Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Already!

I'm not saying I'm proud of this, and I'm not saying I'm ashamed either. I spent 2 weeks of April watching 66 episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I watched while I ate, brushed my teeth, exercised on the treadmill, and while I should have been doing so much more. Now I have nothing. 

 I didn't actually take that many photos with my camera in April. 
I did make pizza pies with my pie maker. 
 Someone else made samosas for Kerry. I freeze them for his lunches.
 Chapters.ca took forever getting me this book. I will think twice before ordering there again. Amazon is much faster, but I had a gift card to use up for Chapters.
 Someone did this to the van, and then drove away.
 I won, again, at bunco. Now I have 2 gift cards for 2 different garden centres, and a plant to kill.
 Matt got me a bag of pear Jelly Bellies, all for me.
 I had more tests done.
 Wendy brought me back a bag of these! They are so good!
We are fully committed to eating better, making better choices, and roasted kale is yummy. So I took pictures of it, before and after. Sadly, kale seems to get saltier as it sits, and the left overs were not edible.
 The "pantry" isn't working anymore.  It's too full, and things get pushed to the back because it's too deep. 
 These are the before pictures, and it's not pretty.
 This cupboard is in the corner, so it's weirdly deep and useless.
 The junk drawer. There's stuff in there I haven't touched in a long time, but I still must keep it to maintain balance in the universe.
 I moved all the food to the shelf. I don't know if it will work. But it's worth a try. Yes, there are 3 jars of cookie butter. 
 All the spices and appliances got moved to one location. This is working. 
 The plates and assorted bowls, including those cheap Ikea ones that everyone loves, seem to like their new home. You may notice there isn't an after picture for the junk drawer, that's because after all that moving things around, I didn't get to the drawer. I'm pretty sure I'll just dump it in a box and label it "JUNK" and put it some where safe. 
 Emily turned 17. 
 I made them pose for a quick shot. It's amazing they all have their eyes open and are looking in my direction.
 I half-assed weeded this bed. Hence the sticks, and see those brown things on the cement, that's Scott's Turf Builder, it looks like rabbit food. The dogs love it. I hate it. 
 But it makes the grass happy and green.
I found some of these while weeding. 
My rhubarb is happy this year, after being rudely moved last year, and then neglected in the water department. 
This truck full of happiness came today. 12 yards of rock. All for me!!!!

After texting everyone I knew to tell them how excited I was about the rock, I decided that my work out would be getting those rocks from the front yard to the back yard. By hand. I can barely lift the empty wheelbarrow, but I managed to fill it half full of rocks, 15 times, and dump it in the garden. I got one corner finished. It was not nearly as bad as I though it would be. We have been putting it off for so long. Thank you, Jillian Michaels for the workout which enabled me to lift the wheelbarrow and dump those rocks.

I'm sure tomorrow, I'll be singing a different tune! I lost a piece of skin off my hand because I'm convinced my gloves are full of spiders so I didn't wear them. 
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Amelia said...

What a productive month! Thanks to you, I am also Vampires Diarying.