Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June's stuff

I took this photo with my iphone, in the corner of the living room, with the wall to my back and the window of the door on my left. I like it. I didn't realize how crappy I must look normally in colour because after I posted it to Facebook, I got a lot of comments on it. Now to figure out how to live in black and white....

 I was asked by Kerry's co-worker to shoot her wedding. I am not promoting myself as a wedding photographer. It's not that I don't love shooting them, but I don't love the work after. And the stress beforehand. I said yes, it was Kim, I couldn't say no. If I could shoot small, intimate weddings like this all the time, I think I would. 
 They have this great beach lot, and there's this cute little church near by, that's where they got married. The weather held out just long enough for me, it did start raining as I left. I've got a few days off and am working on the photos. I love looking at all the photos I have taken and seeing the happiness and love their friends and family have for them. What a great bunch of people! So glad I could be a part of it all. 
Downside to shooting weddings...I can't help but get teary eyed, doesn't matter if it's a stranger, and when Kim started crying, I almost lost it. Must toughen up!

In other news...
It's finally stopped raining and the sun has come out. I'm not acclimatized to the heat yet and it's killing me. 
My favourite Disneyland shirt has 2 little holes in it. It's been almost 2 years and I think it's time to go back. 
I'm turning 40 this year, Kerry said if I don't decide on something to do for my birthday, he will choose for me, that has me a tad scared. I've got ideas. 
We'll be taking the grandper out soon, I'm not looking forward to it, not being acclimatized and all. It smells like old man too. I think I'll Febreeze it good this week. 
AND the bestest part of my last week...I'm to totally avoid dairy products, watch my msg and my sulphite  intake. I thought the doctor said to "avoid eating anything with sauce you didn't make", and after I said to Emily "that shouldn't be too hard". She said the doctor said "avoid eating anything you didn't make". Whoa! Big difference. Huge difference. Life altering! Sauce I can do without. Food I didn't make...That means potato chips! 

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