Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Productive in all the wrong ways

While tidying up, I saw these wooden tags I had bought years ago, after Valentine's day. They were in the clearance at Michaels. I bought them, hung them on the peg board and forgot about them. Until I was  supposed to be tidying up. I pulled out the chalkboard paint and went to town on them. I think they will be a banner, I have 9. The picture doesn't show how large they are, they are about 6x10 inches.

Then today, I was supposed to be doing other things and found a pattern for purse. It's a smaller version of my Amy Butler one. I ate my lunch and looked at the pattern, my fabric stash and thought "I can do this." So I did. The funny part...check out that fabric! Who buys 3 yards of that stuff? And the matching checker board stuff on the inside, yup, 3 yards of that too. If I remember right, it was $18 a yard and I sure hope I got it on sale. What was I thinking? Maybe it was "Oh, Amy likes red and black!" But it was probably more like "Oh, cute animals."
 Maybe it was "Oh, hey,! Check out the photograph beaver! Who wouldn't want a purse with a beaver taking pictures of his beaver family on it?"  I have no excuse that sounds good.
So now my craft room is a bigger mess, fabric all over, but I did use some stuff up so there must be more room somewhere to stuff things. Like 2.5 yards of red and black animal fabric.
 The tea party of 2011 went over well, after a rocky start with cancellations and late comers. The kids seemed to enjoy trying the different teas we'd picked out. The little sandwiches went fast and the cookies, biscuits and cupcakes all got eaten up.  We did a little 'photo boothing'!
I now have china, lace, and 'crystal' for other occasions. And no, I won't plan your party, but you can borrow my pretties.


Amy said...

Or I can buy your "pretties" from you........

Lisa Dickinson said...

those chalkboard tags are FABULOUS and so is the purse - the animals are cracking me up! :)