Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lately…. (March edition)

This dog needs a good brushing, maybe even a good mouthwash. Since I've been following her blog, and taken Karen's workshop, I made it my mission to paint the house a lighter colour. Before every room was a different colour, I love colour! But sadly the camera doesn't. I was always envious of anyone that could take a decent indoor photo at night! But now, since painting almost every room light grey…Look out! I am no longer a restricted to being a daylight photographer!
We discovered lactose free milk. The kid has been drinking it like there's no tomorrow. We might have to buy a lactose-free cow, it is probably cheaper than this darn milk!  $5 for that 2 litre box! We are averaging 4 litres in less than 3 days. Sadly, I still can't drink milk. I can have maybe half a cup before my stomach starts revolting.
F/12800? Did I mention I love this camera?  It was my turn to pick the book for book club. As with last time, I decided to go "local". Well, at least from Western Canada. Lee Kvern is the sister of my maid of honour. Her book got good reviews from the group. Made for some great conversation!

The Candida diet is still going strong. I haven't had any side effects, I read up on what to expect when you eliminate sugar from your diet and it's been all good.  I feel a bit like I'm on Chopped when I'm making dinner. There's a lot of things that contain sugar and yeast. I do miss mushrooms and cheese, but it's not that bad. I've lost weight. I find I don't have that slump in the afternoon. I'm not hungry. 
I've been using my 50mm f/1.4 and it's vignetting like crazy! It's so much lighter than my other lenses.
The kid might be suffering a little from this diet, but we are trying to eat as normal as possible. And that picky kid will eat things like stew and chicken noodle soup, providing there are carrots involved. I don't care for chicken noodle soup. I had broth that I'd made in the freezer, which may have been ham stock, I had a head cold and couldn't tell. I roasted my chicken breasts with a magic mix of herbs, and then I pan fried them to brown them up. I could have just eaten them like that. The gluten free noodles got huge, and everyone loved the soup. (Next kitchen won't have flourescent lighting.)
Marg and I went out shopping and lunching. As soon as I saw these at Target, I knew I had to have them. I've always wanted Matryoshka dolls, but never saw any I liked.  I know that rabbit is the Easter Bunny but I think I will leave these out year round!
I've been trying new recipes. I've found a flat bread we like, and it made decent hamburger patties. We will see if it makes decent vehicles for shredded beef and pico de gallo tonight. These lemon poppy seed muffins turned out pretty good!

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