Saturday, December 19, 2009

A week before Christmas

Kerry's Christmas party was last night. I have always had a problem with motion sickness. Nothing has helped, short of being doped up with Gravol. So when Kerry's boss told us that a limo would be picking us up to take us to and from the Christmas party, we were pretty excited, neither one of us thought about motion sickness. Turns out the 'limo' was a 32 foot long Ford Excursion that seats 14 people. I originally sat where Kim sat, she's the one with the champagne. Sorry about the crappy pictures but limos are not well lit. I had to get out at each stop we made and have a breather. After we picked up Ivan and Bev, they are the blurry people at the front, I was told I couldn't sit in front with the driver because there isn't a passenger seat up there. So I had to sit where the door was, which was one of only 4 seats facing forward, problem with that is that it's at least 20 feet from the front of the vehicle and I need to see where we are going in order to not regurgitate my meals.All in all, we had a good time, awesome meal at Summerhill Winery, here's a couple of pictures I borrowed off the internet of the winery.My dad was given a Snuggie for Christmas but he has his favourite blanket that he always uses so he gave the Snuggie to me. I would have given it to Emily but I think she might be getting one for Christmas. The tree was decorated by Kerry and the kids while I was at a photoshoot, getting paid to do something I like! I tried to pare down the ornaments but it's hard to decide which ones get to stay and which ones go.
Emily, Kerry and I played with sparklers earlier this week, which means I had to learn how to use my flash. It took a few tries, the hardest part was getting the timing right on the lighting of the sparklers and the pushing of the shutter button, and making a heart wasn't exactly easy either. It looks more like an apple.


JoanneK said...

I love the tree just the way they decorated it!!! It's gorgeous! Happy Holidays Kelli!

Veronica said...

cool pictures with the sparklers!

RAE said...

Love the sparklers!

Anonymous said...

The tree and the sparklers look soooo cool!!

Kimberly said...

AWESOME AMAZING captures!!! What fun!
Happy Holidays missy!