Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Good Dog

There was an ad in the paper for puppies. We had moved into our new house the day before and the next thing on my list was "Buy a dog!" She was one of the last left from a back yard breeder.  He said she was a Spaniel/Lab. I saw both parents and she was maybe Spaniel, definitely not a Lab, more like a Retriever. She cost $50. She got car sick on the ride home. She ate a French fry. I took this picture.

She was a nervous dog, she had allergies, and chronic ear infections. She didn't like men in hats or sunglasses. She didn't like fast moving people. But she loved car rides, Tim Hortons, kids (they drop food), swimming, the flash light,  and stuffed animals. But when Linus came along she lost her stuffies, he ate them.
 Silly Sal. Sallywags. Sally Girl. She was the prettiest dog ever. Big round eyes, lots of black eyeliner. She was always up for getting her picture taken. Always. I have more photos of her than I do the 2 kids put together. 

 She would have been 15 in July. That's not bad.
She wasn't the best dog, but she was a good dog. She was our good dog. She will be missed.

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amelia said...

Sally. I never saw this post. She was black when she was a baby! xoxo