Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Diary….

If I knew these cookies would be the last I would back or eat for 4 weeks, I would have eaten more. I would have licked the crumbs off my plate. I would have rubbed them on my body.
As I write this it has been 80 hours since I had sugar. Add to that the gluten I haven't had since December 7th, I had to eat some for some Christmas party dinners. I'd been GF for 2 months before that. And then add the new list of things Kelli Can't Eat and you have our happy household.  On that crazy ass list are mushrooms, vinegars, pickled products, honey, syrups, artificial sweeteners, peanuts, peanut products, pistachios, cheese, yeast products, alcohol, processed or smoked meats, dried fruits.  
 I remember fondly the rice crackers I ate in the car on the way to the gel nail school to have C. do my nails. 
 I'm so grateful that one of my last meals out was with Michelle. That caramel flan coffee never tasted so good. If I knew I would only be having stevia in my coffee, I would have gotten this coffee with 4 shots of syrup.
Diary, there are some things that make me happy and they don't include sugar….
I splurged, spent a $1.50, on this little elephant after seeing at my friends' Hayden and Rhian's house. I knew I had to have it and that I would put it in my baby car. I could watch it all day. 
 Memories and More got some Project Life supplies in and I added a few things to my ever growing collection. Thankfully, I am using the stuff. I've done both kids' albums, not up to date, but I got all the printed photos I have in albums. 
 It's a huge accomplishment I think.
I've also started our wedding album. We've been married since '95, that's 19 years. This sugar-free thing may test that bond, because I'm pretty sure my baking of cookies is what snagged Kerry in the first place. The sugar made us stick. 

I've been reading about sugar detox side effects and I fear the worst is yet to come. It's been good so far, knock on wood. I have had a slight headache 2 mornings, but it was gone right away, I also haven't been taking anything for them. A martyr, maybe, but I'm determined to get my gut figured out. I'm looking forward to the glowing skin and the weight loss that is supposed to come with the lack of sugar. 

I'm sure I'll keep you posted.


amelia said...

I love seeing what you do with photos (making cards and albums and etc.) It makes me want to work harder on my scrapbook.

Pound said...

dang you aren't allowed to eat ANYTHING! :(