Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things I am LOVING right now.

I have wanted an immersion blender for years, I mean a new one. I had an old Braun one, and it was pretty useless. This one is totally meant for hot foods, so it comes in so handy for all that butternut squash  soup I've been making lately. And it was almost 50% off at work!
 Michelle went to the states and came back with some treats for me! Scooby snacks!
 And dehydrated hashbrowns, don't get all "gross!" They are the kind served in probably 80% of the restaurants. Delish!
 I bought myself this little treat after using my old ones for 30 minutes. The fact the spring in them had gone made me think I was killing myself trying to use them.
 Today, some super happy artsy crafty stuff came for us, I say us because the refills are for Emily. Got  a sweet deal on them because of the lettering class I am taking. Check it out...Tim Holtz distress markers, not even available here yet! Bought a couple for my PL friends!
I am not loving....
-the indecisive weather.
-the price of gas.

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