Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All Alone!!!!

It's just me and Sally today. At least until about 2:30! I have to make the most of today because it may be my last Alone day until it rains. My aunt informed me that they want me back to pick apples. If you haven't done this before, do it. Your body will hate you, but the fresh air is great, the apples are fresh too. Sally enjoys it also. Oh, but the spiders...the spiders are huge and nasty and you bounce off their webs. Hate that. And I hate climbing the ladder. Doing that put an end to my apple picking season last year as I fell off the ladder and twisted my ankle.

I'm planning a Stamp-A-Stack event. I have just finished designing 5 cards for the event. Done the laundry, dishes, making soup in the crock pot, defrosting chicken for dinner. Even tidied up my work area. Made my bed, too. And I'm dressed.
It is kind of quiet. I do have some phone calls to make, but I am procrastinating.
I think I will walk over to the bank in the next little bit.

I just finished watching Ellen, I love her! She had a fender bender the other day and she's not herself, more pensive. Anyway, she has a Life List thing on the the go, I will check her site. Kind of a 'My Name is Earl' list. Only hers is things she wants to do. Like learn a new language, go places, etc. Thinking of doing this. Starting with VACUUM LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. Will keep you updated.

Off to get my lunch and walk to the bank. Although I can see from the basement window that it is windy...hmmmmm....should I chance it?

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yolandakavita said...

I can't BELIEVE that I forgot you had started a blog... And with a life list as riveting as "Vaccuum the living room furniture" i feel like I may have missed out on some of the most important goings on in your life by not checking in on a more regular basis!!!
Your scrap room looks awesome, I promise to swing by here more often...