Saturday, December 29, 2012

It came and it went

It's always amazing how fast Christmas comes. Little kids in costumes are knocking on your door demanding candy and then the next thing  you know the neighbourhood smells of turkey and everyone is stressed out. It's such a huge holiday, all the preparing, spending, eating, and then it's over so fast. At least I will have my photos to help me remember the big day, made especially fantastic by the newest addition to our family. I don't normally name my possessions, but this one naturally started out as Marky Mark, but then I took a few shots and decided it was a girl. 
So now she's nameless.

 With my other camera, Christmas was a dismal grainy affair. But now I can take shots like this, because she's full framed! ( I was feeling very black and white and lifestyle-ish) 
 Check out the present blur, he must have been pretty excited!
This one asked for that Snoopy months ago, and Grandma was listening, which I noticed by the other gifts we received, she listens very well.
My brother couldn't make it for Christmas, so I had the bright idea to print a huge photo of his head and take him with us. Dad thought it was a great idea. Justin had drinks, hung out after dinner, napped, and played in the tree. He was so well loved, that Christmas morning dad drove back home to get him when he realized he forgot him. 
 I love how much more room I have with the full frame!
 Emily's pretty funny when it comes to filling out her gift tags.
 Dad and Justin were admiring Kerry's new wheels. 
 And in typical Williams' style, I got my "Christmas photo". The same as always, lots of laughs (from them), lots of sighs (from me) and lots of shots like this.

 Sally didn't want any part of the annual "dogs in front of the tree" photo.

Linus posing on our new bedding. Our room is a dark cave but now I can shoot anywhere! (with in reason.)
I hope everyone had a very safe Christmas, and that you spend New Years with the ones you love! 

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Pound said...

i don't name my cameras but if i did, it would be named don draper. the difference in low lighting shooting is crazy good. that pic of your brother's face is hilarious. i should do that since my bro is always out of the country during xmas and all holidays.