Monday, January 14, 2013

Worth a try

I wanted to replace the cards I have on display. I decided on pink and Valentine's day themed cards, not to hurry along January, but I'm getting tired of snow, winter, snowflakes. 
I stamped, and inked, and then I cut and embossed, and my Big Shot protested.

 So I glittered and punched, and stamped and inked. And it still protested.
 So used some scraps, and made a few more cards.
 And then I wanted to emboss some more. (I love this pink and grey card)
 And then I decided that maybe, just maybe I killed my Big Shot. 
 We figured we couldn't do any more harm to it. It wouldn't crank at all. I've had it since 2008. It's had a good run. Kerry took it all apart, which wasn't too hard. 
 He cleaned it all up and found that one set of bearings was dry and rusty. 
 And that's what was causing all the grief. So we cleaned and oiled, and I say we, because I was in charge of the q-tips! It was almost as much fun as stuffing those suckers in my ears. 

He put it all back together and did a trial run. 

 Not bad for a guy who had to ask "So what is this thing?"
Thanks, Kerry, you just saved yourself $100!


Rae Clevett said...

Gorgeous cards and kudos to K for getting your big shot fixed!

Pound said...

what is that honeycomb paper?? i would use that like, everyday.