Thursday, April 28, 2011

15 at 15

1. She has a camera and knows how to use it, just never remembers to take it with her. So happy we got her the Fuji FinePix XP10. It's shock proof, water proof, dust proof. She's dropped it, a few times and it's survived. Thanks to Michelle, at London Drugs for that recommendation. She doesn't know the first rule of photography, check your subjects surroundings. (not the junk on the table, counter, fridge), but I can tell that she took this in Dec. by the surroundings.
2. She has a Batman Thermos that she takes Chef Boyardee or leftovers in almost every day to school. This keeps things much warmer than the lame 'snack Thermos' Santa gave her.
3. She's eating a wider variety of foods. Thank goodness! She'd be a meatatarian if we let her.
4. She has a core group of friends that don't get together that often but when they do, they seem to have a blast, if you can judge fun by the amount of noise they make.
5. She's interested in sewing, too bad I'm not that good at it. She must get it from her grandma. But she can sew by hand and that's a good thing to be able to do.  Especially when you are too afraid to use the sewing machine.
6. She can read and understand way more Japanese then I can, she's self taught. I know food and swears.  She can watch the Japanese news and pick up most of what is going on. I just know they are speaking Japanese.
7. She draws 89% of the time she's awake. She comes from artistic stock, I'm not taking all the credit., mostly because I don't think I can. Her dad took fine arts, her grandpa likes to draw and create, her great uncle is an artist.
8. She has art in the local gallery. But she's shy about showing her work. If you ask her to see what she's drawn, she may not show you.
9. She plays her DS, eats or goes on the computer the other 11% of her time.
10. She has a brother. They get along like 2 peas in a pod. Two loud, guffawing, youtube watching peas.
11. She loves  Double Dream Hands, double rainbow, and this,  she quotes Antoine Dobson more than she should. She will love Double Dream Feet. (the link won't work) And Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper the mostest.
12. She doesn't like Justin Bieber, but knows who Rick Astley, Billy Joel, and Johnny Cash are. But you won't find them on her mp3 player, she's got Japanese Anime music on there.
 13. The Easter Bunny and Santa still visit her house.
14. She sometimes thinks her parents are hilarious. But most of the time thinks they are just plain cool!
15. She is 15 years old today!


Anonymous said...

very cute! Hope she had a good birthday!

Rae | Family Photographer said...

Loved the photos and story. Happy belated b-day to E.