Friday, March 01, 2013

February Was...

My friend from the Jinky retreat, Amelia Chiew, and I are documenting our months in photos. Then we will blog about the month.  Since I seem to be blogging on a monthly basis, I thought this was a great idea. 
Our month consisted of a trip downtown for a walk that ended in a very expensive waffle. But at least now Kerry and Emily can say they had a food truck wafel experience.
I should also note, I did not edit any of these photos. 

 The toppings were $1 each! I think Kerry makes better waffles.
 Because someone got a new camera, and someone else got new wheels, we decided to go low keyed with the Valentine's gifts. Kerry made me sugar cookies.

 I made everyone cinnamon heart popcorn.
 Michele G moved to Edmonton so we had a going away party for her. I made sushi.
 We finally cut down the walnut tree. I was sick and tired of Linus eating walnuts every time I took him outside. The tree made a mess. 
We had dad come and cut it down for us. He chopped it into more manageable pieces. Then Kerry cut up the rest and took 2 trips to the dump. We gave some to the lady from the Benvoulin Craft sale that makes the Japanese dolls. 

 Dad made a chainsaw.
Linda  send me some Bazzills to emboss for her, and in return she sent some Trader Joe's chocolate. I love the caramel with black sea salt one! 
 Emily found a recipe for Red Velvet crepes, so her and Kerry picked up the ingredients while I was shopping for cute clothes with mom. They were pretty good. 

You can check out Amelia's post here! Don't forget to check back regularly!

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Amelia said...

These are great Kelli! : ) Hahaha. Yummy foods. I had my expensive waffle when I was in London! It was DELICIOUS!