Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The other side

I've been to the other side and back, at least I am almost back. What I thought was nasty allergies turned out to be a most unpleasant 5 day head cold. The kind that plugs your ears and nose, makes your eyes water up and your nose drip, makes children and grown ups cry at the sight of your puffy, snot covered face. Yup, that's what I had. (still have, but I'm using the power of The Secret and positive thinking.) As sick as I have been, I did manage to take a few photos. They are all SOOC because frankly, I can't concentrate long enough to open Photoshop, let alone use it.
 Advil Cold and Sinus Plus turned out to not be my saviour. Dried my nasal passage out to the point where breathing by nose hurt. And it didn't stop the eye waterfall. It sure didn't help me sleep, neither did the 'make me gag' Neocitron that Kerry swears by. I drink it before bedtime and exactly 4 hours later, my eyes pop open. The night I went drug free, I slept like the dead. Kerry even commented on it when he put the dogs to bed when he left for work. He didn't check my pulse, or even poke me. I could have been suffocated by my own snot and he wouldn't have known.
 I managed to get off the couch to supervise the 'Great Planting of the Mother's Day Pots'. I buy the plants, I tell the kids what to do, they do it, I take pictures, Kerry cleans up the mess, I water, hope, and pray that I don't kill the plants at a later date.
 I decided the more the merrier, and after noticing how many plants were stuffed in some of Costcos pots I figured I could waver from my one-plant-a-pot rule. I went to Ogi's and Costco. I grabbed whatever they had. I was going fast and loose. Normally, I am matchy-matchy. This year we have purple, red, and white and it does pain me a tad to write that. And the pots, we have eclectic and for some reason, I'm okay with that. Clay, plastic, and the best...Antique enamel from my great-grandma's place.
 Shaun was in charge of filling the pots with the soil.
 Emily was in charge of pot stuffing.
 We had a few plants left and Kerry was using this planter as his dandelion collection pot. So we nabbed it from him and put the plants in there. I mean come on, we live in Rutland, we have a chain link fence with 2x4's wired to it so some dumb dog can't get under it, use an ice cream pail like everyone else.
 Emily felt bad for the dog that sticks his head in the line of fire whenever someone pulls the hose out. She let him use her Olympic towel, only on the condition he pose for pictures.
 Every head cold gets better when you get happy-mail. I got my business cards. I went with mini ones for now. They turned out so sweet that I don't think I can part with them. Yes, they do have different pictures on each one.
 And while you are sick, Mother Nature doesn't wait for you. NO, she makes all your cherry and plum trees come into bloom, and all your tulips, and grape hyacinths bloom and wither and die before you get well, so you will not be able to enjoy them unless you crawl off the couch and drag yourself outside and lay in the wet grass with the ants to snap a few prized photos of them just to prove they even existed. (The day time Neocitron I gagged down is working!)
But wait, she will save the dandelion for you, but only if Kerry and his fancy bucket don't get them first.

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is BOO to head colds!! And why the heck is Kerry collecting dandelions?