Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creative Retreat Results

 I didn't actually think I'd get much done at the Retreat. Usually, I spend my time watching others or chatting, or even eating. But this time, I grabbed the bag of stuff I had bought at the scrapbook store, Echo Park stuff, just before heading out. I knew I had to make decorations for the baby shower this weekend. I used a cheapie chipboard album I got at M's and covered the stars wit the cute baby paper.

 And I even took my Cricut to the Retreat. And I used it!
 I made a banner for the diaper cake too.
 And a baby album for Adyson.
 It even has a few pictures in it.
Her mom can add more to it as she grows.
Kerry's co-worker is retiring. He always calls once winter hits to see when the Tiger Butter will be arriving at the office. I made a special batch for him, complete with a Tiger. 

My strawberries are doing great. The birds haven't really bothered with them. Maybe because it's too cold for them too.
In the last couple weeks, Heather's been going on and on about Tim Holtz stuff. I didn't own much of his stuff, other than a die, and some stickles. After the Retreat, I had to use my coupon to get a craft mat, and  ink pads were on sale, so I had to get a few of those too. Then I had to go back and get a few more. Darn you, Tim Holtz and Heather W! 
My hands are stained! My wallet is lighter. My table is a mess. But I have 2 cards I made!

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Rae | Family Photographer said...

Love those cards! The banner and mini album are also awesome! You're so crafty and talented!