Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some confusion

I guess I didn't mention where my camera is and a few people have been concerned that I mis-placed it, lost it.
No, I wouldn't do that!
I had to get it serviced, it could be gone for about 4 weeks or so the salesman told me. I was sure to ask if it would take 6 months, 3 months or less and he said he would like to think 4 weeks. I sure hope it's not longer than that.
I may have to buy a roll of film for our 'old fashioned' camera.

We worked all day on my new scrap space, my hubby is such a trooper! I will start moving in tomorrow, finished or not. I am very excited! I was a bit unsure about the paint colour on the wood panelling but now that the trim is on, it looks pretty good.
I have a new appreciation for the guys that do the caulking on the mouldings, the Finisher, let me lay tile any day over doing the caulking.

Maybe tomorrow night at this time I will be sitting in my new room, maybe stamping a few cards or planning a scrapbook page. Everyone knows I've been itching to make something! And no, not anything made of wood. Sorry Nancy! Although Kerry did pull out my saw and sander to trim some mouldings.


nancy said...

when you get your camera back you will have to take pictures of your new room so everyone can see. so happy to hear you didnt loose it!!!!!!!!nancy

Kelli said...

I realize 'confusion' has a spelling error but I can't seem to edit it!