veins to my heart.) And percocet, which isn't worth it, makes me itchy and nauseous, and didn't seem to do much for the pain. 
The doctor said to take it easy for a week, hot and cold compresses, Tylenol and Advil, and lots of attention. I go that from my friends! All kinds of goodies, the favourite being mini chewy Sweetarts and Pringles, which helped with the nausea. I lost .9 of a pound, go figure. 
Sleeping is difficult, I can't roll over without pain, but last night was the best sleep in 2 weeks!
 The couch potato-ing was only made bearable with the help of a 2 pieces of fruit! Apple and Blackberry! Love having a laptop, moving the imac was not an option!
The worst part.... I couldn't carry the weight of my camera with the 24-70mm lens on it. So all my shots are with the 50mm f/1.4. I remember why I love that lens. 
Here's a little bit of what I managed to do, some from the couch and some with slow painful movement.
We decorated the Halloween tree. Yes, we have a tree for Halloween. 

 I made an owl hat from the couch. My handstitching is improving.
And a Pikachu for my friend's daughter.
Got 25 of these put together, from the couch.
Today, I made a few cards in my craft room that some how got messy while I was on the couch! I pulled out that old tube of Liquid Applique and used it on the penguin's hat.
 I had Christmas on the brain.
 But did make a Halloween card.

I may have already shared this one, but I really like it so I'm sharing again. This is from my layout class.
 And this is this month's layout. No pictures on it, but I love it anyways.
 This is for tomorrow's stamper's group. Lots of newbies! So excited!
 I made a strawberry to hold a Hershey's kiss.
 I went to Yama's for this lovely lady's birthday!  Love the food there. 
 Hobbled around the pumpkin patch with Emily and Kerry. 
 Before the fall, I took some impromptu photos of some sisters who won't let the distance keep them apart. Miss you, Wendy! Thinking about you! And Heather, if  you are reading this, GET BACK TO WORK!

Today also marks the 1 year anniversary of when we met Amy, David, and Trevor in person! What I wouldn't give to be back in Disneyland celebrating Halloween with them this year!

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Rae | Family Photographer said...

Well, I can see that being injured and incapacitated didn't hurt your creativity one little bit :)

Glad you're up and about now.