Friday, September 06, 2013

August Memories

Of course, we celebrated my birth month! 

 August brought us the best home made pizza crust! The new thing we love, Alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce.
 So yummy!
 We met sweet baby Shaye. Then she puked on my mom.
 We went to the Anime Revolution con again. This year, Kerry and I didn't get a pass, so we just hung out and did lots of people watching.
 We walked all over downtown Vancouver. Most of that was looking for the Nespresso place, and once we found it, we stocked up on coffee for Shaun.
 The view from our hotel, the Marriott Pinnacle, it's such a nice place, and so close to everything!
 S's costume, I can't remember who she is, but she made the costume herself, including that wig.
 While the kids were at the con, we met Justin, and went to Meat and Bread again. I love that porchetta sandwich.

We ate and watched these guys make a video. Those 3 costumes are hand made. There are some very talented people at the con.
 You can see me at :51.
 We wandered around other parts of Vancouver while Justin got a hair cut.
 He is sad that his hair dress is moving. She's cute.
 Then we went to Granville Island for bagels and dolmades.
 Did a bit of shopping.
 We had a little photo shoot each day with new costumes.
 Went to a park and wandered around. It was over cast pretty much the whole weekend, which was nice because it wasn't too hot.
 I spotted this rabbit. I made carrot sounds and surprise...He hopped right to me!
And just as I shot this, Kerry says "have you seen that Monty Python bit where the rabbit attacks the knights?" Well, now I have.

 We were bored on Sunday and drove around until we remembered the Food Cart Fest was on! So we met Justin, and had lunch.
 There were lots of different kinds of foods, Kerry had some lamb wrap thing. I had a little meatless nibble and it was tasty.
 Justin and I had El Salvadorian.
 Pupusas! I love them! With yuca fries! Yummy! I would eat this every day, and it's gluten free!
 I made everyone pose at the info centre, like every trip, for the bad travel photo.
 We went to the bird sanctuary. I'm always behind everyone. I need longer legs!
 I'm getting better at getting in the photos, even learned to set the camera up for who ever I hand it to.

 I'm pretty sure this is just after he texted me, "the noise of the fountain covers up the sounds of my farts!"
We started with the best pizza crust, and we end with the best gluten free pizza crust. I am half way through my month of gluten free. The dr. thinks that could be the root of all my stomach issues. He might be on to something, I feel way better. And it really hasn't been that bad.

Don't forget to check Amelia's blog to see what she did in August!


amelia said...

great photos, Kelli!!! I will have to work on mine tomorrow. I promise!
I need to take more daily-life photos!

amelia said...

and..bUNNIES! i had so much more i wanted to comment on the first time i wrote the above comment, but my family was too noisy and distracting! i couldn't think about what I wanted to say.

Rachelle S said...

and what exactly does a carrot sound like?!?!? : )