Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Still Got It

 Emily needed help with her Socials project so her friend came over and the 3 of us put together an "antique" journal documenting a farmer's life after he moved from France to Canada. I made the journal, and her friend gave her ideas, and Emily wrote letters and drew some sketches. Everything was antiqued. "We" got 20/20!
Our 17th anniversary is this week. With the help of Heather and her free night at the Eldorado that she won at a hockey game but couldn't use, I managed to plan a surprise overnight trip for Kerry. We never do surprises. I emailed him to pack an over night bag and to be ready to go Friday after work. He had no idea where we were going, but was pretty happy with where we ended up.
 We're pretty sure mom made the duvet cover and pillow shams. We went to the Wild Apple Grill for dinner, we had amazing service! Hung out in the hot tub, sauna, and pool before going back to our room and falling asleep watching re-runs.
 We had breakfast at the Eldorado.
 Creme Brule French Toast for him.
 Omelette for me.
 The view from the restaurant.
 The next day we had Emily's tea party themed birthday party. She liked it so much last year that she wanted to do it again this year.
 I can't believe she's old enough to drive!
I know they hate it, but I'm pretty happy that I made them pose for a group shot. I also printed one for each girl and framed it as a going home gift.


Jenn said...

I am so glad that you and Kerry got away. We did a tea party theme for Hannah last year, and the girls loved it, too.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

August will be our 17th - I *WISH* we had family closer than 26 hours away so we could sneak away over night....so jealous!

{and my oldest who just turned 15 is dying to get her permit. Mama is NOT ready for her to be driving}

(and someday your daughter will love that you forced that photo!}