Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I just want to drink coffee and make pretty things...

And that coffee should come from this mug.... I need it! MUG of happiness.

I've only got photos from the last week, nothing too exciting.
Kerry and I have been hiking a bit more. I'm trying to move more.  Jenny at work told me about Spion Kop, so we tried it out. It's a work out, really steep in some areas, but really nicely marked and the views are amazing!
Some idiot decided that taking her Edge 80 lens would be the best ever idea. And while I love it, I haven't used it in about a year and couldn't remember how to use it. At one point I was convinced I'd broken my camera.  So bear with the weird slightly tilt shifty photos.
We started on a Yellow trail, which is moderate, and right away we hit some steep areas that had me questioning what the Red trails were like, probably ones where you had to be tethered to the cliffs.
 Maps all along the way kept us from getting lost. We eventually switched to a Blue trail, still moderate.

 "Absolutely NO trespassing", not just a regular No Trespassing sign.
 We could see all three lakes at one point but it was impossible to photograph that.

 It doesn't show how steep the path is and normally I hate up hill walking. But I figured chubby Kelli would not walk up hill so I did it anyways.

We hiked 4 km in an hour and 20 min. Stopping to read the map all the time and to take pictures. I'd go back and maybe even try a Red trail after I get some knee pads, and one of those pick axes.
 NO blog is complete without a photo of Linus, even if it is his @$$ end.
 I totally fell in love with a card I saw online, so I tried to re-create it and now it is my favourite!
 The white ink on this bokeh technique took days to dry. I don't have time for that.
 I love these clouds! I think they will get a lot of use.
And this was my favourite card before the glitter/leaves card.

I hope Amelia is keeping up with her blogging, but if she isn't that's okay too, makes me feel way better about my neglected blog!

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