Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more sleeps

He's had it, he's done with shopping, done with the housecleaning, the wrapping, the baking and the picture taking.
As I do every year, I try to get a couple of perfect shots of the kids in front of the tree. These two took longer than usual this year, Linus didn't want to sit next to Sally, he's scared to, he looks proud, and maybe a bit aloof but really he's scared poopless to be there.

These two complained about how long it took to get their picture taken, but then Kerry pointed out that if they just sat still and didn't touch each other, I'd be able to get that one good shot faster. I also had to compromise. Note the t-shirts. Karen Russell said something on her blog the other day that summed up my Christmas and pretty much every other event where I try to photograph the kids...'expectations reduce joy'. It's true.
I expect them to enjoy being photographed.
I expect them to dress in co-ordinating outfits, regardless of their age.
I expect them to make sure there are not feathers in their hair, food on their faces, or dog hair on their clothes.
I expect them to do what I say.
Give me dogs any day! At least they listen to me even if it is only when I have a carrot in my hand.
It's cold today, but sunny. I want snow. But I guess if I can't have snow, cold and sunny are better than dark and rainy.


Veronica said...

you should have had the kids mimic the dogs!! they might have had fun at that!!! and it would make a great page!

RAE said...

Great shots! I've yet to get my dogs or family in front of the tree. Maybe tonight. They just don't cooperate very much LOL

Merry Xmas to you and the family!