Friday, April 29, 2011

Sneak Peeks

I played with my new SU summer mini stuff!
One of my favourite items is the Doily Triple Layer Punch! Very cool. 

 As you can see, I am using it a whole bunch.
 When I saw the Travel Log set, I knew I had to have it for our travel albums.
 Summer Splash is too cute to pass up!
 And check this out...3 new colours of embossing powders!
I love the new colours on black!

 And The Open Sea was calling me too. I thought it would be great for masculine cards and layouts. I also got the matching Nautical Expedition paper. Not loving it yet. But SU's paper always grows on me.

And a little two step stamping with a hostess set.
 Kerry and I were discussing my shoe selection. I've been wanting slip-on shoes for awhile. I had to get rid of my charcoal suede Keens, they were sort of Mary Jane style. I got them before we went to Disneyland in 2007, I remember this because I wore them every day we were there! I loved those shoes. I paid about $60 for them, half price. I have since seen them for $120, and I won't pay full price for Keens. So, when I got new ones a year ago, Kerry said I had to get rid of the ratty shoes. And I did. Well, not right away, I kind of hid them. But they are gone now.
I have been looking for replacements, but haven't found the right ones. Until today. The shoe store had a big sale, and I went in. I found some charcoal suede Mary Jane Keens! Yay. But they were sold out of my size. Boo. But they had reddish orange ones too. Yay. But again, not in my size. Boo. So the woman said to try these other ones on, but they aren't suede and I have orange ones similar. I tried them on and they fit. Like Cinderella. But they had a little over glueage on the grey suede part and it's noticeable to me. She said it wasn't a big deal but I must have made a face because she gave me $20 off!  It was meant to be. I can only see the glue if I bend over and look at my feet. I won't bend over. They were half price and $20, I can afford to not bend over! Anyone want a pair of black hardly worn Sketchers?

We took Emily out to Ozeki's for her birthday dinner. We always have a great meal, and it's so inexpensive. Under $80 for the 5 of us to eat, meals and appies! Crazy. And we always feel full but never gross afterwards. The staff is great!
The lighting is terrible in there but it's nice to have your own little room to dine in. These 3 are goofs, and I was laughing so hard at them that I was crying. 

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