Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Whose Cous?

It was on sale at work, so I bought it. Cous cous! I made a pot up and then said "What do I do with it now?" I added some Greek seasoning, canned black olives (they don't bother my stomach like Kalamata ones do), sun dried tomatoes, and feta. And a dash or two of lemon juice. It's pretty good. 

 I haven't eaten bananas in ages, maybe a year. But I've been buying them for Kerry. Last week, he said  not to buy them anymore. I had just bought a bunch. So this week, they became muffins, and mini loaves and one big loaf. And I ate one, and I'm pretty sure I should not have. 

But I can drink this! And do I ever! One can every evening, thanks to my parents making a trip to Omak.  We also got bags of M&Ms. Dark chocolate mint, peanut butter, regular ones, egg shaped ones, and the best ones this season...Carrot Cake! Last season's best ones were the white chocolate mint ones, in case you were wondering.
This is what procrastination looks like today. 

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Pound said...

you know what's healthier than cous cous? (which isn't really healthy unless it's whole wheat) quinoa. because it's small it has a similar texture to cous cous. you don't get cherry pepsi? carrot cake m&ms sound so... gross. :(