Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love it!

My new space is great! Brighter, cleaner, bigger! Okay, that's a lie. The light we bought didn't work and was retured, the new bulbs we ended up with are daylight so it's cooler than I'm used to and it is brighter because I don't have any window coverings. Cleaner, it is in the picture but if you squint and imagine all my suff in the corner where the pic was taken from, a shelf in the far corner where the outlet is, two tables at the end, a tv, and 2 smaller tables, oh, don't forget the 5 empty boxes, 2 extension cords and numerous full boxes on the floor. At least it is bigger so that I can fit all of that in there!

Kerry is on holidays this week. Which is great for getting all the renovations done. He's done so much and I know he doesn't enjoy it that much. He went mtn. biking this morning and it was 6 degrees outside, good thing I don't go out before noon! I can't understand where summer went. Less than 4 months until Christmas, for anyone counting.

OH! I totally forgot. Be on the lookout for a new L on the road! Shaun has his Learners. He hasn't actually been behind the wheel yet. But don't worry, he's going to driving schoool. Not letting him pick up our bad habbits!

And just so Emily doesn't feel left out, she's getting her haircut on Friday! She wants bangs and an inverted bob. Unfortunately, the inspiration for the style is a Japanese animation (anime) character and she has purple hair, which Emily also would like. We've done the fushia streaks, but the whole head?

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