Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's go back in time....

I figured I could slowly get the blog caught up with all the stuff I have neglected. But then I figured why not post an epic post filled with pictures (taken with my iphone and with my camera, edited and sooc) and my wonderful descriptions.

A few weeks back I signed up late for Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101. I didn't waste any time and did all the lessons in one sitting. Then I realized I didn't watch the videos. 

I can't remember if I shared this or not, but forgive me if I did. Heather found this little treat for me in the States. Complete with a box of bulbs! My collection is growing!

I made beef pies. I made the pastry. I will be making them again. The crust was so good and flaky! 

My first potato! My plants are so big! I was just snooping around the plants the other day and it was like Easter! I found 3 baby potatoes. I ate them for breakfast the next day. 
How cute is she? Adie turned one and mom and I went to her birthday. She is such a sweet kid!
I'm not doing weddings. But I've got one coming up at this location this month.
I grew these white skinny radishes for one reason. Tsukemono, a Japanese pickle. Really, it's just vegetables covered in salt and then you let it sit weighed down forever. Rinse it, chop it, eat it with rice. 

Grandpa used to make it, and now someone has to, or I won't get any. 
We went to Laura and Curtis's wedding at Rowena's in Harrison Mills. We stayed at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort.
It was a beautiful location. 
Got to hang out with Adie again. This time she let me carry her around. So not used to packing that much weight around.
Then Mom, Kerry, and I went to Bellingham, after I hit the scrapbook stores in Langley. We shopped for shoes, I didn't get any, clothes, I didn't get any, and food, I got lots. 
We spent the night in Bellingham, had lunch in Burlington. 
Jenn graduated from UBC and we went to the ceremony. Thank goodness I took pictures, her parents card was corrupt and they only got 5 of over 50 photos. 
I painted Shaun's old room, and we moved the computer upstairs, along with the filing cabinet and fax machine. Now we have a real office! It's so nice to not have to go downstairs all the time to check things on line or find paperwork. The room is grey, the same as the basement. I'm all about grey right now. 

I've been playing Draw Something a lot. It's really making me think outside the box. Ha Ha Ha. This is one of my favourites. 

Michelle got me hooked on Cherry Pepsi. We brought back at least 6 cases of pop from the States. I've pretty much given up coffee, but I would drink a can of Cherry Pepsi every day if I could. It even inspired a poem...
Oh pepsi with cherry so wild,
my love for you is not mild. 
Your sweet cherry taste
makes me not mind the slight widening of my waist.
Our love short lived will be, 
I've only got 4 cans plus 3!

Add a few coconut m&m's and you've got a nice light snack.
I realized this morning, 4 hours before I was to deliver the final product to a client that I didn't have any proper packaging for USB drives. I've been using DVDs with my logo printed on them, but decided on a drive for this client. So I made a few stops after my dentist appointment at 8 am. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The bag has business cards, model and print release forms in it. The little box with tag on it went in the bag too. The large photo 'tag' is more or less a thank you card. I went with the white bag, because the kraft ones were sold out. I got it all done and delivered before 11. 
I hope the weather man is wrong and it doesn't rain on Saturday! Marg and I have big garden touring plans!


Lisa said...

A-MAZING photos! Hope you are doing well! -Lisa

Pound said...

1. beef pies (or meat pies) are the bombiest
2. grey is trend. every room in my house is some kind of grey or greige.
3. canada doesn't have cherry coke? it's good for about 5 sips then i'm over it.

also those dumplings in my soup are mandoo. basically a gyoza or wonton but korean.