Friday, January 11, 2013

Happiness is...

Tonight's layout, which will be worked on after we have M-R's birthday dinner at East Side Mario's. The 3.5 lbs I may have lost this week will probably be gained back tonight, but I'm over it all ready.

 The tidiest my room has been in months. I'm still working on my "piling" tendencies. I find if I have less flat, available surfaces, I have less places to pile and it forces me to actually put things where they belong.
 I finally finished my December Daily album.  

 I used mostly Instragram photos.
 And the Making Memories Christmas line that I have been hoarding for years, and because I bought so much, and liked it so much, I think my last 2 years albums are made with the same line.

 Some pages are kind of sparse because we were all sick. 

 And then because of the awesome low light capabilities of the subject in the photo above, I was able to shoot a few photos in our dark house.

 I used one of the Making Memories album I found last year at Home Sense. 

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