Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Touring

The weather has been miserable lately. I can't ever remember so much rain. I'm glad we aren't in a flooding area and I feel for those that are.  I'd hate to have my house flood. 
The rain stopped just after I got off work, it was still spitting a little but it wasn't bad. Marg had tickets to the garden tour and asked if I wanted to go. 

 It was inspiring and depressing all at the same time! 
I got some good ideas too. We were amazed by the size of this hosta! I'm going to feed mine today!
 This property, actually estate, was huge and beautiful but the gardens were nothing special. 
 The  main house was huge, and the guest house was almost as big.
 The pool was a short distance from the lake, tennis courts, and putting green.
 I love the poppies and need to get some for next year.
 The last house had cute little staged areas. Would have made for some great photo shoots.
 The chickens even had a neat and tidy little house.
 And they were growing some giant vine balls. 
I'm so motivated to get out in my garden. I went out this morning to put up another tomato cage, only to get attacked by ants. I had about 20 on one leg alone. Little did they know I had poison in my pockets. They are not helping my tomato plants! So I have to do something about the infestation. They are also eating my strawberries. 
I picked my potatoes today, we'll have them for Father's Day bbq tonight. I can't believe how perfect they are! 
Hope everyone enjoys their Father's Day!

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