Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And then it was December....

In no particular order, this is what we've been doing so far in December. And I guess what we did in November too. Sorry, it's photo heavy. 
Heather organized a crafty retreat at the Greenbay bible camp. I wasn't able to go for the whole 3 days, I had classes planned from before the dates were set. While I was there, I think I was pretty darn productive. I got almost caught up on my Project Life album. There's a few photos I'm missing and I really need to have the album next to the computer so I can print and fill in the missing photos. I took one of the Making Memories Christmas albums I found last year at HomeSense and I turned it into a December Daily album. I've been taking the daily photos, I just haven't been printing those either. While at the retreat, Marg and I watched tutorials for making these tags.

 Now I'm addicted to them.
 That Tim Holtz has me addicted to his inks. I put in a huge order last week and can't wait till I get them. I told Kerry he could put them under the tree for me, so I have to wait a little longer.
 I love this blue snowflake one!
 And the green snowflake one.
 Just this last Saturday, Kerry wanted to go riding, he'd been off all week and hadn't gone out. So I said I'd go to and practice with my Lens Baby. We went to a beautiful spot! We had to cross the river a few times and if I didn't have my camera, phone, and extra batteries in my pocket, I would have just sloshed across the frozen, ice covered rocks or like I told Kerry I'd do...slide across on my down filled vest. But I was scared of dropping the goods, so after I stepped in the creek once, I said that was it, I was too scared. Good thing for waterproof Keens! My ankle and leg were soaked, my foot was not.
 Connie, Lorana, and Misty-Rae came over and we had potluck and wreath making! Shelley has some great tutorials and mom and I watched them last year and made the wreaths for gifts, and the garland for  the living room.
This terrible photo is the 'before' of the downstairs bathroom. After we had the new furnace installed by Kelly's Heating we had a nice hole in the ceiling so I decided it was time to paint. Kerry finished up the wall and doors around the furnace and we painted both the same colour because I'm all about the grey right now (no I haven't read 50 Shades).

 This equally crappy photo is the 'after'. I loved the "Japanese Maple" that it was, but I love love the "Burnished Clay" that it is. So much brighter. Nothing like re-painting the house for better photos!  I'd love to paint the living room for Christmas morning. But I think just buying  a new camera would be easier.
 At my work's Christmas party, the girls got bags of cosmetic samples. I am thrilled with my Shiseido make-up! Who knew tiny bottles of cosmetics could make a person so happy?! And the creamy face wash is awesome, I'll have to check the price on that stuff and see if my face is worth it.
 After Halloween, the kids went shopping for next year and for the convention. Lady Gaga hair bow? Odd, but whatever. And I have no words for the other one. Those two don't shut up when they are together. And don't try to get a word in, because you just can't. I guess that's actually great.
 The best best best part of November was watching my GSP beat the snot out of that other guy. What a fight! I love seeing these guys work for it. I don't love the blood. We don't go to fight night that often, after I fell asleep watching, it just seemed a shame to go and pay to nap. But I will always go to see sweet baby George fight. (sorry Kerry)
 I did a little scrapping for classes and used some of the paper I've been hoarding for over a year. I bought the whole line, and the stickers, in multiples of 12. I had planned on using it for classes but I loved it so much I didn't want to share. It does feel good to share.

I finally made my purse with my fabric from our shopping trip to Vancouver. 
I'd like to say it was peer pressure that made Kerry shave his icky Movemeber stache. But it was not. He said the moustache made his face cold when he rode his bike. It wasn't the looks I gave him and his creepy face, or the fact I wouldn't kiss him for 27 days, or that I punched him in the back when his wire whiskers poked my eyes out.

I've got a few days off so I hope I'm productive. I may even blog again! Kerry's getting sick, Emily's had an upset pukey stomach for 2 days. But my house is decorated, I even hosted Book Club's Christmas party. I'd say more than half the presents are purchased, maybe even 3/4!  I have a box of un-opened Stampin' Up pre-ordered Spring/Sell-a-bration stamps sitting around and I'm going to rip that baby open today and fondle everything before putting it to use for classes this week and next. I also plan on getting my Christmas cards done! Big plans!

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