Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coffee and smoking are the last great addictions.

We had one brisket left, a little one as far as briskets go, and I had 4 days off. So why not brave the cold, damp weather, and knock the snow off the barbecue? 
 When all was said and done, and we discovered I'd put way to much chili in the rub, it was decided the barbecue is not a better smoker than our actual smoker that we were to lazy to haul out of the garage. The barbecue just isn't meant for smoking, it has to many ventilation holes. The smoker has the chips sitting below the meat, and this makes a huge difference. So from now on, it's barbecue for grilling, smoker for smoking. Lesson learned.
 My friend's plumbing show room was clearing out all their samples and I just happened to need a new faucet for the kitchen. I hated our other Costco one. It was too low and we always hit it with pots or the dog water bowl. Now we have this snazzy faucet in our crappy kitchen! And it was only a little snowball effect reno. Only the shut off valve had to be replaced after the installation. I do not envy plumbers and the small spaces they have to work in.
I may have mentioned that I've upped my caffeine intake to 2 cups a day. One first thing in the morning, and one at noon. If it's a work day, that's 4 am. but if it's a day off, that's 7:30 am, which means I usually already have a headache. So if anyone knows of a coffee IV, please let me know. 
I also think the one at noon keeps me from needing a 3 pm nap. 

I've been making it a goal to "move more, eat well" and in the month since I started, I've lost a few pounds, it fluctuates, and 5.25 inches. I'm eating less dairy, and I'm not taking any Lactaid pills, and it helps my IBS. I have found cream to be the worst thing I can eat right now. 

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