Tuesday, June 14, 2011

911... what's your emergency?

Long story...
I'll make it short...
Kerry's co-worker is retiring. He doesn't want any hoopla. He loves tiger butter and always calls at Christmas to ask when it's being delivered. I rounded up the tigers and milked them. I made the tiger butter,  a cute tiger to go on the bag and stopped at McD's for 9 iced coffees. I had to wait for them in the parking lot, apparently 9 is a lot. When the guy brought them out and asked if they were all for me, we witnessed a car accident. I grabbed my phone and called 911. No biggie right? But I have re-occuring nightmares about not being able to actually dial 9 1 1.
I did it, and I answered all the questions semi-coherently. When asked "Fire, Police or Ambulance" I paused, choices! Definitely Police, possibly Ambulance.
An elderly woman had put her car in drive, not reverse and then stepped on the gas. Instead of braking, she panicked, which I would do too, and she took out a sign, cranked the wheel hard, so as not to land in traffic on the hwy. and then while still stomping on the gas, went up a little hill and 'flew' over the curb and into the only empty parking spot. Pretty fancy driving. If only she was about 6 inches to the left! She landed rather snug against a truck (someone will have had a surprise after work). Her husband couldn't get out of the vehicle and he'd had a stroke 2 months ago. He said he was fine but the ambulance came anyways and had to help pull him out of the vehicle.
While the police man, hunk-a-hunk-a, was taking my statement, he got a call that the same thing happened in the next parking lot over at Value Village, and that a pedestrian was hit. So the other cop and firemen ran over there to see. It may have been some confused person calling about the same accident.
So that was after I had worked out, showered, gone to chiro, Buckerfields for new food for Diarrhea Dog, the bulk food store, the veggie store, and made the tiger butter. Needless to say, I'm bagged. AND I have pictures of stuff, I am just too lazy to upload.

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