Friday, April 20, 2012

The long and short of it

I'm slacking in the blog department. So much so that in the month since I last blogged, Blogger has changed it's format. We'll see how it works.
I think point form might be the best way to summarize the last 30 or so days. So bear with me.

- got new OPI nail polish. I love it. It dries so fast!
- ordered Indian food from Deep's Pakora Palace. I could eat their butter chicken and pakoras every day.
- joined a book club. Read Something Fierce, gave it a 5. I didn't like it, but it was well written. Read the Hunger Games, in 2 days. Read the whole series in 7. Loved it. Subject matter is bothersome, but it made me think, made me want to read more. I'll give it a higher score.
- enjoyed Easter Dinner at mom and dad's.
- celebrated Kerry's mom's 75th birthday.
- Shaun moved out. His room is the neatest and tidiest room in the house now. I'll be re-painting after ...
- The garden boxes! 14 years of weeding a garden that only produces a few things made us realize boxes might be the way to go. We still have to put the rocks around the boxes.
- I planted the seeds, and the plants are waiting for slightly warmer nights. Still the odd frosty night.
 - I'm almost up to date with my Project Life.

 - I finally decided the old dinosaur of a printer needed to be replaced. I wanted a large format printer so badly and yet I could count on my hands the number of times in the last 6 or so years that I've used that option. I'm not sure what I will do with it, I just bought all new cartridges.

- I replaced it with this only slightly smaller model. It's a printer/scanner/copier. We didn't need all those options, we have a scanner, but I've already used all the bells and whistles so it turned out to be a very good purchase. And it's so easy to use, fast, and the PC side of Mac likes it too. The other printer was too old for the newest version of Windows. 
- I bought new runners for my workouts. They are butt ugly in my opinion. But super comfy.
- We've had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory too many times in one month.
- Kerry and his mom and brother went to the Louisiana Hay Ride performance and enjoyed it.
- Sally got a hair cut, so did Emily and myself.
- I'm still working on my lettering class.
- And I've started drinking coffee again, but not every day. I didn't miss it, but it's cold coffee weather.

There you have it. I hope it's not another month before I blog again.

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